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2009 Fiction Competition Winners!

Published by • Sep 12th, 2009 • Category: 2009 Fiction Competition Winners, Competitions & Giveaways

2009 Fiction Competition Winners! THE WAIT IS FINALLY OVER! Before you gallop over to read the winning stories, please take a moment to thank the individuals and companies who made this competition possible.

Our judges Terri Farley, Jessica Burkhart and Sharon Lerner. We’re incredibly grateful these generous ladies donated their time and talent to support young writers. Winning a competition judged by successful, award-winning authors and media experts goes a long way toward establishing credibility for an aspiring author. That alone is a rare prize, but we didn’t stop there…

We also received prize donations from our judges and Precious Moments, Templeton Thompson, Bella Sara, Wild Horsefeathers, Sourcebooks, Random House and Deborah Blumenthal.

Let’s not forget the behind-the-scenes volunteers. As soon as the competition was announced, our very own Madelaina was quick to offer help. This event would not have been possible without Madelaina. I’d also like to thank our barn mice, the silent talent that scurries about doing techy things to assure this virtual place runs smoothly.

And last but not least, CONGRATULATIONS to each author who entered the competition. You’re all winners as far as we’re concerned!

THANK YOU from the bottom of our hooves!

WINNERS: You will be contacted shortly at the email address supplied with your entry. The email will have instructions for how to claim your prize.

The Best of the Best
2009 Girls Horse Club Fiction Competition

1st Place Egyptian Wildfire
by Autumn Thompson, age 14
(13-17 age category)

Fire in the Vale
by Elizabeth Liberty, age 12
(12 and younger age category)

1st Place Valley of the Stars
by Tasha, age 14
(13-17 age category)

Four-Legged Hero
by Martha Lee Halstead, age 12
(12 and younger age category)

1st Place Twister
by Horseangel05 (Amanda), age 15
(13-17 age category)

When I Say Forever I Mean Eternity
by Michelle, age 12
(12 and younger age category)

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  1. Congratulations!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11

  2. OMG! I WON! :D well, third. thats good enough for me! :D you just made my week :)

  3. good job guys. i’d be lying if i said i wasnt disapointed :) but i truly am happy for you guys!

  4. Congrats, all!

  5. OMG, NO WAY!!!!! :D :D :D
    I can’t believe it! Seriously, I was NOT expecting this! :0
    2nd?! Out of 100 other entries??!
    You just made my LIFE, lol! Thank you so much!!
    And, congratulations to all of the other winners! Great job, everyone. :)

  6. Thanks, Tasha :) And good job to every one who submitted too, I’m sure you deserved to place more than I did x]

  7. CHAMPION Job horsegals!!! I am so proud of each and every one of you.. Huge round o’ applause for the prize donors as well!! Thanks for this competition Leadmare… it was fun


  8. I just wanted to say thank you to the judges for all of their hard work, as well as everyone at Girls Horse for all of your work as well! Thank you also to all who donated prizes, it was very generous! And finally, congratulations to all of the other winners! Great stories! I’m thrilled to be one of the finalists! This is a dream come true for me, and such an encouragement to keep writing!

  9. Congratulations, y’all!!!!!!!!!!!!! Too bad I didn’t win, but oh well, y’all deserved this!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. congrats winniers! you’re stories rocked!

  11. I am sorely disapointed. I guess I should be proud of finishing my story in only five days. (thats how much time I had. I didn’t find this until a week b4 the deadline) Well congrats girls. I hope ya’all have this contest again. I really enjoyed it. :( :)

  12. Wow, good for u guys. II

  13. One more thing . . .When do the general story admissions open? And where are they on this site?


  15. Im kinda dissapointed

  16. Peanut, that’s understandable — I’m sure you put heart and soul into your story, as did everyone who entered. As a JB you’ve had a lot of opportunity to have your stories published so hopefully that means something. You can also share your competition entry at a later date, and others can always submit theirs when general submissions open.

    NOTE: There are no plans to open general submissions soon (GHC volunteers need a break) but possibly in October.

