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Published by • Mar 27th, 2009 • Category: Ask Girls Horse Club

Ask Girls Horse Club

Hey Junior Bloggers!

I was just thinking how great it would be if all of us at GHC knew more about the Junior Bloggers, such as whether you live in the country, the city, or a small town, if you get to ride horses on a regular basis, if you take riding lessons or if you were practically born in the saddle, and if you prefer English or Western.

I’m sure a lot of the other girls out there want to know too. Please consider what I’ve requested.


freeasthewind, age 14

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  1. Alrighty…. here is a bit of information on me. I live in Ohio in the good ol’ USA. I have always had a passion for horses since i knew what the animal was. My family thought i would grow out of it but i have not. I have not lived around horses my whole life but i really enjoy horse life on a Quarter Horse Farm were I work. I live in the woods and i love to go hiking on small trails. I prefer Western because basicaly i love the saddle form. An english saddle though is created so the rider has better contact with the horse… closer to them. I think i would like to try it someday. I live in a country part of Ohio… the city i live in though is pretty small you might say almost “Mayberry” small. I don’t get to ride on a regular basis because im mostly doing the grooming, or mucking out stalls. =0) I love it when i do get to though. I am now hopeing in the future to study Equestion vetranarian at a college that is dedicated to this in my state. I love Jesus Christ with all my heart and I am thankful for is gift of horses. Hope this helps y’all

  2. I live in a small town, but I have always dreamed about living in the country- mostly because I would have a chance of getting my own horse! To be around horses, I get to take riding lessons every other week. I like both English and Western, but riding bareback is my favorite way to go! But if I had to choose one saddle to ride in the rest of my life, I would choose an English saddle. They are good for pretty much anything you do riding, Western saddles can’t be used for jumping (I don’t think!) Western saddles are also SO heavy, but they are very comfortable and an enjoyable way to ride. I’m looking forward to learning about the other horse girls on this blog!

  3. I am a total horse nut. I have been riding since I was three, and I prefer to ride western, though I can ride bareback as well. I ride every weekend, and during the week days I work with my family’s horses-Lizzie, Denny, Ginger and Darcy. My horse is Gypsy, the water maniac, she is a black horse with a white star, and snip.

  4. Well, I’m 13 (today!) and I live in the country Berkshire, in England. I ride at a riding school at least twice a month and I go to Own a Pony Days or Camps in the holidays. M favourite pony is called Glory, she’s a cute 13.2hh dapple grey mare who was broken in at our yard. My friend owns her mum, Hope.

  5. Hey,
    I am Ginger, I am home schooled and a christian who loves the Lord. I have a little miniature horse who is the cutest thing ever. I am training my friends welsh pony lady and she is just a piece of love that follows you every where. I work for lessons once a week and ride my friends arab twice a week. I do western, and I am a pretty lucky girl for how much I ride considering I don’t own a horse. I live in a medium town and do swim team (two hours a day) I love swimming and hope to continue to do it and maybe pursue a career in swimming but it could never replace the passion I have for horses. I love writing (obviously) and my goal is to someday publish a book. My goals in life are to make people laugh and cry with my writing, get junior Olympic time cuts this summer, to rescue a horse, and to lead someone to the lord. Oh and to change the world (:

  6. Ok, so, technically I’m not a JB. But I’m alumni. And I get oodles of questions. So here’s the brief bio on the former JB, me. :D

    I began riding when I was eleven, so I’ve been riding about four and a half years. I don’t compete because I don’t have enough money or time. I do take weekly lessons and do a lot of leisure riding. My favorite horse ever is Lucas, a dun Appaloosa gelding. I learned both English Hunt Seat and Western. I prefer western and am currently perfecting my neckreining! (Which is a lot of awesome.) I live in PA, USA in a pretty small city. Maybe 300,000 people? I ride at an Appaloosa show farm (even though I don’t show). I began riding at an AWFUL riding farm (which will one day be a blog because I mention it a lot).

    A lot of people ask me about my writing. All I can say is that I write from my head. My writing is inspired by my favorite authors. I write quickly because I don’t like to leave anything unfinished. I had to “retire” from being a JB because I’m a freshman in high school, and I have all honors courses. I plan to be a writer of some sort. I have already taken 2 Journalism classes and am currently in Honors English.

