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Published by • Feb 23rd, 2008 • Category: Lend a Hand, Tributes

In Loving Memory

by Rebecca Shyly, age 12

More and more we have been hearing about the loss of animals on Girls Horse Club. I thought this was extremely sad and wanted to create a blog where you could post a tribute to your lost pet, companion, or friend. I just want to make clear that this blog is for all animals, not just horses! If you lost your beloved dog, cat or even snake or whatever other animal you have, post a short tribute to them here.

Another thing that you can do on this blog is support others. Girls Horse Club is a herd and we should help each other out. I wrote the tribute below to support a friend who recently lost her beloved dog.

Tribute to Maggie: My best friend has recently gone through the shock of losing a beloved animal, a pain that I know many of us have gone through here at GHC. Maggie was a black Labrador and very sweet. She loved to bark and while she seems intimidating at first, once you get to know her she is the sweetest thing. She watched her owner, Bailey, faithfully at all times. She truly loved her family, and they loved her.

Maggie was only two and a half years old when she died. If that wasn’t sad enough she died from three kinds of cancer. Maggie had liver cancer, lung cancer and lymphoma cancer. She left behind Bailey, Bailey’s parents and Candy, her full sister. She is in a better place, but the family still grieves for her. I hope we can all pray for the family. After all Bailey is a horse girl and we should support her!

Please use the comments form to add a tribute. After reading the tributes, go ahead and write a note of encouragement to someone who is grieving right now. I hope this blog helps you all feel a little better about losing a loved one. As you all know I have experienced this before and know that it hurts! I have hope we can help each other even more with this new addition to GHC!

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  1. To my dog Norm:
    Who always sat beside me when I cried. His fur was soaked with my tears. His little white paws I traced with my fingers, and his loving brown eyes gave me comfort.

    To Magic:
    My only girl who knew me so well.

  2. SB: Sorry to hear that you have lost 2 loved ones…

    To Fella:
    You were the best first horse a girl could ever ask for. Thank you for listning to my fears and secrets, I know you are in a better place.

    To Smoky:
    You were a wonderful cat! I love you.

    To Shelly:
    Thank you for making me laugh when I wanted to cry. You were a wonderful turtle to watch crawl around the yard.

    To Vanilla:
    My beautiful white goat! YOu were so cute and understanding. I love you and will miss you till that one day when I will see you again.

    To All of the Above:
    I miss you all so much. I am glad you all are happier and no longer suffering. Wait for me.

  3. To Bella and Angel-
    The sweetest horses I’ve met. Bella you were only on earth for a short time but everyone who met you got attached to you. Angel you were the sweetest mare in the paddock! always by the fence waiting for someone to come and pat you and give you a treat.

  4. SB: I’m sorry I can comfort you no more, but although Norm and Magic have left this world, they would suffer nothing else. Having two lovable friends pass away is a painful experience I haven’t yet known, but I hope you will still have a smile on your face and pray for their safety. {:D}

  5. im so sorry to hear about your Norm and Magic. I haven’t experenced any of my pets passing away yet but my cat is going to within the next 5 years and my old pony Minnie is going to be retired soon, possibly passing away few years after. :(

    my bestest friend in the world dog’s died around september/october last year and i even though i had only met the dog a few times she was the sweetest thing! i remember crying so hard for my friends lovely dog. then later that year my dog was hit by a car on a main highway and he was VERY close to dieing, my friend was crying more then i was. luckyily my dog survived and is still eating mums tulips and ruining her garden! lol.

    to ALL those that have lost a pet or know of someone who has i hope you can over come the sadness and pain. you will one day see them again. ;) O:-)

  6. I loved the blog, sorry to anyone who has recently lost a pet.

    Sunny: She was my first pet, a gerbil. She died last year, only 2 years old. RIP Sunny.

    Snowy: Another one of my three gerbils. She died earlier this year, at the age of three. RIP Snowy.

    Only one gerbil left. Also, horses that have recently been retired, sold, loaned out etc.