  17. sigh……….congrats winners!!! wish i won……..but i only found this 2 days before deadline so i am still happy i finished……

  18. Man…oh well.

    Congrats to the winners!

  19. Hi guys. congrads! I hope we can all compete again

  20. Hi I wish I would have won but I am so happy for all the winners

  21. I have to admit I am disapointed.

  22. CONGRATS!!!! :) i cant wait to read your storys!!!!

  23. im disapionted for my sister rochlia. CONGRATS WINNERS

  24. I’ll admit I am disappointed. I worked really hard on my paper. But congratulations to the winners :)

  25. I hope we’ll have another competition like this. Then all the authors who didn’t win will get another chance :)

  26. Dear GHC girls,
    I’m sure we all tried our best in this compitition! Don’t give up on your dreams, even if you are sad at the outcome. We all wanted to win, but few can. Keep writing! CONGRATULATIONS EVERYONE!!!!!!


  27. I’m soo sorry about the yellk thing, my sis must have got on here! She’s sweet.

  28. YAY!!!! I won!!! :D Congrats to the other winners! All the stories are really awesome!

  29. Congrats everyone! Your all winners!

  30. G’day girls

    I know y’all are happy and slightly disappointed if you didn’t win. Its a normal reaction but I’m glad everyone is a good sport for the winning stories. I myself wish i could have won, and i imagine it was VERY hard for the judges to decide (Thanks a MILLION by the way judges and contributers). Know this.. there will ALWAYS be another competition out there sometime somwhere you just have to look and put your best effort effort into it. Have a go at any opportunity that passes your way. Well i had fun and I hope some of you get to be Junior Bloggers in the coming months (The roster at the moment only has 10 amazing jbs!)

    Well gotta go finish up some sketchwork


  31. Congratulations to all winners, and that includes EVERYONE who entered! Helping with the competition has struck me with complete awe, I have never read more ammaazziinngg stories. So you should all be very proud of yourselfs, no matter how well you placed. Let’s not try to get too disappointed, the soul purpose of the competition in the first place was to bring some fun, excitement and encouragement to young girls. It wasn’t about giving out incredible prizes to whoever can “outshine” the rest. A true winner isn’t defined by the prizes they receive, but their spirit and honour regardless how they did.

    Once again, congratulations to the prize-winners, you guys certainly deserved it! And also to the non-prize-winners, who are stars nonetheless ;)

  32. Haha HF, love how you used some Aussie slang. I agree completely, there are always other opportunities and I’m sure each and every writer who entered is good enough to bring some awe to other competitions.

  33. cool peoples who won! congrats!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  34. sad that i did not win but happy for the others who won.

  35. Well done everyone :) I worked really hard on my story but I’m sure you’re stories are amazing :D x

  36. enjoy ur prizes

  37. Made- lol yes your continent is my favorite besides America. I do actualy have friends and family over there. =0) Actualy ive had the chance to talk to your Australia zoo with Bindi Irwin.. my teacher actualy went over to spend a week with them. =0) Im gonna start writing stories about brumbies hopefully.. Good on ya mate! lol


  38. Congratulations to the winners!! If you didn’t win, please KEEP writing! Rejection is sooo part of the process and it’s the worst, but don’t let it stop you. Keep working on your craft and you’ll make it. :)

    I just about died there for a second . . .

    Thanks for all the help and support Leadmare and everyone else. Can’t wait to tell everybody!!

  40. Sincere congrats to all the winners! The winning entries are incredible!

    As for everyone else who didn’t win, don’t take it in a negative way. Instead of being completely devastated you didn’t win (I don’t blame ya for being a little disappointed ;)),
    read through the winners and see what qualities theirs had that yours lacked. Then get back to writing and use the loss as motivation to try again and make it even better!

  41. Congrats to all the winners!

    Leadmare, why did the judges choose these entries as the winners? What made them stand out the most?

  42. Response to Leadmares Last GHC nibbles… Im gonna start learning how to canter English style Friday! =0) I think I’ll give Izzy a good rub down.. and some molasses cookies.. what about you mates?


