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Be Proud of Yourself

Published by • Oct 10th, 2009 • Category: Horse Girls

by Rebecca Shyly, age 13

Horse girls have something that a lot of teens and women lack. We have confidence. After all, if we didn’t, we probably would never have gotten up on that horse. I mean, think about it. Horses are so big… it takes a lot of courage to get up there and go for it.

That’s one reason why being interested in horses is so great for a growing girl. It gives you confidence and teaches you to keep trying, two things that will be important throughout your life. Personally, I have been self confident since I was little, but on the days I’m feeling a little low on self-esteem, I remember all the accomplishments that I have made in my relatively short life. This is my personal list:

1. Became a JR. Blogger
2. Went to Washington D.C. as a student leader
3. Received reading awards in school
4. Horseback riding ribbons

Those are the ones that stand out to me. When I am feeling down, I think of those things and it helps me feel better. And seeing as we are a group of talented girls, I’m sure that you have your own list of accomplishments that you are proud of. Something to remember when you’re not feeling so hot — think of all the things in your life that you have done. Are any of your classmates aspiring writers? Maybe. But did they have the guts to put their work out there for others to read and critique? Probably not. Or maybe you’re a show rider. Would any of your friends be willing to get out there and ride in front of all those people? Everyone has something to be proud of. It is important to remember that.

Even though you will not always be the best at what you do, that doesn’t mean you’re not talented. There are things about you that no one else could ever achieve. So maybe you don’t get first place in the jumping class this year. That doesn’t mean you’re not good. It just means you have to keep trying. Knowing that you’re on this website proves to me that you will have the courage to keep trying and be proud of yourself!

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  1. Great blog! I love it! Its totally true, I have a few things that I’m very proud of, and I do think about those times- It does help you feel better. Gread job! :)


  2. Oh, I just looooved this! :)

  3. Thanks, Im glad that you enjoyed it. =]

  4. that’s sooo true, Rebecca! I loved this blog, it was really good.

  5. Ilovethis. Rebecca, your work has continued to amaze me since I found this site. I’m looking forward to your next blog. :)

  6. Great blog. Thank you for putting into words, Rebecca, the real value of horses in boosting a child’s self esteem. Well done.

  7. I think I’ve just been saved from low self-esteem :) It’s funny how I’m more confident on horseback than the times I’m not. Brilliant blog, Horsecrazzz! You’ve inspired me so much in the past, and this is no exception. I’m hoping to read more soon!

  8. I love lists.. lol may sound a bit noodle headed but i do like to write things down. ;0) This is a champion blog Shyly! Very well written.

  9. Haha I love lists too! They make life so much organized and lists are super fun to write down and well to list!
    Awesome blog girl! I loved it!

  10. I’m just terribly shy, and I’ve got self confidence, but not a terribly large amount of it…I’ve played soccer, and done swimming. I had fun in those things, But I don’t do good under pressure. I’m home-schooled, and math is tough for me. I don’t really have any friends, and my sister is my best friend. I’m not “reserved” but I’m not a social butterfly either. I get my feelings hurt pretty easily, and my family hasn’t really figured that out yet, that’s because I don’t let anyone see me cry. Just a bit of teasing upsets me, but I put on a smile still. I’m prideful, and quite stubborn. My animals are my everything and losing them breaks my heart, and people can comfort me, but not really understand how devastated I feel. I read Warrior Cats, Phantom Stallion, and Misty books. Whenever I’m sad or life is just weighing to hard on me, I read those books. Strange enough as it is, they make me feel much, much better. Growing up is hard, and writing helps a bunch. But keeping it in my notebook isn’t enough. Who do I tell though? My family says I’m artistic, but in what way is what I wonder. I guess I’m good at art, but it doesn’t really mean anything to me, so that doesn’t help. I just wish people could see what I see. The only time I really actually feel like myself are the times I’ve been with Fancy, or digging into one of my books. :) A lot of people think going with the crowd and what the rest of the world is doing is the safest route. But I know thats not the answer to life. Life is about making your own path, not following others.

    That was really long, sorry ;) So, it sounds as if I don’t think much of myself, but truthfully, I am so happy with who I am, I just sometimes wish other people were. People say life is hard, but I’ve found out it’s actually the people (Not all) in it that make it so hard ;]

  11. i have courage, just low-selfesteme issues…horses save me from that. when im with them im somone different. im my true self. and its an amazing feeling. thier y world. and and i would never trade one in. the other day someone wanted to buy Pal, i thought about how hes changed e and not for a million bucks! and i mean dollars not like a bucking bronko.

  12. Oh I totally understand nevada sunshine! I am a lot like you. I am also home-schooled. And I do kinda have selfconfidence issues. I feel like no one has any sympathy for me and that at times everyone hates me. And I never let myself cry. When I do it takes a lot. But a littlle teasing crushes me and bein accused continually of something I did not do, that hurts. I’m not that close to any of my friends and I like to think I’m best friends with my second oldest sis because I want to be like her because everyone seems to like her and . . . yeah.

    I guess I have a lot to be proud of. I just I don’t know, I just kinda fall easily and get disapointed with myself easily. But I’m happy most when I’m talking with God and when I’m writing. Maybe when I’m playing tennis or figure skating too. And I also love to be with my family when everythings all good. But I guess I need some more confidence. I guess I can be proud of myself.

    I totally understand Nevada Sunshine!

  13. Oh yeah. I guess it kinda sounds like I hate myself. But I’m really happy about the way God made me and I wouldn’t ask to be any one else. I am so thankful to be born into this family. And its just like Nevada Sunshine said. I wish other people noticed :-)

  14. Yea, somehow horses make us feel that way Pal’s Pal..It’s pretty amazing

  15. I’m proud of myself for being so good with animals, and for understanding them so well but ya know, for some reason most people just don’t think thats SUCH a big deal…lol Without my animals I don’t know what’d I do, they make me who I am, they are so cool…

  16. I’ve never been one to be quiet- and I’m not homeschooled. But a lot of people think I’m weird (gasp! i wonder why they would think that! ;) I don’t really mind. And yeah, same here Pal. I get my feelings hurt really easy but I usually don’t cry- I get mad.

    I rode the best horse in the world today. At first he was acting up, and he made me mad, but once I got on I remembered why he was my favorite (I didn’t ride him in over two months).

  17. Nevada Sunshine, I hope that you will find something that makes you feel proud of your self.

    Everyone: Thanks so much. Im glad that everyone liked the blog, I hope it helped some of you realized that you have so much to be proud of.

  18. I am a lot like Johannah and Nevada Sunshine in a lot of ways, I guess. I’m also shy, tend to get my feelings hurt easily, and I’m homeschooled. And I also have self-confidence issues, and school is hard for me a lot (especially math and grammar–BORING! lol). I don’t really have any friends at my church youth group, since they all kind of seem to have their own “cliques”. I totally understand guys about that you need to find your own path in life instead of following others. Just believe and be yourself. ;)

  19. *Gasps* Jonannah! You are A LOT like me! Wow, I would have never known, and to think I thought I was the only one like that!`

  20. husky+horsegirl3-
    I’m glad you understand what I mean most people don’t…They’d probably just think I was being weird!

  21. Haha yeah! I was so surprised when I read your comment Nevada Sunshine. While I was reading it I was like – – thats like me! :-) I’m happy not to be the only home schooled girl on here too! I’m surprised how many there are, theres just a variety of girls on here:-)