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Ask GHC: A Mother’s Intuition

Published by • Apr 9th, 2009 • Category: Ask Girls Horse Club

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Hey y’all, if you’ve read my recent blog For the Love of New Life, you know we have a couple of new quarter horse foals and colts at the stable. Now I know the mares are instinctively protective, but sometimes when the nipping and laid back ears can get annoying. Any hints or suggestions to cope with the mare mothers and show them that people mean her baby no harm?

submitted by HorseFeathers, age 16

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  1. Well, perhpas you could earn the mother’s trust by giving them treats, talking to them, grooming them, being slow and careful when around them. Be sure that you don’t make any sudden moves and try to act like you didn’t even notice they had a foal. Once they become more trustworthy around you then try to pet their foal or something and see if they react. Remember to move slowly and continue talking soothingly to them. That’s just my guess. I haven’t been aorund horses much but I have read a lot of books so this might help.

  2. You could try going up to the mare first and rubbing her and have the foal come to you. She might be feel a little less threatened…..I’ve got some mare and foal info books I can look into…Be back later!

  3. yeah, the basic idea is make the mare comfortable around you.

  4. I think all mothers of every species can be too protective, whether it’s nipping and biting or not accepting that your child does wrong. If no one is harmed and this doesn’t stop important activities, my advice would be to wait it out. I hope this helps!

  5. Dear HorseFeathers,

    I had a colt last year and his mommy was like that. Kind of over protective? Well this is what I did. First, before I even touched the colt, I lead around the mom. Then, I wait until the foal comes to me. This usually helps. Good luck with all of your foals!


  6. Thanks y’all! Your advice really means a lot to me. yeah i know from the past that patience really pays off. Eastern Cowgirl… really? what breed was the colt? =0)

  7. The colt was a paint. Ufortunately he passed away on Feb. 21, 2008. I was so sad. But I know that he lives on in Heaven and is waiting for me. I miss him so much.


  8. First, the mare needs to trust you 100% , Wait ’til the mare’s foal gets a little older. Try to get the mare in a saperate stall. Then, patt or clean ect, the foal. Show the mare you mean no harm. My friend tried this once, and it worked!

    I hope this helps.