  43. Good job everyone

  44. Claire, I won’t speak on behalf of the judges and can’t get inside their heads, but I trust and value their perspective. If they would like to share that info it’s up to them, but they all have very active lives so I’m just grateful they volunteered so much time and thoughtfulness to selecting the best of the best.

    HF, that sounds great. My intent is to encourage everyone to get out from behind the computer and do something with horses. For real. We can always talk about it after the fact. Have a fun week everyone!

    [trots off to enjoy less talk, more action]

  45. It’s sort of on the impossible side for me to hang out with horses in real life, but last month or so, I was able to go meet the mare I’ll be riding soon (Lotsa fun!!). That was the last time I’ve been with a horse since I was approximately 6-8 (????), and I’m twelve now, so I guess its been a while. :) This mare I’ll begin riding soon was a little underweight, and her owner and nobody else wanted to push Fancy into starting to soon. But her owner said recently that we can soon begin. My mom said we can only have a few lessons, even though they’re cheap lessons, she still can’t afford to do it a lot. She might do them too, [:)] since she said she’s a bit intimidated of horses since she was little (Bad experiences lol). Me and my other sister have no doubt in our heads that we’ll enjoy these lessons.
    When I met Fancy, my mom was backing off a little when the mare trotted toward her, but I just stood there and watched Fancy. With the one other time I rode a horse and this recent introduction with Fancy, I say that I’m not frightened of horses. So, I hope I’ll take to riding good, and I won’t feel awkward or out of place. So wish me luck, because I don’t do things well when people, (even one person) is watching me. And of course to learn to ride, this girl has to watch and direct..

  46. HF: Really? What a coincidence, I’m writing a story about them too! By the way, I wish you the best of luck for Friday. It might be a bit challenging at first, but I bet you’ll get it in a flash. Izzy sounds like he/she’s going to be treated like a princess :)

    I’m going on a trail ride on the weekends, I can’t wait! It’s important to turn what GHC’s based on into reality, after all, we can’t forget the “real” horses. It’s a little difficult for me to hang with horses unless it’s for lessons, but I guess it’s times like this that the brain needs to be used.

  47. I went to watch XC this weekend, and had a riding lesson on Sunday :) The show was great, and so was the lesson! I jumped a cob called Frank who I’ve only ridden once before, and he’s the tallest pony I’ve ever jumped! I took him out for a hack for a canter and we went really fast. x

  48. I’m gonna beg my granddad to let me visit his racehorse for the week. (As much as I wanna hang out with Marley all week, I can’t… :'( My granddads racehorse is my best option…)

  49. Wow Nevada Sunshine . . . you were in my division?
    My story must have been better than I thought.
    So do we get comments from the judges? that would be great lol. Feedback from pros is always good. If I win something I usually wonder what the judges were thinking when they placed it (horse show class, writing contest, fair entry, etc.)

  50. Your GRANDFATHER has horses? *Sigh* That is amazing! What are their names???

  51. Yllek – hey, you speak elvish too, huh?
    That is so cool!
    (or Nevaer, in Sindarin).
    ~ Angelica

  52. yeah sweetie! xc rocks! (thats what i run, and i love it, but it leaves no time to train my horse!) and good luck with your lessons nevada sunshine. did you offer to muck stalls in exchange for lessons? thats what i did for jumping lessons, cause there was no way my parents would pay for it.

  53. Dear Writers,
    I loved judging this contest so much that next week when I talk to a group of librarians, YOU will be my topic!
    Of course the winners deserve congratulations (good going!!!!) but this is directed to every SINGLE one of you.
    1) Lead Mare ran an incredibly ethical and careful writing contest. Judges didn’t get any author names, for instance, which might have tipped us off to readers who were fans of our books :)
    2) So MANY stories had the kind of detail and emotion we love, it was almost laughable when we tried to narrow down to finalists. We named about half of the entries as favorites! So, if you didn’t win, please don’t be discouraged!!!
    3) Before I sold the first PHANTOM book, I was seriously thinking of giving up. Then an author friend said — “WAIT! That’s a good rejection letter!” It turned out that she was right, because the first PHANTOM book sold the very next time.

