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Barbaro: Racing Legend

Published by • Apr 29th, 2008 • Category: International Horse, Junior Blogger Archives

by Jeanna Briggs, age 13

Most of us have heard of him. If you live in the USA, you probably mourned his death. He inspired many of us to write beautiful poems, stories, and yes, blogs. But today I would like to set aside a day of memory for Barbaro, otherwise known as America’s Horse. Most of my friends find it strange, but I do have a special attachment to Barbaro because, other than completely rocking the Kentucky Derby in 2006, he was born on April 29 — my birthday. Barbaro was always a special horse, son of champions, and I want to honor him today. Help celebrate Barbaro Day (OK, not really a holiday, but a catchy name, right?) by telling facts, stories, and writing poetry about, in my opinion, the greatest American racehorse since Man o’ War.


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  1. Dear Babaro,

    Though I have not known much about you, I have heard that you are a brave and fiery horse, and I believe you are as brilliant as I have imagined you. Your death has shaken horse lovers internationally. I am touched by your story and will learn from your spirit. Thank you for all you’ve done. {:D}

    Jeanna Briggs, I’m glad you have written this blog. It’s great that you are born on the same day as him. Barbaro deserves a day for him to remember all he has done.

  2. Thanks Madelaina! I think Barbaro is iis happy, wherever he is. I hope and pray that God gave him wings.

  3. Jeanna Briggs: I think God already did. I bet he can fly forever.

  4. Barbaro was certainly an amazing young horse, who died much too soon. He should have seen a long career and a good retirment as a stud, creating future generations of champions.
    Rest in peace.

  5. I just watched the 2008 Kentucky Derby, and Big Brown, the winner, had almost as wonderful a lead as Barbaro did. To bad for Eight Bells, second place, who broke both front ankles and had to be put down.. :( :(

  6. I have not heard about Barbaro but I read this and looked at the pictures and every thing. He was such an awesome horse and way to young to die.
    I felt so sad that he got hurt and had to be put down, especially since he was getting better. I was wondering what the complications where? Do any of you know what they were?

    I also read about what happened to Eight Bells and saw some pictures and a clip about what happened. That was so sad. She was so young and she was a buitiful horse.

    Great job Jeanna on this blog. I am so glad that I know about him now.

  7. Barbaro. My hero. After he had passed away, I realized horse racing is a cruel sport. Now Eight Belles, the wonderful black filly, is dead too because of racing. Barbaro and Eight Belles deserve to be alive.

  8. Barbaro was sure a great horse. Eight Belles as well. But once they’ve raced for 2 or 3 years, their career is over. And when they break a leg, there’s a million dollar surgery, (what Barbaro’s owners did) and there’s even a possibility that the surgery may not work. It usually doesn’t. So, thanks Jeanna Briggs. For letting us know that horses are always fun to have, but to not hurt them by their career.