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365 Days With Peppy

Published by • May 28th, 2016 • Category: Poetry

by sierra, age 12

One year with you
365 days of love
You are my someone who was sent by an angel above
You are swifter than a dove

365 days ago was the best day of my life
365 days of love, hardships, and you
All of my hard times you helped me make it through
I will always be true to you

You are my love and my sanity
You are my dreams and my humanity
You are everything to me
You are forever free

I can’t believe its flown by so fast
So short a time ago was the past
I remember the time I saw you last
Riding together just as fast

Thank you for always being there
We’ve tended to each other with care
Our bond is beyond rare
We are best friends forever to share

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  1. This is beautiful and so true you are a great poet. I have tried to write poetry and it never turns out right. Again this is stunning

  2. Wow! This is such a beautiful poem! I can really feel emotion in every line – I love it. Honestly, I wish I could write poems. Mine never turn out how I wanted. Have a great day xx

  3. Aww! thanks girls. this is my first post to GHC after like a year here i finally got the courage to send some work in. i didn’t even expect it to be posted! it means so much to me.

  4. i wish peppy was my horse but.. he’s not legally but in my heart he is.

  5. Awesome!!!! You’re really good at poetry!

  6. This is an amazing poem!!! Loved the lines of 365 days of love, hardships, and you!! You are very talented!!

  7. Lovely

  8. Beautiful! This is a world-class masterpiece!

  9. aww thanks guys!

    thanks so much rey! thats so sweet

  10. The same with me! The horses I meet, like Precious, I always feel that they are mine, even if they aren’t mine legally. In other news, I’ll be riding this half term and I can’t wait!

    Have a great day!
    PAM xx

  11. AWWWWWWW you guys are gonna make me cry(LOL) you guys are so sweet!

  12. By the way I have a kitten named Pepsi its nickname is Peppy

  13. thats cute athena! I truly love this horse more than anything in the world.i wish i could see him moreā€¦I still have pictures,stories,and poems about him though! also daydreams!


  14. thanks for all the comments girls! i never thought i was good at poetry or writing itself until this showed up and i got all these comments.

  15. Happy Reading, everyone. I still find time for this amazing website even though school has started…and truly it has helped my love, passion, and knowledge of horses grow. More power to Girls Horse Club!

  16. You go girl! It’s awesome!

  17. wow! guys thank you so much! when i posted my very first blog(this one)i didn’t even think it would get posted much less get so many wonderful comments! thank you guys so much.GHC FOREVER!