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Baby of Mine

Published by • Mar 23rd, 2015 • Category: Fiction

Baby of Mine

by WhinnyLove, age 11

I sit, watching sadly as my old horse takes his final breaths. The vet had come earlier that day, to give us the bad news. We would have to put him down.

His head rested on my lap. I sobbed into his black mane. “Oh why, Thunder… why?” I choked back my tears, sniffing. The look in his eyes told me I wasn’t comforting him much. I swallowed, thinking of my favorite song. I opened my mouth, and sang into his ear.

“Thunder mine,
Don’t you cry,
Thunder mine,
Dry your eyes,
Rest your head close to my heart
never to part,
Thunder of mine.

Little one
When you–“

I choked up.

My shoulders shook with the heavy sobs that wretched.

“Thunder of mine…” I softly said, stroking his face. He closed his eyes. His breaths got slower. I placed my hand over his heart. It beat slowly, then, no more.

“Thunder of mine…” I quietly whispered into his ear.

He was gone. I sobbed into his mane.

“Goodbye, Thunder of mine…”

Author’s note: Dedicated to all the girls (and boys) who have witnessed that heartbreaking moment. May all the special horses in our lives live on forever in our hearts when they leave.

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  1. That is so sad! It was beautiful.

  2. That was so sad:( I was crying:( I’ve gone through that before, it was sooooo sad

  3. But it was beautiful:)

  4. Sad and beautiful. A masterpiece!

  5. I’ve experienced that before, last summer when our mare had a foal but he only lived for three days he couldn’t eat and had other problems. He was thrashing around and moaning in his last minutes. It was terrible. But this was beautiful, though!

  6. Thanks everyone! Today is my riding lesson day. Oh my gosh, this is a wonderful surprise to see it published! I thought it never would! I was really amazed to see it on the front page! I thank everyone for their kind comments! I truly didn’t expect this! I honestly didn’t…

  7. I’m sorry for everyone, too. I understand what it’s like to have to say goodbye to a friend. We had to put down our dog last year. He was the first dog we ever had. I was so sad I cried myself to sleep, no joke. :`( I hope he is having fun in ‘doggy-heaven’ chasing all the chickens he wants, getting sprayed by skunks, eating rabbits in a stew! It was because of Sparty that we temporarily had pet baby rabbits living with us! So cute! ^~^ But yeah.

  8. I experienced that horrible thing this morning, when my shetland pony died suddenly
    over the night. She was blind and had eating problems, and she was also over the age of 20… but still. And it had to happen on Easter Sunday. :’-(

  9. Aww… That’s so sad! It must have been awful! I’m so sorry. :(

  10. i was crying