    Shar: My aunt’s ex racehorse. He is very old, and has been loaned out and might be sold soon. He is a magnificent animal, very cuddly but tricky to ride!

    Gipsy: A pony at my riding stables. She has recently been retired, but before she had taught a lot of people to ride, including one of my best friends.

    That’s all for now xx

  7. I am very sorry to hear about all of your lost pets. They are in a better place.

    I lost my uncle to cancer right before Christmas. He had a loving wife and a five year old son. Farrel never got to see luke (His Son) off to his first day of Kindergarten. I love you and I know you are in a better place! Take care of all of their pets! i will remind Luke and Carol of how much you love them!

    Love You! :(( {:D}

  8. In loving memory of Brandon,

    Almost two years since you’ve past boy. But I know your in a better place and looking down at me right now. I know your happy and no longer suffering so I have just now finally come to peace with the fact you are gone. You were the best lesson horse ever! I love you boy.

    To all the GC horses,

    I will miss you when I leave the barn. But it is time for me to go. Maybe one day I will return and visit but for now lets just enjoy the time we have together.

    In emotional memory of Coho,

    My first dog. It’s been a while since I’ve ‘talked’ to you boy. But you were the first animal to leave my life. And with that you left a very special mark in my life and on my heart. I was young when you left my life but I feel as if I remember and know you now better than then so live in peace up there boy.

    I will and miss all of these animals dearly. They have all been such a big part of my life and I love them. But no matter where life takes me every animal I come across will be remembered in my heart. And I promise I will love each and everyone of them will as much caring, tenderness, and sometimes discipline as the next.

    Love, Syd ♥

  9. Sarah: sorry to hear about your uncle. I know that losing a human loved one is horrible! Hope you and your family can heal.

    Syd: It is always hard. Hope you are ok…

    To Anyone who has lost a loed one:
    The pain is hard to deal with, but hearts can heal. Don’t be afraid to fall in love again

  10. I want to post a tribute to my cat, Clowzee. Before horses completely ruled my world, she was there, comforting me when no human was my friend. I miss you SSSOOOO MUCH, Clawzee, no one will ever take your place. O:-)

  11. Also to Barbaro, not only have you inspired me, but I am also honored to share April 29 as a birthday with you.

  12. Jeanna Briggs: That is so sad about your cat. I totally understand what you mean about having an animal that means alot to you, even if it is not you favorite kind of animal. Srry to hear about it.

    It is cool that you share a birthday with him. I am sad to say my birthday is the day he was put to sleep. Sigh….

    To Maggie: I know I already posted something about her, but I just want to say: Bailey, I’m sorry you has to go through this. Maggie, I hope you are being a good puppy up there! RIP!


  13. I am so upset about the horses being slaughtered. Barbaro, the famous racehorse, was put down which was also so sad. I am only a child but I want to help these horses beign slaughtered. I want to be another Wild Horse Annie. I want these horses to be saved. If you dont want a horse or cant take care of them, take them to an adoption center. But I am heart broken becasue of the slaughter of horses. I went online and it showed horses being slaughtered. Also, it showed a horse that was by its hooves and its throat slit. My heart ripped into a million gajillion pieces. They NEED to live. I f we dont want to die, think about how the horses feel. We dont want top be starved, beaten,tortured, or slaughtered. Think about the horses. They dont either. Think about it.

  14. To Angel- This horse died on March 26, 2008. Only a few days ago. She was the oldest and probably the sweetest. She lived to 24 or 25 years old. The reason she passed away was because around Easter, one of her legs started to hurt and then the day she had died she got really, really sick. I guess Jesus thought it was time for this mare to go. I miss her so much and I go to my horse lesson tomorrow- It will be so wierd without her around. I have only cried a few tears but force a smile on my face, knowing she is in a better place and is not in pain. I wrote lots of things about her including a poem. R.I.P- I will always love you. O:-)

  15. Tash: Even if your birthday is a sad day for Barbaro, at least it is still held in high honor as the day he got his wings.

