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A Prophecy is Born

Published by • Mar 13th, 2015 • Category: Featured Blog

Unicorn Pegasus
by WhinnyLove, age 11

Far away
Over hill and dale
A prophecy is born

With silver wings
Silver hooves
And a shining silver horn

With a coat so white
And so clean
Nothing could be as fresh as it

With grace and beauty
and wind and fire
With water to quench
And a heart to desire

From he the horses were born throughout
And he still lurks all about
Rearing and calling
To his creations below

Galloping across a meadow of clouds
Spreading his giant wings
He gives a great flap
And flies to the heavens

No wings are grown in his kin nor offspring
But they have the same spirit
No matter who is the king

No rulers they have
No king to enslave
No worries at all
No one to take them

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  1. It was truly magical!

  2. Wow! Sooo beautiful and magical!

  3. Thanks! I really don’t deserve this! Truly! :)

  4. Oh yes you do. This is wonderful! Even I could not think of something that pretty!

  5. cool