    Please keep writing and dreaming,

  54. Well, it’s actually someone we know who owns this mare, she just needs some extra money. Plus we have a cleaning business, and our schedule is really weird and crazy. I wish I could though. I’ve never mucked out a stall before, but if I was I’m sure they would show me right? Thanks for the good luck. *Smiles*


  55. good job! wether you won or not!!!!!

  56. cool story michelle!

  57. My mom’s actualy considering -only considering of course… but still…- buying me a horse!

  58. I hope your mom buys you a horse SweetPea, that’d be really awesome.

  59. :D thank you silky girl and sweetpea I’m jealous ;)

  60. awesome sweetpea! we just sold all our cattle, except for a calf, so that clears out a ton of room for another horse! *fingers crossed* i was also wondering what made these stories stand out to the judges.

  61. Ok I have some horse-related questions that I need answered. I’m writing a story and I need To know!! :)
    (1).How long can a horse survive without any food and little water?

    (2).If a horse was abused but there was one pleasant person in his past. In the future if that horse didn’t let anyone get near him, would the horse let the trusted person from his past near him? The trusted person WAS the one pleasant thing in the horses past.

    (3).If a horse was abused a lot and the only way he could get away from the abuse was going away from the horse farm, would the horse like the trailer? Because it DID take him away from his abuse.

  62. Jonannah- ill try and answer your questions best i can! =0)

    1) well for after about three days a horse will probably start getting fatigued. I would say they could go for about a week or to feeding off of fat storage but then they’ll reach starvation One things for sure.. they can go quite a while without food but without water horses won’t last very long (like humans). Horses need to drink pints upon gallons a week to stay healthy and fit.

    2) I don’t think we can turely understand the mysterious nature of a horse’s mind but i would say that a horse hardly ever forgets a scent. If that horse caught a familiar scent of that person or object it might calm them down.. but trust is something that needs to be gained over time.. even if it was already earned in the past.

    3) If a horse is abused it generaly will NOT cooperate with anyone or anything even if it means safety or confert in the end. Ok imagine yourself in the horse’s place. Youre in a cramped stall, with barely any feed and dirty water. You’ve been beaten and yelled at for some time now. Now today, more humans are coming surrounding your stall YOUR property talking in low voices. One opens a the door and tries to pursuade you out but your ears go back and your teeth start snapping.. YOur know what the human scent means.. danger.. hurt… and torment. Finaly forced out of the only place youve known for months the humans bring you to a huge metalic structure… it looks like your stall only scarier. Your finaly out in the open and theres no way your going back in ANY place. The humans have now again forced you into the cold hard mini stall and shut the back behind you.. The earth starts moving beneath your feet and you cry despreatly out in confusion.. where are you going, what is this the humans have put you in.. will it hurt will they beat you again?

    sorry its a bit long.. =0) Getting an abused horse out of its prior enviornment is usualy not a pretty task.. espeicaly for the horse


  63. Hey, my gramps is bringing me out to his racehorse on Friday!!! (if he can find time in his schedule to bring me!) I don’t know what her name is, but I’ll find out for y’all! She is a two year old (almost three years) filly. She is a bay and she is gorgeous. I’ll upload a picture to the gallery or somethin like that to show y’all how gorgeous she is! Ta-ta!

  64. Johannah, I think I have the answers

    (1) A horse can survive without food or water for around 10-25 days

    (2) The horse would most likely associate all people with bad things, but there might be a faint recognition that would mean the horse would let the person try to bond with them

    (3) The horse would still be frightened by the trailer as they would not know that it would take them away from the abuse. If the horse was bred by the abuser, they would simply be frightened as they would see the trailer as a place to be held captive.
    If the horse was transported to the abuser by trailer, he would associate the trailer as a place that brings him to pain

    Hope I helped!
    ~Diana *smile*

  65. (OK, I know I already posted this on the story, but I thought more people would see it if I posted it here)
    I’m wondering, Leadmare, judges, or anyone who reads this, what color did you think Venna’s hair was? I deliberately left that fact hanging because I couldn’t decide what color to make it!

    Oh, and thanks for the support, Terri. It makes so much difference to know that a famous author likes my story!

