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10 Ways to Keep Horse Dreams Alive

Published by • May 12th, 2009 • Category: Guest Bloggers

by Horsey at Heart, age 14

Horse DreamsThere is a common misconception that girls begin to lose interest in horses just after twelve, which just might be true. When you hit teenage years, you begin to face a lot of new problems and dilemmas that just weren’t apparent before, and if you don’t hold on tight, you might find your attention to horses washing away in a flood of emotions. But don’t despair. Remember, this is a common misconception. There are still ways to keep horses alive in your life.

1) Connect horses with new hobbies. Even if you have new interests, that doesn’t mean that you have to forsake the old things that you used to love to do. Immerse yourself in horses. If you like making jewelry, make a special horse-themed brand. If you like making fundraisers, collect donations to help abused horses. There are so many ways to associate horses with other hobbies; find them and do them!

2) Keep on learning. Teach yourself something new about horses every day, even the things that don’t seem particularly important. Name all the parts of a bridle, and memorize ten new breeds you haven’t heard of before. You’ll soon find these facts rolling around your head, and it’s definitely hard to forget horses when you’re naming all the famous race horses you’ve heard of.

3) Make others aware. Who knows? Maybe, just maybe, the girl in your knitting club secretly loves horses. Or maybe even the little kid next door who always runs when she sees you coming has always admired them from afar. Inspire someone! Ask your local library if you can put up a poster against horse slaughter on their bulletin board. Start a blog and advertise it to your horse loving friends. Write an article for a local newspaper. Make others feel the same way you do about horses.

4) Read, read, write! Read everything about horses that you can. Get inspired! Write your own horse stories, relay your funny or heartbreaking experiences, or just pen a poem about your horse and publish it. Writing is the best way of organizing your feelings, and stirring up your old memories; you’ll soon find yourself laughing over that funny moment two years ago.

5) Keep up-to-date with current horse news. Find out how the miracle vet saved an Appaloosa’s life. Read about adamant horse lovers fighting against horse abuse. When you read amazing (or ordinary) stories about other’s experiences with horses, you sort of feel jealous, and you want to be able to have experiences like this as well. Feeling like this makes you go out and do it. Also, who knows? You might learn something new.

6) Get involved. Is there a group, national or worldwide, that interests you? Or maybe there isn’t, but you wish there were? Find out more! Google it, or ask your librarian to help you find out more information. Of course, ask your riding instructor or your local stable if there is any way to start a group that you can participate in. Better yet, ask if there is any way to volunteer your services to start your own group, maybe to teach little kids about horses while offering homework help. Be creative!

7) Help out. There might be another rider who is feeling discouraged and wants to quit. Another girl fell off a horse and never wants to get on again, though she still hangs around the stables. Find a way to make someone feel better, inspire them, and just help out. They might be facing the same problems that you are facing. What goes around comes around again; maybe you’ll start feeling more inspired as well.

8) Spend time with other horse lovers. They come in all sizes and colors. They have different goals and dreams. But they all have one thing in common: they love horses. Make some horsey friends, or spend more time with the ones you’ve got. Talking about horses will make you start dreaming about them again, loving them, and feeling that urge to tack up and ride.

9) Let it out. Everyone knows that one of the best things about horses is that they are very good listeners. They don’t yell at you, or disagree at every little thing that you say. This makes horses the best confidants. You often find that if you tell them your biggest, darkest troubles and worries, you feel better. And the fee isn’t high, either; just a carrot and a kiss an hour.

10) Spend time around horses. The best way to keep horse dreams alive is to be around horses. Keep patting them, brushing them, and telling them you love them. That is the best way to keep horse dreams alive.

Be creative! What are other ways that you keep horse dreams alive?

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  1. Champion blog… ill say it agian, Champion Blog! lol I really loved it Horsey@heart! Thats what we do best here read and write about our equine friends!

  2. Great post! That really helps.

  3. Wow great writing HorseyatHeart! Its fantastic! And the message is beautiful!

  4. Amazing blog. I’m 12, so my fears of forgetting horses once I turn 13 had been rekindled at the start and diminished at the end. Thanks Horsey@Heart.

  5. Great blog. I will try some of your ideas. I’m 13 and I’m still going strong as a horse lover although at times I wanted to call quits.

  6. Horsey at Heart, that was so awesome! Thanks so much for this blog. You’re a great new adition to the GHC, and I’m so glad you’re here! Keep up with your writing. Keep loving horses, even though you can’t be around them right now. I’m glad you’ve found ways to keep those horse dreams alive!

  7. Oh, and I think the picture is really beautiful! Would it be okay to post it elsewhere on the internet LeadMare, to show it to others? I’d leave the link on and everything.

  8. Great blog, and I love the beautiful pic!!!!

  9. Rachel Danielle, yes you can use the animated image. It’s been added to the freebies page:

  10. i love your story, i hope people will take your advises.

  11. Awesome~ Thanks LeadMare! And again, congrats on the beautiful blog Horsey at Heart!

  12. Great job! Sometimes things can get so busy you have a hard time keeping horses in your life. You showed us how to still keep them close but they dont have to be the center of your world. Great Job

  13. Very helpful, thank you!

  14. This is SO true! I’m 22 and I’ve never lost my love for horses. :)

  15. Thanks so much everyone! :)

  16. I love horses soooo much. I do a horse share at my stables. I would never forgive myself if I stopped seeing my pony. Thanks for the tips. I’m not quite a teen. I’m more of a tween, but I’m sooo worried about losing interest. I’m also worried I might go off if we move far away. (My mum a curate, so we have to move next year, once I finish year 6, so I might move somewhere far.) Thanks again for the tips! I’m already writing a newspaper article….

  17. thanks for what you said but,where i live theres hardly any horse lovers!i feel lonely.

  18. Don’t worry jadethemagicatgirl, there aren’t any horselovers where I live now either. Just find comfort in your friends here at GHC, and don’t ever give up on horses!

  19. Congrats horsey at heart! Your lyrics for the competition were in the top five! Keep up your writing!

  20. Thanks Rachel Danielle! :) It was really fun to write it; I had those lyrics floating around in my head for the longest time.

  21. You say that most people lose interest in horses around age 12. I am very different! When I was 12, my passion for horses increased more! Thanks for this blog! I can really relate to it because until recently (yay!), I haven’t been able to be around horses.

  22. Hiia x
    This Is Really Gd Cause I Remember Starting To Drift From Horses At The Age Of 10 And Am Back into it At The Age Of 13 :)
    Thank Yhoo For This :P

    Beau’sGirl x

  23. mustang23 I totally understand. My interest in horse had lessened and I was scared that I would lose my interest in them for good. But I haven’t. I still have a love for them but they are not what my dreams are all about now. It’s okay if they are not always the center of your world. You change, but I’m sure they will always hold a special place in your heart.

    btw great blog! =)