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Ask GHC: Guilt and Sorrow

Published by • Apr 17th, 2009 • Category: Ask Girls Horse Club

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I haven’t been riding for at least a few months. I can’t volunteer during the week or weekends — I’m too young. I feel so guilty for keeping myself away from the creatures I love so much for so long. I cry sometimes, wishing there was an opening. :( Somewhere. Somehow. Does anyone have any ideas? It would help me a lot…

submitted by mustangmane, age 10

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  1. Mustangmane i have emailed back and forth with Mrs. Farley for several months now….one thing she told me that i will never forget. “Your Heart is with the horses”. I know it must seem hard but trust me you have future years with horses.. when your 16 (like me) you wish you had those younger years with horses. By little bro is 10 to =0) He loves dogs and ever since ours died he had been pretty down. He draws them, read about them sometimes and plays with our neighbour’s dog. I think it helps to draw them, read about them, and watch them on videos. My personal favorite is “flicka” I cried when I watched it. Oh and i don’t know the conditions where you live but i would make a flyer that says you are looking for a stable job and post it at the fair grounds (people keep horses there), or at a place where people keep a bulitan board. If you do that make sure to put a phone number! =0) I know that in my town the radio tells of jobs wanted and people who are looking for a certain job.. you could say something on their perhaps. Or get on contact with your local vet! Im sure they know of people who own horses and might want your help.. you just have to always be alert (like the horses) because you never know what might pop up!

  2. I’ve never actually volutered at the vet, but my friend said that when she did volunteer at the vet and requested horses, she got to work around them and give them shots and do othe things. If you go to an open horse stables and just hang around if the people are nice enough they will definently give you something to do. Atleast that’s the way it is at my stables. :)

  3. Thanks a lot HorseFeathers! I’ll do my best.

  4. Do you have enough room for a horse at your place? If so you could foster one for your local humane society until they can get it adopted; they are always looking for all kinds of help so you might give them a call even if you don’t have room to foster.
    You should ask you parents for advice too, and if your family can afford to foster a horse. I know with the economy as it is you might not be able to.
    Although it may seem like no one wants to hire a 10 year old HorseGirl, prove to them you are sincere and willing to work hard and not just another girl for the moment dazzled by the horse world.
    You can do it!

  5. Don’t worry, have some fun! Go online play some horse games, watch horse shows and horse movies, read some horse books, research some breeds… Who knows maybe something will come up!

  6. There’s no such thing as feeling guilty for not physically being around horses. Many horse lovers do not have access to a stable. As long as you love them, that’s what matters most. There are lots of things you can do which is involved with horses. You could learn about them from books and the internet in preparation for the time when you will either ride or work with horses again. What I find amazing about GHC is that it offers me a chance and inspiration to write about horses and give my dreams a touch of reality. Writing horse stories, blogs and poems help create the exciting, horsey adventures I’m not able to experience.

    Hope this helps, something will work out :)

  7. Do not give up in looking for a stable! Look in the phonebook, online, or at the feed store or fairgrounds like HorseFeathers said. Also, you could look for a place that you can help with horses and people. I helped at a place before we moved for a year. It was called Equine Therapy Center. Hope you can find somewhere soon!

  8. HorseFeathers- Thanks so much!

    my horse and me- I think I will definitely do what you said, along with a few other things. Thanks!

    I’maCowgirl- Unfortunately, I do not have much room at my place. But I think I’ll browse on the Internet about stables nearby, and look into it more deeply. :)

    WesternMare- Thank you for being so supportive!

    Madelaina- You always seem to comfort me so much. Thank you, and I promise to DEFINITELY do the things you listed. :)

    EVERYONE, thank you so much for your support and help. I really appreciate it, and I repeat, I will do most of the things everyone gave. GHC really is a place where I can share my thoughts, feelings, and much more. LeadMare is the best leader for GHC, and for me.

    I thank everyone AGAIN!

  9. Oh mustangmane, you made me smile! I’m happy I was supportive to you. I went through the same thing two years ago. Last year I re-started my lessons, and I hope you do too! Remember, you will find that light thats hidding, you will find a solution, but for now, just have fun, and don’t worry, everyone at GHC is searching for solutions, a horse girl needs to help the other horse lovers. As horse lovers always stick together!

  10. Mustangmane, I know how you feel. And I know that sometimes you have to do non-horse related work to get to horses. Brainstorm ways for you to make money. One day, selling lemonade with friends, after just one afternoone, we made twenty seven dollars. And every bit of money you make brings you closer to your dream. I’ve done all sorts of things to make horse money, and most of these things didn’t relate to horses. I would baby-sit, or be a ‘mother’s helper’ where you learn to baby-sit while the mother is still at home, I’ve taken care of goats (Dangerous stuff!) dogs (got bit once), chicken (and once while I was chick-sitting a chick got torn apart by a weasel. AHHH!), chinchillas, plants (These are the easiest to take care of!) and all sorts of things. I’ve even done house-sitting while people are away, where I get their mail and such. Every bit of money made brings you closer to horses. And do you have any friends that own horses? This was a great way for me to get involved. I found friends who would take me along for horsey activities. And always be ready for an oppurunity. It’s easy to feel guilty, but you can’t feel guilty. Just try your hardest. Keep working towards your dreams, and it will all work out.

  11. I haven’t been with horses for a few months either.