    Angelica, I like to learn about elvish too. In fact, I’ve been to your blog, and I thought it was great. I also found a site that translates your name into elvish. Elizabeth is Eruwaedhiel. ;) (pronounced Air-oo-wye-thee- el)

  66. Thanx so much Dianaluv and HorseFeathers!!! You helped a lot. In my story they find an abused horse and im trying to figure out a way they can get the horse back to their farm. any suggestions. Should they just try to earn the horses trust at the place they found the horse???? would that work??? The place they found the horse is about 1 and 1/2 miles to 2 miles away. If that helps any :) This is a story that I plan to try to get published on this site. And ya’all know so much about horses i want it to be accurate. :-)

  67. Jonannah… sometimes stories dont always have to be realistic if you dont want them to be. The horse could sense something different in that one indivdual person in your story and submit gradualy to that person only. Or the Horse could possibly talk to the girl/guy with thoughts? telling them with images how scarry and miserable their life is at that instance.

    For example: “I stared at the gray gelding for a moment and then his eyes locked with mine. They were filled with a fire i cannot describe. Swirling with torment and mistrust yet searching for something to grasp and hold onto. Then it came.. as quick as a dream… an image of screaming, burning horseflesh, and pain. I closed my eyes and shook my head trying to get the horrifying picture out as it faded gradualy . The gelding was not staring at me anymore his attention was averted to the handlers who were trying to pull him out of the nasty stall.. I had to do something.”

    use your imagination.. after all most of us wright fiction here mate!


  68. Maybe they should try some methods that Monty Roberts uses? (They’re really good)

    And guys, I had to come straight on here to tell y’all…

    I’M DEFO GETTING A HORSE!!!!!!!!!!!

    My grandad says that when his filly has finished her career, she’s mine! I said that if she’s good at racing, he should breed her. And then the foal might be my responsibility as I will own the filly then!!!!!! Yahooooooooooooooooooooooo!!!!!

    I’m so happy!
    ~DianaLUV *grins with stars in her eyes*

  69. DianaLUV!!! That is amazing!!! Wow, she’s yours when she ends her

  70. Hey Angelica! My actual name is Rochlia [ horse mistress] but my sis got on the computer and used another name [Yellk]. It’s great to know some one who speaks Elfish besides me! :]

  71. glad fo everyone who won. I didn’t even realise that this was an American site which sort of probably lowered my chance to win (you can probably tell this is an English kid who is writting this) But WellDone

  72. Wow…i’m sooo jealous DinaLUV. I mean, I have a stallion, but thinking about fillies and racehorses makes me think about my old horse, Halo. She died a while ago. I was really sad, I cried for two weeks. Oh well, that’s behind us, and now I’ve got to turn my attention to Titian; a mare he was bred to, named Bree, just had her first foal sired by Titian. And guess what….Bree is Halo’s full twin sister! we found her at an auction and bought her because her papers had such similar stats to Halo. So we bought her. and we brought her home. We tried to lead her into the stall on the other side of the barn from Halo’s old one, but she pulled me into Halo’s stall and wouldn’t leave! We did some tests, and found out that she was Halo’s FULL SISTER! and guess what…I get to keep the foal! I’m hoping..hoping with all of my heart…that it will look just like my pretty white mare Halo. And then, if it does, I’m gonna name it Halo in honor of my lost girl. :-) :-( I have to admit, to this day I still grieve for my lost mare.

  73. CONGRATZ!!!!!!!

    GONNA go read them now!! Im sooooo excited for you all!! WHOOOOOOO!

  74. Diana luv- its always touching and a blessing to hear about girls getting their own horses.. I might just be getting one in the future as well… at my friends stables to board where i work at. First i need to find another part-time job ( when your my age you have to start paying for stuff out of your own jean pockets) ;0) I got my eye on a 15 year oldTenesee Walker.. we’ll see how it turns out. pray for me mates! =0)


  75. Good Luck HF! Hope you get the horse of your dreams. And guys, if my filly wins big, my gramps will use the spare cash he gets to get me a horse until she is retired! whoop!

    And if she wins way big, I get to keep that horse and her! mega whoop!!!

