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Ask GHC: Horse Work?

Published by • Jul 25th, 2009 • Category: Ask Girls Horse Club

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For all my life I lived a comfortable lifestyle, being able to afford most things. But then the economy changed, my dad lost his job, and now it’s hard to even afford the regular lessons, but my mom manages and I really appreciate her for doing that for me even though she may have to work extra hours sometimes.

Even though the summer is already halfway through, my mom is paying many expenses due to the fact I’m going to a new school next year, which is much more advanced than my old one. Evident to the case, my mom has to pay about $1,000 a month just for tutoring, then about that same amount for tuition.

I really want to spend more time around the stable, and I really want to half lease a school horse, but I don’t want to ask my mom for the money because I know how tough of a time she has keeping up with all of the expenses.

So what I’m asking all of you is how can I make some money? I know that seems like an obviously answered question, but because of the following things it’s not:

  • I never took a babysitting course, so that’s out
  • I live in a very small neighborhood, only 6 houses with no other kids
  • I have alright braids, but not good enough to sell braiding services

I would really like to have a horse related job, so if you have any ideas, please let me know.

submitted by Michelle, age 12

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  1. Well, for non-horsey odd jobs, you could do the usual: mow lawns, garden work, some sort of cleaning service, ect. If there are older people in your neighborhood, they would probably appreciate having someone do that for them.
    -Pet sit. Look after a neighbor’s dog or cat when they go away. A bit of parental support would probably be necessary on this one.
    -Dog walking.

    For horse jobs:
    If your barn does dressage, and you ride it – be a dressage test reader! Most people are more than happy to pay a few bucks for a good, loud reader. You could rake in quite a bit if you go to a show just to be a reader. (It helps to be a dressage rider yourself, so you know how the pacing goes, and when to call out the next part.)
    -Mucking out stalls. Fairly dirty job, but it usually pays well.

    There’s probably way more, and I’m sure others will say more, but that’s my two cents. :)

  2. Michelle, you could always offer to clean tack for people around the barn. Put up a sign and for a few dollars polish a saddle or something.

    If there are older horse’s that can’t be ridden–you could offer to walk/longe/groom them for their respective owners in exchange for a little cash.

    Stalls! You can always offer to muck stalls in exchange for money or sometimes you can even make a deal to lease a horse if you do enough barn chores. You can at mine anyway.

    Offer to wash cars– cars that come in and out of the barn are usually muddy and gross. xD

    That’s all I got, and you could always get permission to put up a sign listing the jobs you will do for people in exchange for some cash.

    Good luck!

  3. Where do you live? You said 6 houses but that could be anywhere. Nevada,Montana,Wyoming…even Wisconsin. I live in Wisconsin. It may be a small town…not saying. But it’s full of farmers who want me as a milker because of 2 things.

    1.I’m not afraid of big animals. Horses or cows.

    2.I don’t care how I look or smell.

    I would never milk. My dad did as a boy and taking a shower 2 times a day is not me. Plus I could only do a full-time job like that in the summer. So school must be a important part of your discion. How ’bout a dog walker ,if you have the engery for them. Not good dosn’t have horses.

    Okay here’s what I’d realy do. Make a list of all the horsey people I know.
    The guy with the 2 Belgians. 4 miles?
    Cheslock.5 horses. A trainer. 1 mile.
    Horse stables. Tons of horses. 20 miles?

    Looking at my list I think “20 miles. Can’t ride my bike there. They probably wouldn’t hire a kid like me. I don’t want to bother my parents with the driving. Schedule wouldn’t be very flexible.OUT. 4 miles. Not many horses and he probably dosn’t need my help. We really only meet him once even though we see him all the time.OUT. 1 mile. good biking distance. Probably needs help. Knows me so I’d be more likely to not seem kiddish. Trains horses which is a goal of mine. My parents trust him and his wife. YES.

    This is my situation. I didn’t make this up. If I knew your area I could help more. So untill I do my suggestion is make a list. What I’d help with is cleaning stalls and exercising horses.

    I’m sorry if I sound self-centered while I’m trying to help. I’m just not good at giving advice without an example.

  4. Well i had the same problem as you awhile back. I was devestated without horses. Then i started asking around… I’m good friends with the local vet and I asked him to put up a sign in the office that said “Wanted Stable Job” and left a number there. You might try putting adds like that up. Or if you can afford it put an add in the newspaper. It might be good to start a volunteer job first so you know how to do the tasks they requrie. Like starting out as a groomer or a stall mucker outer lol. Its what i do but i get to be with horses. =0) Trust me they will always look more for experience besides just a love for horses. So volunteering first migth be a good idea. Ask around… thats basicaly what you have to do if you live in a small community. Have fun with it and good luck


  5. Maybe you could work at your riding center to make some money. You’ll be around horses and at the same time you’ll make some money.

  6. I know at my my stable you can work (exercise horses, since when is riding work?!) instead of paying for lessons. Try to arrange something like that and ask your mom if she will use the money you used to spend for lessons on the half-lease. You can also be a show groomer, even if you don’t braid. With that job, you get to spend time with horses, go to shows, and get paid!

  7. Oh, I forgot to add this! I have never taken a babysitting course but I babysit kids who live close to me. If the parents know you and trust you, you probably will be able to babysit despite not taking that course. The going rate where I live is $7.50 an hour, so it can make good money!

  8. Thank you all! I ride at a riding center and I think that I’d be a good groomer… Or any of those jobs! Thank you for helping and if all works out I’ll be able to half lease the best horse ever!

  9. I also have a friend she hasn’t taken a babysitting course. But she babysits for so many people in her neighborhood and earns 10 dollars per hour. How about you try asking and see if anybody is interested in a babysiter? Maybe you’ll get lucky.

  10. I’ll try all that. Thank you all! :) There is actually two little kids in my neighborhood, but their mom doesn’t work so she’s with them all the time. :P I doubt they need a babysitter but I’ll ask.

  11. ok to be able to work at your barn if you can maybe talk to whoever owns it and see if you might be able to cool out horses groom or if your up to it some people might pay you to clean stalls or if your barn has tack that people can use see if they can pay you to clean it. if you are an experienced rider there might be horses needing to be worked. if you can make any thing amazing try setting up a stnd and sell what you make. some times if you could just find something like leather items and some leather stamps you could sell those. or if you are an artist maybe draw afew horse pics and (if you know the people you live around) go door to door tring to sell those. i hope i gave you some idias and i hope you can get the money. i would ask the kids mom. she might like to have some time to herself. i will pray for your family to be ok and you to own half your horse. :D