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A Memorable Canter

Published by • May 1st, 2016 • Category: Fiction

A Memorable Canter

by PreciousAndMe, age 13

It was my first time cantering.

Debra, one of the instructors at the stables, had promised me that I’d learn to canter this summer. And now, my second lesson in July, I’ve been told that I’m going to canter.

I’m nervous when I arrive at the yard. Luckily, it’s quite quiet, minus the few grooms busily working around the horses. I talk to Ruth for a minute or two, giving her the chance to mark me as attending the lesson in the appointment book. Ruth owns the stables, as well as most of the horses.

I’ve been chosen to ride Precious, a piebald mare. She’s tacked up and ready to go, waiting patiently in her stall. I click my tongue as I get close and she comes to the stall door. I pull out a piece of carrot from my pocket and give it to Precious, who nudges me gently. I’m glad that I’ll be learning to canter on my favourite horse.

Debra is waiting in the indoor arena when I arrive, and I quickly mount up. I warm up, rising and falling at the trot. Precious has a smooth trot.

“Shall we canter, then?” Debra asks with a grin. I nod nervously. “Make sure that you go into a sitting trot and nudge Precious on. Relax and don’t be nervous.”

We go back into a trot and I easily go into a sitting trot. When I think the time is right, I ask for a canter, and Precious flicks her ears in my direction. Then she rises into a canter and we’re flying around the arena.

Maybe flying isn’t an understatement at all.

It happens before I can even act. One minute I’m feeling great, cantering without fear, as if I’ve been doing it my whole life. And then I’m falling to the ground, rolling and rolling.

My arm hurts as I struggle to sit up. Precious is standing still at the other end of the arena as Debra grabs her reins. My head is spinning at a hundred miles an hour.

So much for cantering like a Grand Prix rider.

Debra reaches my side as I stand up. I must look terrible, because she quickly says, “Haven’t hurt anything, have you?”

I shake my head. “I think I bruised my elbow, but that’s all.”

“You did good on your first canter.” Debra encourages me. “Remember that falling is a good thing. You’ll get a hang of cantering once you do it a few more times. Want to go again?”

I sigh and take Precious’ reins. I pat her piebald neck and smile. “Okay. Sure.”

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  1. Amazing, when I first trotted It gave me a stomach ach. I got past the stomach ach cantering is my favorite gate. Trotting not so much.

  2. Awesome! When I started trotting I thought I would fall because I was practically jumping in the saddle on the back of an Arab mare.

  3. Wow, you know how to make your horse canter? Lucky U! I don’t have a horse so… that’s it. GREAT STORY!!! Hope to hear more from you.

  4. I haven’t done canter yet because my riding lesson teacher hasn’t started lessons again this year yet. :( I did trot, though. It’s really bumpy!

  5. Thanks so much everyone!
    It’s so nice to be here. I love to write about horses, and this is such a lovely community. I will be sure to write plenty more :)

  6. Welcome, then. Are you new here? Should I introduce you to some of my stories and the works of others as well? If you need support, I’ll be there!
    By the way have you all read the book Black Beauty? (super love it) How about the Foretelling? (super!) Anyway, I love this story. Keep up the GREAT work. :)

  7. I have read Black Beauty. Have you seen the movie? The movie is really good:) I wrote a story about Gingers life and posted it here. It’s called ‘Gingers Story’ :)

  8. For Catherine: No I haven’t watched the movie but yes, I have read your post. It was a really good one. Isn’t sad that Ginger died? She was such a beautiful mare, especially when she finally accepted Black Beauty as a true friend.

  9. Yes, I am new here! Thanks so much for all the welcome and support. And I have read Black Beauty – I love it. Classics are my favorite, to be honest. I was so sad that Ginger died. I watched about 5 minutes of the live-action movie (with real people and horses) and I couldn’t watch anymore. But I do love Black Beauty.
    Has anyone read Swallow’s Tale? Or Blind Beauty? They’re both by K.M Peyton and she’s amazing :)

  10. Thanks I’ll look for those books :)

  11. I’m going to learn to canter in my next lesson! can’t wait till wednesday! i have cantered once on a trail ride at my barn when sweet lovely peppy cantered down the trail with me on my first time trotting! i actually really injoyed it though. secretly i was good boy peppy lol

  12. I cantered once! It was fun! I was supposed to be trotting at the time though…Because the horse that I was riding likes to go fast! She has a fast walk. And a fast trot. So sometimes when she’s supposed to trot,she canters! Cantering is my favorite gait! :) And well written story!

  13. Thanks so much for all the positive comments!
    Seems like ages since this was published… I love writing stories for you all, both non-fiction and fiction. Plenty more to come in the future, that much is true!

    Thanks again :)