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My Horse Collection

By • May 21st, 2016 • Category: Picture This

by Carey Anne | Do any of ya’ll collect horse models?

My Beginning and My End

By • May 16th, 2016 • Category: Poetry

by Athena Christy
My best friend
Is my beginning and my end
The most amazing work of art
Is the horse that touched my fragile heart…

Rey’s Introduction

By • May 14th, 2016 • Category: Non-Fiction

by Rey | I have been writing for GHC for a while now and I was inspired by WhinnyLove to write an introduction about me…

What a Cowgirl Is

By • May 9th, 2016 • Category: Horse Girls, Non-Fiction

by Carey Anne | This is what I think a cowgirl is made of… A cowgirl is sweet, stubborn and when she gets an idea in her head there is no getting it out of her head…

Naughty Colt

By • May 6th, 2016 • Category: Picture This

by SugarPony | Koboz, up close and personal…

A Memorable Canter

By • May 1st, 2016 • Category: Fiction

by PreciousAndMe | It was my first time cantering. Debra, one of the instructors at the stables, had promised me that I’d learn to canter this summer. And now, my second lesson in July, I’ve been told that I’m going to canter.

A Dream Come True

By • Apr 28th, 2016 • Category: Non-Fiction

by WhinnyLove | I’ve been creating and publishing stories on here for a little while, but never have I properly introduced myself…


By • Apr 17th, 2016 • Category: Fiction

by Athena Christy | Alice Hoof felt a cry of joy in her heart as she rode on the back of a white horse named Sky. Sky the mare is Alice’s best friend…

The Possible-Slash-Impossible Dream

By • Apr 8th, 2016 • Category: Non-Fiction

by Athena Christy | Hi Readers! I only got interested in horses two years ago. In our country, horses aren’t so popular. But I still LOVE horses so I planted myself on a dream…

Spring Break

By • Mar 18th, 2016 • Category: Fiction

by WhinnyLove | My head pops up off my pillow and I sit up in bed. I feel suddenly really excited. I glance at my calendar and jump out of bed. Spring break has started!