  16. Horsecrazz, I mean. Sorry but I have a bad habit of mixing you to up..

  17. I’m sorry for anyone who lost their best friend. I understand i lost my full sister to a car accident, I lost my dog from a car hitting him and my favourite horse (who grew up with me) to a broken leg, and my next favourite horse to a heart attack. They were all there for me when no other were, i love you all and i will never forget you. :((

  18. lol. thats okay Jeanna! for a second i was like what but my b.days in the middle of june not april! lol. I had a dream reccently that Ace bolted then slipped and fell, he suddenly had blood on him and then he was dead, its was a VERY scarey dream, luckily it was only a dream.

  19. Sorry again.
    tash: that must have been a terrible dream to wake up to…

    GGGRRR! I have major writers block right now… :-? :-? :-?

  20. Hey to everyone who has lost someone, I’m very sorry even though my words don’t help ease the pain or suffering. You can always know what other people know what you’ve been through. It’s like a mini-family, which sounds weird, but it is, kinda.
    Peace, SB

  21. Jeanna Briggs: No big deal! I totally don’t mind! lol!

    Lozzy: OMG!! I know that it probably won’t make any difference to you when a stranger says this but: I am so so sorry that you have had to go through that pain…more than once! If you ever need to talk, your herd is here for you! We care…no matter what!

  22. Horsecrazz (lol i got it right this time!) is totally right. When ever a horse girl hurts, her herd will always be there for her. {:D} {:D}

  23. To Kiwi, who had to be put down due to the horrible, amazingly stupid Samonella posioning. She had eaten something bad (still unknown after like a year of her death) in the pasture, and in days she was put down. I cried, and I had only known her for a little while.

    Oh, and to Roxi as well. Roxi was my Mom’s old dog, and she hated me. Seriously, when I was born, she started peeing in my room, and I’m not trying to be gross, lol. I miss Roxi, and sometimes I cry about her when I think about Heaven. What’s it like up there Roxi?

    Oh, and I know this is long, but once I saw a cloud shaped like Kiwi’s head. It even had the flowing mane and star (which was missing, the rest was all cloud so there was a little none-cloud spot right on her forehead) on her head!

    I miss then a million, and there was also Roger.

    I know, long post, lol.
    Well, Roger died because he didn’t eat enough after me and my riding instructor left the horribly sad WyndHaven Farms. He didn’t eat enough due to the owner and now he’s dead. :(( :(( :((

  24. Taylor&MySpotlessKing: Sorry you have had to go through this! I know it’s hard, but keep looking for the good in things! I’m grieving for all of you out there that have had to deal with this! :(

  25. MAY 1ST,2008
    SHE LIVED TO :((

  26. Oh, MICHAELA, I am so sorry! It is hard to lose a pet, but you can’t hold on to the saddness forever. That hurts you. And if Oreo knew that you were sad then she would be sad, and you don’t want that do you? Right now she is probably making the people up there very happy! Remember all the good times you had with her, that might make you feel beter…or think of something good thats going to happen. But also, don’t be afraid to cry, because some times you need to let it all out to be able to heal. Your herd is here for you MICHAELA! We always will be… {:D}

  27. Michaela: I’m sorry for you that your dog died. Just know that, like all the horses, cats, and other pets that died, I am sure God gave her wings, and that she is enjoying a paradise that no being on earth can even imagine. O:-)

  28. To Nevaeh or Juan Jr.
    I wish
    that I could
    have met
    it would have
    been the
    of this year
    and I wanted
    to be your
    I ♥ ♥ ♥
    you and will meet
    you someday
    and I will hug your
    head off
    and kate
    my cousin will get to meet
    her baby

  29. Horsecrazzz, words can’t express my sympathy for you and your family. It’s one thing to lose a beloved pet, but losing a child is heartbreaking. Your cousin will be in my thoughts…

  30. Thanks so much LeadMare! That means alot to all of us. I will tell my cousin that the horse girls of the world are praying for her.