    Love to y’all

  76. Getting a horse sounds so perfect and magical (which of course is true)! But I have to admit, for now I’m over the moon to be able to take riding lessons. There’s the money and time issue, but I’m prepared to work hard :)

    Helen: Girls Horse Club is open to girls all over the world, those from America don’t have an advantage. The site aims to develop talent inspired by horses, and all horse lovers are welcome to share their works. The fact that you’re English definitely didn’t lower your chances. Just keep trying and write from your heart – there’s a winner in you!

  77. Huzzah! I second that Made- Helen just like she said you had and will have just as good of a chance as we yanks in future competitions! lol We would love to hear your stories thoughts and ideas when general submissions open up! Actualy i have relatives from England/Australia! Horse Sisters Unite!!


  78. wow dianaluv! thats awesome! my cousin owns a ex racehorse, and they make fantastic jumpers, especially cross country and hunters. i am really excited for your,tell us how she does!

  79. 2 days till my first lesson on Fancy and I couldn’t be more nervous!

  80. oh wow, i remember how that felt. i couldnt sleep i was so excited! best wishes to you Nevada Sunshine! okay, not to get your hopes up, but my first lessons at a new stable, i rode a gorgeous arabian mare. 2 months later, we found the owner was selling her so i ended up buying my lesson horse, and we totally connect. its just a cool story. i hope your lessons work out. english or western?

  81. Guys, we’re thinking of calling her Atlantic City. What do you think? Well… I wanna name her that… Better run it past her racing coach!

  82. i thought that was a champion name.. even better would be Atlantic City Girl… sort puts a little bounce and pizzaz into it rather than just naming her after a city. Whatever you decide and the coach im sure will be great though.


  83. DinaLUV, i’m instantly jealous. even though i have Titian, you’re sooo lucky. good luck with ur filly!

  84. Nevada Sunshine: Wow, good luck for your first lesson, even though you wouldn’t really need it I remember my first, I had the BEST time even though I was riding like an idiot. It’s alright to be nervous, but don’t let it get in the way ;) I’m sure you’ll ride like a star.

    DianaLUV: I love Atlantic City! It’s a beautiful name. I hope everything works out for you and your perhaps future horse :D

  85. Guys, me and my pals are gonna write a horsey magazine and published it all over Ireland, (with a budget of course!) any ideas on articles? I’m hoping to get enough money off it to get a horse now, even if I don’t though, I am getting one anyway!
    Wish me luck!

  86. Congrats to all of you for submitting to the contest and Yeah!!!! To all that won a prize.The judges were awesome.

  87. DianaLUV: I’m thinking you can probably write an article on the Irish Sport Horse or Irish Draft. Information like horse care and tips for when your horse is injured or sick can be very helpful as well. You can also set up an ad or “Horses for Sale” page where people pay you to put their ads in your magazine. On that note, you could maybe contact and write about an Irish riding stable or pony club. Once your magazine gets published, it’ll definitely attract some people from the place you wrote about and help them gain more business. Make sure you ask permission though ;) Good luck!

  88. I love Atlantic City as a name, and as a horse! =D I love the board walk down there, uber fun. If you guys ever get the chance, I would suggest going. Ocean city is also in the area, and just as fun!

  89. *a city x] gosh im out of it today lol =] sorry about that.

  90. Wow, thanks Mad! I might also call places and ask if they would like me to advertise their horsey holidays! And Mad, may I use your ideas? (See! I’m asking permission!☻)

  91. Oh, and DinaLUV, maybe you could do an article informing people about horse riding safety tips, and maybe put an ad section where people could pay to advertise their horses for sale, their barns for sale, their riding lessons, etc. Just an idea!


  92. DianaLUV: Haha, sure you can, I’m glad I could help :D But I meant “asking permission” as in ask your chosen barn or pony club for permission to write about them. Who knows? You might even be able to get an interview while you’re at it. Good luck!

  93. made, i feel as if i’m in the presence of royalty! congrats on getting Jounior Editor! Hope you do well!

  94. Wild’n’Free: Haha thanks, but I’m far from royalty. I think LeadMare is the only one worthy of that title here, and I can’t imagine what effort she must put in while she’s under it!

