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Ask GHC: Preparing For My First Riding Lesson?

Published by • Nov 19th, 2008 • Category: Ask Girls Horse Club, Lend a Hand

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How do I prepare for my first horse riding lesson? I don’t have boots or special pants or anything like that. What will they expect me to do? How can I prepare?

submitted by Allison, age 13

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  1. Allison, as it turns out Madelaina wrote a blog about this very subject — Guide To Your First Riding Lesson. No doubt others will have great advice too.

    Congratulations on convincing your parents to give you lessons!

  2. You can wear jogging bottoms but you will need boots. The riding school will lend you a hat. You will be lead on a calm, experienced pony who will have taught lots of riders the basics. Your instructor will explain everything. Don’t worry, good luck!

  3. Well Allison it all depends on what style you will use English or Western.
    I don’t know very much about English, Western ,however, I know allot of!:)
    If you could specify which one that would help us help you.(I don’t want to go on and on about Western if your not even taking it!:) )

  4. I probably will take mostly Western, but the stable teaches all riders both (I think!)

  5. Well if you do take Western then it’s best to wear jeans a comfortable shirt( like a T-shirt) and of course ‘cowboy’ boots, although your school might rent you some but if you decide to take these lessons long term than it’s best to get your own.
    It is also very importend that you have a nice atitude not only in respect for others but the horses too, they can sense a angry/scared feeling a mile off!
    So realy just be your self, relax, meet new friends and have a blast!
    If you have any more questions about western stuffle we’re here!!:)

  6. Allison: It is so great that you are beginning lessons! I remeber how nervous I was the first time, so I know how you must be feeling. First of all, don’t feel to worried about what they are going to ask you to do. The instructor will explain everything to you once you are there, and I doubt that they will leave your side for even an instant!
    As for what you should wear, you don’t need anything ‘special’ as you put it. You need long pants (Im sure you have some of those laying around?) like jeans or sweats. Just don’t wear anything your afraid to get dirty in. And for the boots, you can buy cowboy(girl) boots, or english style boots, but really, hiking boots with a small heel (NOT HIGH HEELS!!!) will do the job. The heel is to prevent your foot from slipping through the stirrup!
    Have A Great TIME at your lesson!!!
    Be sure to let us know how it works out!!
    We want ALL the details!!