  31. Just a few days ago: I was walking home from the bus stop, and my mom was walking with me. I asked, “Did you make any cookies or anything?”
    She said, “No, today has been kind of an odd day.” I remembered my dad driving me to school earlier that morning, he had said, “I’m taking K.D. (one of our dogs who is a black lab) to the vet today. Just a checkup, maybe even to see if she needs to be put down.” She had been in a bad condition. She was real thin, she has licked a certain leg for several years and it has made a big open wound so she limps on it, she had blood in her uran, and a lot more was going wrong. She possibly was getting or had cancer.
    I looked at my mom. Her eyes were dull, and she wasn’t smiling. She seeme very sad. I knew what was going on.
    “They had to put K.D. down?” My mom didn’t say anything, but she nodded.
    “I started crying so hard and so loud that I bet my friends who were walking home from school, too, were worried. My mom and I kept on walking, but she squeezed my head against her. Soon as I got to my house, my dad drived up. He was the most upset out of all of us. He was the one who entered hunting contests with her, trained her, and spent them most time caring for her.
    “Where are we going to burry her?” I asked.
    “We burned her.” He said hoarsley.
    “Why? You’ve burried all our dogs in the past at grandma and grandpa’s house.” I knew this was his favorite dog.
    “I didn’t keep the ashes.” He was too sad to do anything with her. Then I thought about my 18 year old sister, Rachel. We were 7 years apart. I was 11. She was at school, at college. She’d have to here the news over the phone. I felt so bad for her.
    And that’s my story. Every single bit of this is true. I miss you, K.D., so much. And Mandy (our yellow lab) and Holly (our black cockapoo, meaning a mix of cocker-spaniel and poodle) will miss you too. I love you so much. You are right here in my heart. I know you are saying to me, “Don’t worry, everything is going to be okay.” She is repeating it to me over and over. K.D., you lent me your strength, kindness, courage, and confidence. I miss you so much. You were the one who completed my life. We all miss you. Love ya! R.I.P, K.D.

  32. Lauren: I am so sorry for you and your family. I hope that you will be ok, and your dad, mom and sister too. If you need to talk, I hope that you will open up to your virtual sisters/herdmates!

  33. Oh thanks Horsecrazzz! That means a lot to me. Seriously, you people are like my horse sisters! And LeadMare, your like my horse mother! I appriciate it very much, I cried many times but I know in my heart K.D. is telling me “don’t worry, everything will be ok.” I miss her soooooo much, even more so!

  34. R u there, Horsecrazzz? You haven’t responded in a while. That’s okay! LeadMare, I want to thank you for working so hard for us horse gals, I am thanking you because we are almost halfway through the year! This blog is so great and it lets me refresh myself and get something sad out of me. I’m sure everyone can simpathize with me for Angel, the horse at my horse barn (I might be switching barns though) and K.D, a dog my family and I have had for a long time! Bye everybody, I’m going to go trot to the greener side of the pasture! :)

    Luv, Lo (That’s my nickname, yall can start calling me that if you’d like.)

  35. Lauren, that’s very thoughtful. The thanks go to Horzecrazzz for creating this blog to remember the animals who have touched our lives. I’m glad you feel better having expressed your sadness, and no doubt you will be a good support for others who need to release something sad.

  36. Lauren: Sorry I haven’t responded for a while! I really am glad that I made you feel better with this blog! That’s the only reason I want to write blogs, to make people feel good (and I like to write!)! Well, I hope that everyone is feeling ok lately. I haven’t seen any new posts about animals, or people so I hope that means that every thing is well with my virtual family!
    Love you all!

    (sorry if that makes you feel weird!)

  37. I know its late but…..
    To Spook the most beautiful, kind (extremly spooky) roping horse a girl could ask for.Once that steer came out of the shute you were all bisness.
    You were the ladies boy always calm around girls but shy to men (like me!) I’m sorry we did’nt take you away sooner from that horrable person who beat you! i can still hear the horrible crack your leg made when it broke in the steer pen(I’m not making ANY of this up!).I’ve been so afraid to rope since then. I wish sister and I could have loved you longer!!
    I hope you galloping stongly all over heaven and no longer fear any thing now that your in His care.

