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A Day in the Wild

Published by • Mar 5th, 2015 • Category: Poetry

A Day in the Wild

by SugarPony, age 12

Dashing down the shimmering green meadows,
waiting for me are my good fellows.
Nickering and nipping each other’s mane,
we race for the water hole down the lane.

As we halt to a stop to meet the others,
I roll in the water to cool off my withers.
My family runs in the stream,
to ruffle the waves like whipped cream.

Then we graze and rest at a field,
the elders protecting the youngsters like a shield.
As I bend my head down to eat,
some prairie pups scurry at my feet.

The Sun is slowly going down,
our tails flowing like a gown.
The night sounds fly with the breeze,
And all of the horses are sleeping at ease.

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  1. Amazing poem! Loved it!!!

  2. Wow! Good job! I love how it rhymes and flows!

  3. Thank you! Its my first poem, but it turned out real good! I like the picture they put out for me. :-)

  4. i love it sugar pony