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A Field Full of Horses

Published by • Oct 7th, 2013 • Category: Fiction

by Kira, age 10

The wind howled and swirled in the sky. As I trudged up the gravel lane I heard the softest whinny. A little pony stood by the metal gate. Its mane was matted and I could see its spine. The little pony was chestnut and white, and a group of neglected horses stood, spotted around the muddy field. I winced. Who would do this? A black mare saw me standing at the gate and let out an ear piercing squeal. “Oh no,” I whispered.

The next day I came out again. This time the horses were soaked. Unfortunately, the gate was open. Oh no! I tried my hardest. I really couldn’t get the rope over the metal cylinder. Then, with confidence, an overo horse walked over to me. His black coat with white patches was matted. He nuzzled me. “Good,” I said gently, stroking his handsome face.

Somehow, I managed to get into the field. All of a sudden a loud, echoing whinny arose. Even more “Oh no!” The horse (which I’d named Buddy) dropped to the ground and allowed me to mount him.

I clung on tight as the horse got up and cantered. Then I straightened up and shouted with joy. A couple of the horses followed. A bay, two piebalds and a skewbald. “WOW!” I shouted, more than once. Nothing will stop me now! But I was dead wrong.

Suddenly, Buddy came to a stop. I went flying over his head, landing on my shoulder. “Ow,” I moaned, standing up. I looked where the horses were looking. Uh oh! A traveler man stood, with a murderous glint in his eye. All the horses turned.

“GO!” The man shrieked again. Oh no. I turned to see a beautiful mare and a grey/palomino foal cantering towards us. “NO!” I screamed. But the mare stopped and reared. The man, dropping his knife, ran off. I was safe. “Oh thank you!” I cried, hugging the mare.

“My field full of horses.”

I smiled before turning back and cycling to my house.

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  1. that was a really good story.

  2. I loved it!

  3. Oh, thanks guys!

  4. Great!!!!!!!! I also LOVE writing stories!!!