    Love you and miss you!

  38. in loving memory of charlotte purdy .

    a horse lover to her last day rest in peace charlotte xxx she was much loved and is sadly missed 30/9/08- she wa 12 years old xxxxxx

  39. FINLEY- the MOST beutiful chunky cob colt, he would have been the most amazing show cob, anyway, he died at 11 months of worm damage, it wasnt out fault, by the time we got him it was too late. he died in no pain REST IN PEACE BEAUTIFUL LITTLE BOY !!!!! XXXXXXXXXXXX

  40. To Duque- The best and most loyal dog of all. You always made me feel better. I haven’t thought about youin a while, but I still miss you. You were the best. I know I will see you in heaven someday. To all the girls who have lost a beloved pet- My heart goes out to you. I was only seven when my dog Duque died.

  41. all the horses,catsands are in a beter place.

  42. To all the horse that have died by slaughter. Everyone will miss you. We will do our best to stop slaughter, so your friends can live on.


  43. To my litle brothers newt, Harrold the 1st, may he rest ever more in swamp water with his little snail-friends.

    Mustang23~ I am indeed sorry for your loss. Its so hard to lose a fur- friend, I know. Even if it has been awile.

    Christy~ I agree! Horse slaughter is a barbarous thing to resort too.

  44. A tribute to Eleanor, Anne, Elisabeth and Penny.
    Eleanor Anne and Elisabeth were the nicest rats in the world the were soooo cute and cuddly and I could go to them when I was sad. They also made me laugh sooo much. I love them and miss them.
    Penny was my mum’s cat and she was soo lovely, she died 5 years ago now but still miss her and love her sooo much.


  45. To Dasher: You were the sweetest cat I have ever had. I remember waking up to your cute black face on top of mine. I’ll always remember you. I love you.

    To Blondie: You were such a cutie. I hope you are in peace. I think of you as the “KFC cat”. Because you loved chicken. Love you too.

    To Star: A horse I will never forget. He retired a few years ago. Star was the first horse I ever rode on. Miss you.


  46. Salina: I am so sorry about you losing your roping horse. It is always painful to lose something you love.

    ponygurl maddy: I am so sorry to hear that you have lost your friend. You will be in my prayers. I am also sorry to hear about your horse.

    mustang23: You will be in my prayers also. Losing a dog that was like your best friend is definatly a hard experience

    lee ana: You are right. This blog is just to make people who ahve lost pets feel better.

    Christy: So glad you posted that. I agree, stopping horse slaughter is an important issue.

    Salina(again): Sorry to hear of your little bro’s newt. Let him know that the horse girls of the world are sad wih him.

    Ziggy Rider: I was very sad to read that you have had to deal with the loss of more than one beloved pet recently. Hope you are doing well.

    mustangmane: I too have felt the pain of a horse I love retiring. I hope you are dealing. Losing cats is hard too. I remember mine was eaten by a bobcat. Hope you are ok.

    To Anyone I missed: I am praying for all of my horse family. May you all be safe, and grieve.

  47. to my beloved dog
    i will never stop loveing you sweetheat

  48. lee anna: sorry to hear about your dog. But it is great that you still love her. Someday, you will get to see her again..

  49. In memory of my brothers Shetland Sheepdog, Little Bear.
    *We will always love you!!!*

  50. Barrelzzz: Sorry to hear about your little bro’s sheep dog. It is always so hard to deal with te pain your self, but watching someone else go through it is just as bad.

  51. To Santanna: You never spooked, you were always steady, even though I was a little girl while you were here, you were never annoyed with me, you were a sweet horse. I LOVE YOU SO MUCH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  52. Macey:I’m sorry to hear that your horse has passed away. That’s always hard. It’s great that you have happy memories about him/her though.

