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Beating the Heat

Published by • Aug 15th, 2012 • Category: by Julia, Picture This

Beating the Heat - by Julia, age 18
by Julie, age 18

This fun photo was submitted by Julia, a longtime GHC contributor and Junior Editor. If this happy horse could talk, what do you suppose he or she would say?

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  1. Love it Julia!
    Horse says “I dont know what you people see in Gargling” or “So this is where rain comes from..facinating!” lol

  2. wow cool my pony would hate 2 drink out of a hose

  3. I think he would say yummy water! He or she is so cool!!!!!

  4. your so lucky you have a horse!

  5. i think that that horse is so cool that it can drink out of a hose the horses at the stables i go to would never drink out of a hose they stick to there bucket. So lucky to have horse anyway.

  6. its saying”this is just what i need”!