    Aah! I’m late for my riding lesson! Sorry for this choppy blurb and for crashing on a JB blog. :D


  7. I live in Ohio, too, like HorseFeathers. But I don’t live in the country. i live in the ‘burbs outside Dayton, OH. Unfortunately, due to location, I can’t have a horse, and money’s sort of tight, so I can’t take lessons. I have loved horses since I was seven or so, but for a couple years, I was a total dog person. (I have two big dogs.) My family is thinking when my dogs die (hopefully not for a long, long time), we could get a Great Dane, and they’re about the size of a miniature horse, so there is still hope! LOL! Actually, though, I would love to move out to the country and get some horses. That’s my dream. I am goofy, but I am really serious about horses. They’re so beautiful, and there’s this one book, called Wild Thing, by Dandi Mackall, and in the second paragraph, the author says, “God made heaven and earth and horses, and I wonder why he didn’t stop while he was ahead.” I totally love to read, and the majority of my books are about horses. Well, that’s me! The book lover, the horse lover, and the dog lover. I think God made me a lover. ;D

  8. This sounds so fun! Okay here we go…

    I live in the USA, with my mum and dad. I have one cat named Tuco (too-co).
    I LOVE horses!!
    Lets see I’m smart, not to be bragging or anything. :) I have lots of best friends, and play soccer. I am trying to see horses more often, and take lessons again, but still trying.
    I go to church, and love the Lord. I prefer english riding than western. (No offense to the Southern gals..)

    What else… GHC is like my #1 site to go to, and I love writing poetry.
    I am very tom-boyish, and like climbing trees and getting dirty :)

    Also i play an instrument, the violin.

  9. I think your right. Well, I live in the US in the country, I ride horses about once a week, at lessons. I used to have a horse, but as many of you know, we had to put him down when I was in fourth grade, about 3 or 4 years ago. I would ride him alot, well not exactly ride, my dad would lead me around when i was younger, and by the time I started riding, he was gone. I am passionate about horses, and writing. Peace is something I think this world needs, and I support it every chance I get. Ummm…my favorite color is yellow…and idk what else to say…oh yeah…

  10. I won’t tell you more than I live in the US about where I live, but I will tell you about my riding life.

    I started taking horse lessons when I was six years old. I rode at the same farm for four years when the barn owner suddenly closed it. I was devastated. That was the farm where I had learned the basics of horse care, riding, how to jump, and gone to my first shows with.

    At the farm, the farm hand who worked there had a horse named Sassy. I had been riding her at the farm before it closed. The owner moved the horse to a barn five minutes away from my house. Sassy’s behavior was, well…read my blog, My Summer With Sassy. After Sassy was moved away and sold, I began taking lessons with the trainer who had come to work at the farm that closed at her own horse farm.

    This was where I met all of the horses in my life now. I take lessons on a horse named Po regularly, and I’m going to start riding a horse named Jim sometime soon as well. My trainer says I can ride pretty much any horse at the farm this summer(I’m probably going to find a way to be out there almost every day), and I can even work with her four year old unbroken stallion called Ret! That pretty much sums up my six(almost seven) years of riding.

  11. Hey ya’ll,

    I live in the USA, just outside a town. I have riding lessons on a horse named Drummer (a horse with a BIG heart) next time I’m going to ride a horse named Gea. I am learning English and just started learning to jump! I LOVE it! I would like to live in the country when I grow up. Writing and photography are my passion (besides horses) and I want to own a horse when I grow up. My dream career is.. I don’t know for sure, but maybe an Equestrian vet. (I’m going to do something with horses, that’s as far as I know ) And the most important, Jesus is my dear Saviour!

    ~Pony Princess

  12. Okay, here goes…

    I live in beautiful Sydney, Australia. I’m in my second year of high school and second year of horse riding lessons. I started riding on the Christmas Eve of 2007, and I’m still going strong with one lesson a week. I love every minute of them, but sometimes the weather gets horrible and I have to wait for next time. I’ve never ridden Western before, except the few pony rides where they used Western tack, if that counts. I’m still rooting for English though, mainly because I think it suits what I like more. I wouldn’t mind giving Western riding a try though. I’d also say that I have a hopeless obsession with all animals and love to work with or help them.

    To sum everything up, horses make my otherwise boring life very interesting.

  13. Okay, this seems cool,

    I am 8 years old, turning 9 in April. I live in Canada, Ontario. I have been riding since I was 3 or 4 years old (I think) and have loved horses ever since I knew they existed. Besides riding, I love writing and playing piano. My horse, Gulliver lives at OHTC and I am with him everyday. I get a weekly lesson, and somtimes I get to just ride.

  14. Hey its a champion thing that we have sooo many christians on here! =0) Mustang23! OH my word you live only a couple hours away from me… that’s sooo neat! Have you ever been trail riding in Hoking Hills?? MustangMane, I play the violin and piano! I love fiddling mostly (i play in a sort of group with my mum on the madelin, pastor on the guitar, youth pastor on the banjo, and another friend on the guitar at our church) I am just soo amazed at what the JBs have in common! Thanks for posting this freeasthewind!

  15. I just thought I should put in a little more about my outside of horses life.

    I play soccer, and I love it. But horses come first. I play soccer 4-6 days a week, because I can only get out to ride about once a week during the school year.