  53. Dear Honey,
    You are still missed, even if it has been 4 years since you’ve been gone, all those who come to riding stables, wish they knew you, and im glad to be one of the people who did know you. at least you get peace and quiet now. :) i hope you have a nice time in heaven, i know thats where you’ve gone.

  54. Thanks Horsecrazzz, it means alot

  55. Horsecrazzz, you never told me about your nephew. I am so sorry.

  56. MissHoney: Its never to late to be sad. Whether it happened four days ago or yesterday, it will always hurt, just as time goes on the pain stops being so bad. I’m glad for you that you got to know a horse that sounds so sweet. Hope Your doing well.

    Macey: I’m glad that my comment means something to you. Sometimes I wonder if my comments mean anything at all because I am just a random girl that none of you really know. But if it is helping at least one of you, I will continue.

    abigailluvvr: I must have forgot to mention it. It happened a while ago, and my cousin is once again pregnant, hopefully she won’t lose it this time. Thank you for your support.

  57. Horsecrazzz: To some people your comments mean the world in their time of trouble. We don’t have to know you face-to-face to see that you have a great heart and realy care.<:’)
    I am deeply sorry for the loss of your nephew. Tell your cousin congrats and that all of us at GHC will be praying for her and the new baby!

    Keep writing!! ~Salina

  58. To My (Most Recent) Neice/Nephew
    MY cousin, her little bro and her husband got in a really bad car accident
    and she lost the baby again..
    thank god no one else got hurt
    i feel so horrible for her, she is devistated

    thank you all for your prayers, now if you will only pray that she
    gets through this on her feet
    thank you

    Salina: Thank you, your words lifted me up after i heard the lastest news…You are all such great friends, and I have come to depend on all of you for support when I need it most..

    Love you all,

  59. Also to Molly, Oldest dog I ever new, and to my hamsters, Mucci, Ginger, Skippy, Chino, Also horsecrazzz sorry about your niece/nephew.

  60. Oh Horsecrazzz I am so sorry!!
    All this reminds me of a litle saying, I’ll some it up as best I can…
    “When babys die before their time we ask ourselves ‘Why?’
    It all seems crule and unfair, but comfort can be found the fact that perhaps God took the child so soon because then it would not have to face this world of greif and pain.”
    Hope this helps!
    Give my condolences to your cousin’s family .

  61. Macey: Sorry to hear about Molly. It’s too bad that you had to lose her, but hopefully you find comfort in the fact that she lived a long and happy life. As for your hampsters, I am sorry to hear that you have had to lose so many. I know how painful it is to lose pets, and I hope you are doing well.

    Salina: Thanks so much for the saying, it does help very much. Don’t be sorry, your saying is probably right. I will give your prayers to them though. Thanks to everyone for your support. Hope all of you are dealing with your losses okay. Just remeber that I am always here.

  62. Horsecrazzz: I know sometimes it’s hard, but she’ll get thru. You have my prayers.

  63. Dear Buck,

    I know this is late. I know this is long overdue.

    I know I don’t even remeber the date when you died. I only saw you twice, but boy, You where amazing. You where so patient; I’d never ridden a horse before you, much less bareback. But you didn’t care. You patiently walked circles around that barn with me on you’re back.

    I was the happiest kid in the world that day. I think you could feel it.

    The first horse I ever rode was a mustang.

    I remeber when I found out how you died, and when. I was in shock that day. Killed by another horse, so much bigger than you. He was new. You and Duke had been together forever, but this new horse came in and changed everything.

    You where an amazing horse. I remeber you would go out to Mossaiac and let those disabled kids ride you. You must have been the best therapy horse in the world.

    I don’t think I will ever be able to visit Duke agian. The neighbor who knew you’re owner isn’t dating him anymore — I don’t even know how if Duke has a new pasture-mate yet.

    But I will never forget you. You where just to amazing.


  64. Mustang23~Thank you very much for your support. Kate is doing much better, she has always handled stress quite well. She was glad to hear of everyone’s prayers.

