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Meg, Meg and More Meg!

Published by • Feb 27th, 2016 • Category: Picture This

Meg Collage
By Rey, age 13

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  1. Rey this is sooooo cute!! What kind of horse is she?? My fave’s the first too:)

  2. Awww thx! She is a Quarter Horse. We are going to breed her this spring so next year I will get to post a picture of her cute foal!!!! I’m so excited!

  3. AHH!! Can’t wait to see it!!

  4. Aww! She’s so pretty! <3

  5. Ya except you’ll have to wait a year! Uh I don’t think I can wait!

  6. She is Adorable!You ride bare back?
    LOVE the first pic!

  7. Can’t wait to see the foal

  8. Ya, I ride Meg bareback a lot, although I do ride western mostly. And yes, I am stoked about her foal!!!!!!

  9. Sooo cute!

  10. I just can’t wait for the foal!!!!!!!!!!!!

  11. I love this Meg looks super sweet and friendly. I want a quarter horse.

  12. Wow I love your horse, she’s so friendly and beautiful. I can’t stop myself from noticing you’re really pretty, Rey.

  13. meg is beautiful,your so lucky to have a horse!

  14. her foal id going to be adorable!

  15. She’s a Quarter Horse, right? I love Quarter Horses. I like Meg, she’s so pretty and sweet. Rey, have you read the book Black Beauty? Its a really good book.

  16. Athena Christy, your passion for horses and books is shared by all here.

    To continue being heard in the herd, please be mindful of the GHC Ground Rules, in particular #2. If you have questions, use the contact link at the bottom of the page. Thanks for your cooperation.

  17. I LOVE the first pic! Meg is so gorgeous!!!

  18. i luv the 1st pic! Meg is a beauty thats for sure!

  19. Thank you to everyone who commented!!! It was so sweet of you!!!!

  20. Sure, no problem