    I have several friends, some to keep forever and some that I may need to…let go as we get into high school. I may sound snobby, but some of them are getting into things already (in SIXTH grade) that I want no part of.

    I attend church every week and sing in the choir there. My whole family is pretty much a musical family, and only my dad plays a sport (tennis) other than me. My sister dances, and believe me, I know it is just as difficult as soccer and other sports, but I see it falling into the arts more than the rough competition of soccer. I am also the only one who rides. I wish I could have someone in my family who knows what it feels like to have the wind in your hair, to have that feeling of freedom and peace. But for non horsey people, my family is VERY supportive of my riding. I feel so lucky to have them supporting me every step of the way.

    Well, I guess that’s it for me.

  16. Julia, you will always be a JB in our eyes. :)

    This was a great idea freeasthewind. GHC is about showcasing a diverse group of girls with (at least) one thing in common — our love for horses. We live in various towns across the US and around the globe, and we all have different perspectives and beliefs — some we choose to share and others we consider more personal. It’s wonderful to learn a bit more about what makes our JBs so thoughtful, generous and talented.

    Just a friendly reminder — the ground rules are here to keep our virtual barn safe for horse girls of all ages. I appreciate it when the older girls ‘model’ how the younger girls should be in the online world by not asking about or giving out personal details like the town where you live, your daily activities (like the name of the barn where you ride), etc. If my daughter hung out at GHC, that’s how I would want it to be. Thanks for your cooperation.


    Your Over-Protective LeadMare

  17. Leadmare, I agree with you. That’s why I chose not to give out my town or state or anything, just what I enjoy doing. However, I think its okay to give out your daily activities like play soccer every day, as long as your not TOO specific, like what team you’re on. I am always careful online about what I post, because it can be a dangerous place.

  18. Madelina, oh my word my favortite country besides the U.S. I have always wanted to visit Australia’s Great Barrier Reef. The call wild horses in Australia Brumbies righto? I love it over there and i have a couple of friends that live in bush of your country. =0)

  19. Hey everyone!

    I sure am glad everbody is having a good time.

    Here is a little about myself(since I started this thing I might as well get in on the fun:P).

    I am 14 years old, and I live about 20 minutes from a small hoppin’ college town in the U.S.
    I just started taking english riding lessons and I love it. My dream is to own a riding sable of my own. And maybe even to give lessons on riding. I would also like to get involed in show jumping. I LOVE to jump.
    I also am interested in basketball. And I would love to go to Europe someday.

  20. Oh here is something I forgot to mention.
    I think it’s great that there are so many Christian believers on GHC.
    I myself am a christian, and love the Lord Jesus so much!

  21. Following the example of Stargazer, here’s a little more about me. I’m not very coordinated so sports aren’t my thing! I love to run, though! My family isn’t very musical, but I play piano and oboe. I go to church whenever the doors are open and I can’t wait until I’m better at piano so I can play the keyboard at church. The town in Texas I live in is REALLY small! Everybody knows everyone pretty much! Gotta go help my mom! Bye everyone! I loved learning so much about you!

  22. Ok.. maybe a bit more about my riding life…

    I started riding when I was 6, and got my first fall (actually, it was a throw, but whatever..) when I just turned 10. It wasn’t fun at all. I love to canter, and be riding out in the country areas. My favorite horses I know are Star, Buckwheat, Jazz, and Hawk Eyes <<(weird name, right?) I plan to get a horse of my own when I’m 13. What else… Oh! I play some extra sports too, like soccer and tennis.

    Things I love (these things are NOT in “order”):

    Family & Friends
    My cat :)
    Horses & GHC
    Apples (They’re juicy!)

    SOO many other things, but the list would be too long.

  23. I live in Colorado. I won’t tell you my town because I don’t want any fans knocking on my door. No autographs please! (No, just kidding), I love writing, I love horses, I love stories, dreaming and horse girls. I am a Christian. I used to have a horse named Lightning, but he died just before we lost our house, and now I am working towards his old stable mate, Daisy. I am fourteen years old, I used to barrel race, but I haven’t been on a horse in a long time because I can’t afford it. I have an australian shepherd dog named Sasha and I used to have two bunnies, two ducks, and tons of mentally unstable chickens, but for now it’s just me and Sasha. I love the Chronicles of Narnia books, the Winnie the Horse Gentler books, the old Dragonlance books, and books by Angela Dorsey (A horsey author). I’m from California, but I’m no city girl. I’ve always been a country girl at heart, even if I did spend the first ten years of my life in the city. Does anyone else live in Colorado, or am I the only one in the rocky mountains? Hm… anyhow, enough about me!

  24. I’m not a junior blogger, but i think its cool that you want to know more about them!