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It Is Time

Published by • Nov 20th, 2009 • Category: Poetry

by Stargazer, age 13

It Is TimeDo not cry young child
It’s my time to go
Although I will miss you
Age has taken its toll

Do not hate young child
Because I must fly away
It is best for me now
My time is today

Do not forget young child
All the lessons I have taught you
Carry them throughout your life
And use your skills wisely

Do not cry young child
As I slip away
It is time to let me go
But may I always be in your heart

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  1. Touching very touching.. champion poem SG. This poem could go for any beloved pet. I see my golden retriever Sam in this work. On the day he died.. he could barley get up. It was the last day of school for the summber break and i came home to him lying on the floor. I bawled my eyes out and layed on the blanket down beside him. He lifted up his head and looked at me with his watery brown eyes.. then he lifted his paw and placed it on my back. Well that just sent me up making more floods. Id known him even before birth.. so he was almost like kin ya know? There will always be an empty puzzle piece in my soul that will never heal…. yeah i’ve moved on like everyone has to eventualy.. but Samson took a part of me when he left.

    Great now I’m crying.. lol. Again awseome Poem Stargazer

  2. ……………………so sad, so beautiful, so powerful! I just loved it and have fallen in love with this poem and the genlte horse who so courageoulsy meets its end with words of love and encourgement.

  3. That made me water up. :) Great job, Stargazer! *thumbs up*

  4. This was…awesome. We’ve all faced some kind of loss throughout our lives, and your poem really captures the feeling. Thanks for writing it!


  5. ohhhhh!makes me sad and glad!gret idea lad!

  6. This is stunning, unlike any other poems I’ve ever read. You’ve confronted the harsh reality of saying goodbye to a horse beautifully. I sit here humbled and touched. The comfort we get is that those we love forever live in our hearts. Wonderful, wonderful poem.

  7. That was so sad I almost cryed:( It’s definatly my favorite poem!

  8. …. that actually made me cry.

  9. That was beautiful stargazer. I loved it. If I was an emotional person, which I am totaly not, I would be crying.

  10. Very sad but also sweet…Great job Stargazer!!!

  11. Great poem Stargazer, it made me cry! I can’t stand the thought of losing an animal I love, I get so attached so easily. I think it’s because there’s just something special about them, I don’t know…
    Anyway great poem! :)

  12. Wonderful poem, Stargazer! It’s sad, but beautiful too. It must have been written from the heart :]

  13. Oh, my gosh, that was beautiful. Very heartfelt and touching. Did you write this because a horse you loved passed away? Or did it just come to you? This was an amazing poem, very nice and good emotion. Almost makes me want to cry. Great job, and keep it up!

  14. Wow! That was a beautiful poem! It was very moving and heart warming!! That really is an amazing poem!
    God bless!

    Love in Christ

  15. It made me cry. I know Gulys 30, and thats really old, so this poemis especcially sad for me.

  16. Great poem Stargazer!So sad:[,but very good!

  17. Awesome poem……i love it. totally and truly. I will always remember it…..forever.

    P.S. Wild’n’Free got grounded. She cant go online. Sry

  18. Aww Stargazer this made me want to cry. I have lost a lot of animal friends this year, and I miss them so much. They were like family, no, actually they were family to me. They were my best friends and I loved them more than I know how to say.

  19. death is a part of life, but a hard part. we lost my moms pinto gelding when i was little. That horse taught me many lessons. Its a champ!

  20. HorseFeathers- I’m sorry about Sam, he sounds as if he really was a wonderful friend.
    I know what you mean when you said he took a part with you when he left. Every animal that comes into my life takes a part of me with them when they leave also, and sadly, that is a part that we can’t get back.

  21. mustang23-This poem just kind of came to me. I’m not sure why, but it did.