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Forest Ride

by Rey | Wave-like winds sweep over the forest, a hushed tone surrounds…

The Diary of a Horse Crazy Girl»

by AHorseLovingGirl | Dear diary, (I feel awkward writing that, but whatever.) I just got this diary a week ago, for my birthday. So I decided to give it a try…

To Be Horse Crazy»

by AHorseLovingGirl | Horses. I really did not want to be near them. At all. But, I had no choice. I had to be around them…


by sierra
Ebony patches on a coat of white
your eyes full of enthusiasm shining bright
you make everything in this world perfect for me
you show me how true love can be…

Dancing Hooves»

by bluehorse
My hooves are dancing,
Flying through the air.
And while I am still prancing
Someone sees me there…

I Love You»

by sierra
The pain digs deeper every day
It hurts to the point I can scarcely stay
I miss you deeply hour-by-hour, day-by-day
Even though you have not gone away forever…

Goodbye, Pebbles»

by PreciousAndMe | I’m here with a bit of sad news. I was going to write a poem, but I’m terrible at poetry, and I wanted to write something good. So here comes the bad news…

Sassy Ponies and an Honest Hack»

by PreciousAndMe | Hello, horse girls! I’m back with another real-life story since I just went riding. I was pretty nervous this morning, but I worked through it eventually…

Crystal Clear»

by PreciousAndMe | Recently, I had my first lesson since the summer and I decided to share it with all of you. Since my mind isn’t working properly and I can’t form a good story idea, I thought; what’s better than real life stories?


by Abby | Nymia shows off her unusual hoof…

Eye See Roo»

by Dazzled | Look into my eyes…

Eye See You»

by Rey | Did you know the equine eye is the largest of any land mammal?

My Horse Collection»

by Carey Anne | Do any of ya’ll collect horse models?