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Ask GHC: To Be or Not To Be

Published by • Jun 30th, 2009 • Category: Ask Girls Horse Club

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Hey y’all ever seen those pictures of abused or misused horses? Well I have and it doesn’t make me happy at all. It’s not something that horse lovers like to talk about but it’s a fact that’s there.

Recently I went to my friend’s house in the country for a visit. We went over the the fairground stables to greet some of the horses and ponies. Several of them looked pretty healthy and an average weight, but some did not. Their heads looked too big for their necks, their hip bones stood out, and you could plainly see their ribs. Now I don’t know for sure if it is because of old age. If not I think these poor creatures could have worms, teeth problems, or be underfed. I’m not sure what I  should do next. Call the animal control, consult the owners, talk to the fair board about their stable boarders? Any advice horse girls?

submitted by HorseFeathers, age 16

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  1. Well, I would inform the owners. If they don’t do anythin’, you could talk to the fair board about their stable boarders. Callin’ animal control would be at the end of the list.

  2. It couldn’t hurt to call animal control, and tell them about the horses. They keep the calls anonymous, so no one will know it was you, and if the horses are just old, then nothing is wrong with making the call, just to be safe. If there actually was something wrong, then you did the right thing.

  3. Horsefeathers,Pray about it.Do whatever you feel god wants you to do.LD

  4. hm.. I encountered a recent situation at my friend’s boarding stable. There was a herd of about 20 horses, and some of them were terribly thin, their hooves were over grown by a mile, and they had worms. The woman encharge of them often forgot to come out and feed them. We thought about calling animal control but first talked to other boarders who said that they were keeping a eye on those horses and even snuck them food and there were a bunch of boarders just waiting for a reason to call the ASPCA. So i decided to stay out of it. And I think maybe thats what you should do here because it really doesn’ seem too serious. I would just keep a eye on your friends ranch and just observe the horses and how they treat them.

  5. I hope someone answers your question, Horsefeathers! I’m in the same position too!:[

  6. Try consulting in an organization such as the ASPCA. They will either give you the signs to look for in a mistreated animal, or go look for themselves.

  7. I really think you should contact an animal control center. There’s that show on Animal Planet… what was it, the ASPCA, or another animal rescue organization? They probably have a department in your area. You’d better act fast before the fair moves, though.

    Another thing is to start a “Project Letter”. Gather as many of your friends as you can to write letters to your senator, mayor, or to the animal rescue league if you find one. They usually listen if many people complain rather than one. There’s strength in numbers!

    Hope this helps some!

  8. I think I read it wrong. In this situation, you should contact the owners. Maybe those horses are just sick, or are being neglected by some of the stable-hands. Still, round up some of your friends for the approach.

  9. I agree with WesternMare. Try consulting the owners first.

  10. I definitely think you should talk to the owners. If it is mistreatment, you should ask them to improve the horses’ and ponies’ living conditions before informing animal control or the ASPCA. If the owners are willing to take responsibility and listen to your comments about the horses’ and ponies’ health, then there would be no need to contact those more authorative. However, if it is only because of old age, perhaps you could suggest things such as special feed that will benefit their heath and provide them with extra nutrients. I’d say that observation of the abused-looking horses and ponies will determine which actions you should take. Good luck HorseFeathers!

  11. Thanks mates! Its well appreciated! I think then i will try contacting the owners first. THe only problem is.. they hardly ever seem to be around. My friend, lives right next to the stable, says they hardly seem to ever be tooken out for exercise.

  12. Or maybe i might try and do what ginger says.. just observe the horses and ponies and stay out of it. Unless of cource the situation gets worse. I am VERY concerned about them.
    happy trails

  13. If you know the owners’ names, try a Google search for them. You might be able to find a phone number, or email address for them, to try and contact them. You might have better luck that way.
    Hope it helps. :)

  14. call me crazy but,attack the abusing owners like theres no tommorrow!*thats what i’d do*call 911 for animal abusement,then send them straight to the slammer! -flapjackgirl :-)

  15. Jadethemagicatgirl– you know what, thats what i feel like doing but not very sensible lol. Thatd just end me up in hot water.

