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A Summer of Waiting

Published by • Sep 25th, 2010 • Category: Summer of Horse Dreams Roundup

by catscowgirl, age 16

Hi. This is the story of when my family and I were waiting for our two mares to foal.

My family just started breeding Quarter Horses and we bred our stallion, Cinch, to two of our mares — Rip, a big buckskin, and Ghost, a rose gray.

The first one that was due was Rip. We thought she was going to have her foal sometime in July so we started checking on the horses several times a day. One day we would think that she was going to have it; the next day, no foal. This went on for a long time, then one day about 6:00 in the evening we went out to check the horses for the night. We saw Rip a little ways off to herself. At first I thought maybe, then I thought oh, it’s probably nothing.

My dad and I got out of the pickup. He went to look at Rip and I went to look at Ghost because she was getting closer to foaling. I was halfway to Ghost when I heard my mom say something. She said she thought that dad had found something, so I went over slowly, and I saw a little bay foal lying on the ground looking at me.

I looked at Rip, then looked back at the foal. I motioned to my mom to come over. When she did, the foal started to get up. She fell, then tried again and fell again, then she got up on four shaky legs. Rip nickered. The foal looked at her, then started towards her. When she got to her mom, she started eating.

Looking away, I asked my dad if it was a colt or a filly. I think that it’s a filly. She was so cute — bright bay and she had her father’s sock on her right hind leg.

Then Rip started walking away, her baby following. The other horses saw the baby and nickered and started following Rip. She kept going, trying to keep them away from her baby. We watched them for awhile to make sure that the other horses didn’t do something stupid, then we left.

We were all still pretty surprised when we got back to the house because most of the mares always foal at night, and dad said we just missed her being born. We started talking about what color the baby might change into because her mommy was a buckskin and her daddy was a grullo roan. Dad thought she would maybe roan out and be a bay roan, and my mom thought that she would turn into a grulla. I thought she would lighten up to be a buckskin.

During the next few days, the baby was doing great and we were trying to think of names for her. My dad finally came up with Swish because of the way her tail is always going. So we named her Swish. And right now as I am writing, she is starting change color. She is turning darker, but we won’t know her true color until after her first shedding.

* * * * *

After Swish was born we started to watch Ghost more because she was getting closer to when we thought she would be due. It was the same as with Rip — one day we thought she was going to have her baby, and the next day nothing. Then one day I woke up and my dad was telling my mom that Ghost had had her baby.

When I heard that I started putting on my boots, and my mom and I went out to look at the new baby. We saw both of them and the new baby was, well, I guess the color you would call him was a dark brown. It was a colt and he had his father’s sock on his hind right foot (just like his half sister) and he was lying down. He was really cute! Finally me and mom decided to leave them alone. We went back to the house and talked about him.

After a few days, my dad started calling him A Sparky Boy, and as I am writing he is starting to change colors. He is lightening up, but like I said we won’t know their true colors until their first shedding.

* * * * *

I feel the need to tell you more about the foals and their parents. Their father Cinch is a 15 hand horse with a smaller chest and big hip. He has a left hind sock and he is a dark grullo roan.

Rip, the mother of Swish, is big mare. She is 15 hands or more and has a big chest and a big hip. She would make a good barrel or rope horse, but unfortunately she’s been (as my dad calls it) cowboyed at. When we got her at the horse sale, she had only three shoes and had a scar on her knee, and she would not let us come near her so we just waited to let the shoes fall off and earn her trust. The shoes fell off and now she will let us come up to her and pet her, or she will come up to us for treats. Her baby has a big hip on her, even as a foal, and she will probably be a big mare.

Now ghost is a smaller boned mare and she has the prettiest trot you will ever see. She looks like a pace horse and she is such a pretty gray, but like Rip she has been cowboyed at and she would not let us come near her for a long time. But we earned her trust and she will now let us lead her around and pet her. Her foal is smaller boned then his half sister, but he has such a pretty little head and we hope that he will be smooth, just like his mama.

Well that’s the story of how I learned you have to be patient when you’re waiting for mares to foal.

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  1. Great story catscowgirl! You’re a lucky girl to be surrounded by horses.

  2. champion little ditty. I loved it. Personal memories will always stick with us throughout our lives! =)


  3. Thank you Leadmare I am a very lucky girl to be surrounded by our horses. and thank you to Horsefeathers I’m glad you both liked it.

  4. Wow!It would be so cool to have two foals to look after.~LD