    Mustang_Heart~As I have said in above condolences, it is never to late to grieve or cry, and never to late to say I love you. I hope that you will get over the shock, and feel better. I know exactly how you feel, and it is a hard emotion to get over. You have my prayers.

  65. In loving memory of Jane, who taught me a lesson or two.
    I still can’t believe all the good times, my antics, and your previous pain.
    But I know you live on, in a beautiful meadow with a spring of pure water and the
    arthritis is gone, and you can once again fly over fields of fresh, green grass. I love
    you, Jane, and my heart wishes for a time when we can be together again.

  66. In loving memory of Hopper and Sweetie Pie.

  67. Hopper was my bunny and Sweetie Pie was my cousin’s horse.

  68. To Hanibal
    You always made us smile.

  69. My lovely horse Mandy!!!

    When I was forced to stop riding I left her behind only to find out year’s later she died of colic a week after I left. She was the stables horse and althought i knew she was sick I didn’t know what with. I would never have left her if I had known it was that sirious and I know you’ll be waiting for me when i die. because a heaven without horse isnt heaven!!!

    I love you and alway’s will, I still keep your photoe on my wall and the part of your maine in the buterfly box you found for me. I’ll alway’s remember you!!!

  70. My darling rabity Sophie and Rosie

    I loved you and still do, I carry the skar’s you gave me with pride that it was you who gave me them. I just wish you had been able to hang on untill I got home from the holiday, I birst out crying when I found out, I love you and although you gave me 15 nasty scar’s where you bite me and scrached me I still love and re-member you!!!

  71. Hey all — I was IluvnmissmybabyBensonsomuch! but I’ve changed my name now.

    Also, sorry to all those that have lost a loved one. It’s hard, but we have to see through the heartbreak to understand that the future can be brighter, if we allow ourselves to see that. We just need to draw on the strength of our family members and friends to find hope and comfort for the future ahead.

    To my beautiful tabby cat, Leila — thank you for all the memories you’ve left us with. I could always count on you to allow me to cuddle you, even when I was young and didn’t know not to pull on your tail! I miss those times when we sat by the fire; I still remember how you would keep nudging me after I stroked you, even though my arm was about to drop off! I’m sorry we weren’t with you when you decided to find a resting place far away from the house XxXx

    To all four guinea-pigs I owned — Snuffles, Tubs, Patch and Cleo; I’m sorry. I miss you all. Suffles; I miss the way you seemed to look so evil with your red eyes. You were as sweet as honey.

    Tubs; I still remember every time I tried to bring you in from the run. You’d wait until the last second then run away. They were the good times.
    Patch; I miss the way you seemed to ‘pur’ whenever I combed you. I miss your squeaking as well — Papa commented on how quiet it is now that you’re not there to wish him a good morning. (I think he secretly misses those conversations you had every day, even if he doesn’t admit it.)
    Cleo; Ah, I miss the way you stand on your back legs with your front paws holding onto the wire for support to wish me good morning. I still think you’re the coolest guinea-pig ever — you’re the only guinea-pig I know who had an amazing Elvis Presley looking-quiff! Sport it with pride! XxXx

    To Jasmine — even though I didn’t know you that well, you were as sweet as honey too. Everyone at Jacks Riding Stables missed you after your death. You were the oldest horse there and you faithfully served the stables for such a long time. RIP XxXx

    This horse didn’t die, but I had to leave him behind…

    To Benson — words can’t express how much I miss you. Even though I was scared stiff of you because of your height, you turned out to be the best horse I’ve ever ridden. You gave me the confidence to canter after that fall I had. I could always count on you to be there whenever I’d had a bad lesson or was having a bad week in general. Your huge presence filled the stable and my heart. I now have a hole there, because I miss you so much. I just hope and keep my fingers crossed that your new owner treats you well, and I hope that they remember to scratch your face for you after a ride — you always enjoyed that. I love you now and forever — I hope I can track you down one day, just to find out how you’re doing. And when I find you, I promise we’ll go out for that long hack in the woods that I promised but never fulfilled XxXx

  72. To Cinnamon:

    You, my loyal friend, were a suprise to me and everyone I knew. but I loved you with every piece of my now broken heart. You were young and I thought I could be with you forever. Now those dreams have ended and all I have left are the memorys that we shared. I wish you were still here with me.