    *UPDATE: My friend’s dad was over at the stables yesturday and he saw one of the pones a palimino called “Rocky” being slapped for no apparent reason. This horse is one of the skinniest and i found out that he is only about 2-3 years old. Beleive me girls– i will do something. Thanks for your support


  16. Call the local horse shelter or talk to the owners.

  17. That is really mean, the horses really need help. The owners are so careless.

  18. I really glad that you are going to help them; they really need it. I’m the horses are going to appreciate you a lot.

  19. thats crushal did he do something about it? if i were u heres some advice:tell the pony owners y they did that,explain how its wrong,andthen tell somebody.

  20. jade– you mean my friends dad? no he couldn’t do anything about it at the moment… he had his 5 litlte girls to deal with. Still im looking into it. Ill let y’all know if anything happens.

  21. There are two possibilities in this situation: one is that it’s a case of intentional animal abuse, two is that the owners are so clueless they don’t think violence against a young pony is wrong. Either way, I’m very glad you’ve decided to do something, HorseFeathers. I think it would be helpful if you confront the owners with friends and family, because there’s a strength in numbers. I hope everything will go smoothly and that those poor ponies and horses are alright.

  22. I agree with WesternMare. You should talk to the owners first. I’ll pray for their safety.

  23. contact a local rspca centre. tell them what it is, then they could take the horse away

  24. Thanks Nevada Sunshine- i appreciate your prayers; by the way i love your user name. =0)
    Alice rawlins– as much as i want to call the animal rescue right away, i need enough proof and people to back me up. I have to find exactly what the problem is first and work around it.
    Thanks everyone!

  25. I would confront the owners first, in a calm manner and with an open mind, as hard as it may be. If you go about it nicely they might just tell you what their problem is. Maybe they can’t sell the horses and so take it out on them, etc. I’m NOT saying that it is just or okay for them to abuse the horses. Its abominable! But if there is a problem, maybe you could offer to help.

    If they are stupid and tell you to buzz off then I would talk to the people in charge of boarding.Though, they might tell the owners to leave and the ponies would probably go on being abused, only in a different place.
    Calling the animal recue should be one of the last(but not least) options to take. But if the abuse gets extreme, go right ahead.
    Sadly, there is no way to make a person change. I just hope, for the ponies sakes, that everything will turn out well.
    Good luck!

  26. I don’t think its a good idea to talk to the owners if you don’t know them. They might get angry and you could be in danger. Although it may seem unlikely, its better to be safe than sorry.

    I think you should contact animal control. Tell them you’re not sure if they’re being neglected or not, but that you think they should check it out. Hope this helps!

  27. I don’t think it would be that bad if HF’s parents go with her to talk to the owners.

  28. Ok heres my play y’all. Im gonna take my camera and take a few photographs of the horses and they’re conditions. Then im gonna try and find a time when the owners are actualy threre. (They hardly seem to come to the stables at all). From what my friend tells me the owners of one “neglected” horse is an elderly couple. Im defiantly going to have at least one adult with me in whatever i do. Thanks for the advice mates!

  29. Just one last thing: i, personally, think that you should try and find the owners; if they don’t appear to care, let the owner of the barn know. then, if nothing happens, i’d go to animal control. i hope this helps!


  30. Great plan HorseFeathers!!!Love your username.Mine is my show calf’s.Bet no one thinks it’s smart but she’s the closest thing to a horse I got.That plan is so-o smart!!!Not sure I would have thought that up.You stayed cool and that’s great.

  31. Wild’n’Free- yes it helps alot! thanks for the advise

    Sweetpea- thanks! Your username is cute also; my dad’s family used to have some cows when he was younger; (I can do a great cow call) LOL . So your a true “cow-girl” get it??? lol anywho thanks for the comments y’all!


  32. Poor Rocky! I hope he’s alright tonight. That’s terrible. :(