  95. cant wait until october 20th!!!!!!!

  96. Whew, I was able to get through my lesson without dieing from happiness!

    Lana- I’m going to be learning Western :) My first lesson I didn’t ride Fancy, but I wasn’t at all disappointed! First I brushed her, then led her around the paddock, and she almost stepped on my feet a few times :) It was so much fun. The girl who is teaching me said I was really confident around Fancy, when I led her around. She said the very first time she ever led a horse (When she was taking lessons of her own) it was a disaster! The first few lessons I will be learning about Fancy first. I’m so happy about all this!!!

  97. Whew! Well done Nevada! I’m spending my days constantly browsing horse sales websites and I sent in two things for the submission form! A poem called ‘Unbreakable Spirit’ and a blog called ‘Face the Composer, Not the Music!’

    Hope they’re accepted!!!

  98. That’s great Nevada Sunshine. =] my first lesson ended in tears, it was horrible!

  99. Yay! My blog is getting published on the 9th! Please check it out! (I had a dream that I published a poem, but nobody cared to visit and leave a comment… :'( )

  100. DianaLuv.. lol ill be sure and read it mate! Trust me i can 99.9% garuntee you that at least one person will comment on a poem or your submissions that get published. =0)


  101. DianaLUV: That must be one horrible nightmare, but like HorseFeathers I can guarantee you that people will leave comments. I certainly will :) I can’t wait to read your blog!

    Nevada Sunshine: Congratulations on your first lesson, it sounds like lots of fun and Fancy seems like a wonderful horse. Good luck with your riding.

  102. EEk I’m so excited! My story is going to be published. I hope ya’all read it! :-)

  103. Oooooooooooh! Published tomorrow! Somebody nip me so I know it’s really happening! (Not hard though!)

  104. Jonannah, we’d love to! I am excited about all the comming submissions that I hardly got my story about Binkey finished!

  105. A few questions:
    1) Is there a limit to how many entries you can submit? I’ve already submitted 3 poems, 2 stories, and 4 blogs. So . . .I don’t know (yes I’ve had a lot of writing this past month :-) )

    2) Can I change my name? I would like to remove the extra N in my name. Because Jonannah is just a nickname from my older sis and Joannah is my first name.

    3)I see you have a lot of entries and not much time to publish everything. So what if there is stuff worth reading and there isn’t enough time? Does it just ooze out onto next month?

    4) Can you submit blogs about writing too? Or is it all horses?

    5) Do you have General Submissions very month?

    Sorry for all the question, but I gotta know ! :-) lol.

  106. My poem gets published next Wednesday. =] Its called Dance On.

  107. Whew! Go October 14th girls! :-) my story is going to be published on the 14th too! High five Michelle! *psht* !

  108. Great point, Made. I think that we all should give it up for LeadMare, the one who has worked so hard for so long to keep this site up and running! Without her, where whould we go to share our horse advice and knowledge with horse girls? *claps wildly* go, LeadMare! *claps s’more*

  109. Oh….! I had my second lesson today! My teacher says she believes I’m ready to learn to ride so she’ll teach my in my next lesson!!! =D I sat on Fancy and my teacher told me how to turn Fancy, tell her to go backward an walk. We just did this in the stall, but it was still SO MUCH FUN!!! My teacher is so nice, she even gave me folder with papers that have all kinds of horse related information on them, she also gave me a book that tell about horse behavior..I never thought I’d be this lucky!

  110. Congrats!! I love terri farley, i hav all of her books!! I wish i had entered, but i havent gotten on here for a long time. but dont worr, im back!!! im going to try to become a junior blogger, so you guys will be seeing alot of me!! Happy Trails, Aloha!!

  111. Hi Everyone~
    Gosh. It’s been so long since I’ve been on GHC. Schoolwork, summer vacation, everything has been so hectic. I feel bad.
    GHC was like my other home, and I abandoned it… :(
    Well, I’m back, and am hoping to be more loyal to GHC than last time.
    Hi LeadMare.. wow. It’s changed. I’m so happy to be back!