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A Dream of Horses

Published by • Jul 30th, 2007 • Category: Loft Book Club Favorites, Poetry

by Pony Princess, age 13

LeadMare had a dream.
She built the biggest barn
You have ever seen.

She looked inside
When it was done and said,
“There must be horses to ride.”

So she went to a sale.
She was looking for special horses.
LeadMare chose a seat next to the rail.

In the ring was a Gypsy Vanner filly.
The auctioneer said, “Moonlight Mirage,
She’s a good one and worth your money.”
LeadMare liked Mirage’s spirit and energy,
So without a moment’s hesitation,
She bid and bought the filly.

Into the ring a Thoroughbred was led.
Everyone could see
The horse was very well bred.
LeadMare bought the mare.
She promised Destiny
Love and the best of care.

The next horse caught her eye.
“An Egyptian Arabian,” said the auctioneer,
Shahar is a really good buy.”
LeadMare bought the horse.
She whispered in it’s ear,
“You are beautiful of course.”

A handsome colt was led out next.
The auctioneer said, “He is a good one.
He is one of the best.”
Sun Dancer captured LeadMare’s heart.
He was soon owned by her.
She could see he was handsome and smart.

A bay colt was brought out.
The people started bidding right away.
He was valued at a high amount.
LeadMare could not resist.
Before she knew what happened,
Lone Star was brought home with the rest.

So go and visit these beautiful creatures.
You can see them at The Stables.
They’re one of GHC’s most important features.