    To Everyone who has lost a friend:

    Focus on the good memorys. Times will pass and the hurt will ease. But never completely leave. My heart goes out to all of you.

  73. To April-

    You were the star of the barn, whom everyone loved. Your coat was like love, all shiny and soft. There was many close calls before you gave birth. But then one night, there was that call. We went out to check you in your stall. The poor little colt looked just like you. We tried to revive him, but what could we do? They should have called the vet as you kept going down. But they waited instead, thinking it would be alright. But then came the day that you could not get up again. The vet finally came, and felt another head! It was a twin, oh that tortorous and rare thing. You were in pain, but I will see you in Heaven again.

  74. I hope nobody has to go through as much pain as I did when first the colt (Wonder) and then April passes away.

  75. This is for my horse loving sister Annabelle who sadly passed away last week, as you may be able to see she put her fafrate horse Mandy and 2 rabit’s sophie and Rosie on here. She died of cancer and the night after she won her first proper show and came first in the showjumpuing. I miss her lot’s even though we used to fight. I was just going through her computer and found an e-mail saying that she had just brought a horse. When I tould my perant’s they couldn’t belive what she had done behind there back’s but we now have 2 horses Didi her shetland pony and Finn a cross sontory horse who we thought to be the riding school’s. She loved horses and I will never forget her. She alway’s used to tell me that our lives were like a book, each day is a new chapter, each thing we do is a word, when we die our book end’s but then we will start a new one. a poep she re-memured of by heart was:

    “Pure is the white pony
    who lies in the empty valley
    with a bandle of fresh hay
    he is like a piece of gold or jade!
    Oh, do not be like Gold or Jade!
    Do not go far from my heart!”

    she loved it and I will alway’s keep the copy she wrote for me near me. Every moment and every day and second she is gone I fell even more alone. I have noone to play with on the tramapleen or tease or fight with. it was her 14th birthday next week and she didn’t even get to open her present’. Her room feel’s empty and all the horses in the poster’s seem to look down at me as if asking why I am her and not her. The glass eye’s of her china dool’s remind me of her’s as she lay there, dead. She died as we were coming home, stearing out the windo crying. She had given me a sad smile when i had talked to her a few minet’s before. As if she new she was about to die. She will alway’s be remembured. She even asked to be buried in a filed where there were a lot of horses at her stbles, she has been, under the willo tree in the bigest fild at the top of the hill.We planted her roses hse grew and the bluebell’s to, she loved blue bells more than any flower. And she was buried in her riding clothe’s, helmet, crop, glover, and boot’s. Everything.

    I will miss her and will alway’s love her. When she wrote on her she new that time was short and i know she wanted to give everlasting memories of her fafraet pet’s and animal friends to the world.

  76. This is to the Horses who are being slaughtered for no reason
    Maybe you once had a little girl,
    Maybe never,
    But you deserved to be loved,
    I wish i could hold your head and hug you tight,
    Tell you every little things gonna be all right,
    Baby I love love love you…

  77. Mikey:
    That is very sad about your sister. i know how it feels to lose I member of the family. My mom (who also LOVED horses) died when I was eight. I will be praying for your loss

  78. I agree with Ginger. Horse slaughter is wrong. People should repect the natural beauty that surrounds people all over the world. They are NOT just another animal! They are, to me, the eighth wonder of the world!
    To everybody who has lost a friend, I pray for your loss and that your heart will soon heal.

  79. To my cousins horse Skipper.

    Although I never met him, I know he was a great horse. I was going to visit my cousin someday and ride him. He died before I got the chance.

    Skipper died in a freak accident. He had a heart attack while going over a jump. His rider was injured (she’s okay), and he died. Hard to believe, but its true.