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Be Thankful and Say Sorry

Published by • May 1st, 2009 • Category: by Madelaina, Horse Advice

by Madelaina, age 13

Ask yourself this question – even though horses protest occasionally when being asked to do something, do we not find a way to get the job done and continue on with our plans? If your answer is yes, we can move on.

Our horses’ patience with all we expect of them reflects the immense amount of courage on their part that we often take for granted. Think, for example, of how they accept being tacked up, knowing that they must carry riders on the weakest part of their body for as long as we want them to. Our trusty, hooved companions can easily decide to object to the saddle and make our lives a miserable nightmare around them. After all, they are living beings with as much right to make choices as we do, even though we usually don’t allow them the freedom to do so. But regardless of that, we should all pause a second and be thankful for how cooperative horses actually are, and for how one of those choices isn’t being a complete maniac when we’re buckling a bridle on them.

Many times when riding, ignorant people might be tugging on the reins, putting their horses off balance or giving confusing aids which they punish their horses for misunderstanding, all possibly happening in between annoying, continuous kicks. Although their instincts as prey and herd animals contribute to their obedience and submission, a horse’s gentle and forgiving temperament is what really makes their existence priceless.

Horses and girls speak completely different languages, but our unique love and appreciation for them can make our communication the same. Every single rider owes their mount a “thank you” or “sorry” in the horse’s own language, it means just as important to them as to us. After all, they work and try for us everyday, but aren’t nearly as much rewarded. There are people who don’t think of what horses can do, and aren’t grateful that they have the heart not to. But I believe every horse rider can have the compassion to give horses the chance to be forgiven for their rare faults when they never hold grudges against us when we make mistakes.

Here at Girls Horse Club we unite to help horses, but they don’t always have to be injured or homeless. Some horses are treated unfairly when we think about all their sacrifices for us and about how people can’t yet forgive them for simple mistakes. But from raising awareness of how we take horses for granted, many harmed and confused souls can be healed by giving them the rewards they lacked before. Paying attention to little things in a horse’s life, like offering them just that extra tender loving care and making sure they are intentionally misbehaving before correcting them, can make all the difference.

These extra steps for their benefit can’t ever match the bother we cause them and the care that they give us. It’s time to unite, speak up, be thankful and say sorry.

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  1. Champion blog i agree 100% i give it 4 hooves!

  2. I really agree! Great blog! I really felt it in my heart.

  3. wow, truly the magic of love. Horse loving girls usually can connect with horses in a unique bond, an understanding partnership. Horses can be like dogs in as they like to please people. Not all horses are comfortable or safe around some humans, like mustangs, but all horses can show love and affection to those who treat them with respect they deserve. Don’t treat them like your Bike or scooter! They are alive!
    GREAT blog Maddie!

  4. Weird how you put what I have always thought into words. Great blog, Madelaina! You’ve done it again!

  5. That blog touched my heart, Madelaina. Because it is true. It really really is. Horses do so much for us, while some people in return treat them harshly, and rudely. The world can be a pretty mean place, can’t it?

    Wonderful blog!

  6. I can’t thank everyone enough, you’ve made me smile bigger than I could’ve imagined. It’s extremely encouraging to see so many wonderful writers giving support :)

  7. I agree! You never let me down Madelaina, as your blogs are too good!!