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Be Thankful

Published by • Nov 26th, 2009 • Category: Gift Horse, Guest Bloggers

by Carolina Cowgirl, age 12

What used to be warm weather is now cold. What used to be short sleeves are now long. And what used to be long days are now short. There is no snow on the ground, but I’m certain there’s leaves. It’s autumn and it can only lead to one thing — Thanksgiving.

I figure I should write a blog about this holiday, because it’s important to be thankful, but I can’t seem to find the right words.

I guess I should start with the fact that not every one is able to ride, and you should be thankful for such an opportunity. If you’re like me, so many lessons go by and I don’t think much about it, but it really means so much to us.

I also think riding instructors deserve thanks, because without them there wouldn’t be any lessons. They teach us all we need to know, and we should be grateful to have them.

I suppose if you own a horse, you should be thankful for them. After all most girls (including me) don’t own a horse.

There are so many thing to be thankful for, but I think the most important thing that we all can relate to is being apart of something as great as GHC. We’re so blessed to have a club that really lets us express ourselves.

I guess what I’m trying to say is that we all should be thankful for everything in the horse world, and I hope you have an awesome Thanksgiving.

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  1. :) ain’t that the truth. Im sooo thankful i can ride and have not one but ten horses. Nice blogging, CarolinaCowgirl. Happy thanksgiving!

  2. Im thankful for my instructor and my riding horse Izzy even though she’s not mine id like to think so. ;0) Champion blog.. Happy Thanksgiving and remember the first thanksgiving and WHO they gave thanks in everything for.
    I like this saying.. “Life is short, say grace”.


  3. CC, this blog is awesome! You were so right to nail GHC as something that we all can be thankful for. It is so wonderful-I love it already.
    Top-notch blog!


  4. Carolina Cowgirl, thank YOU for giving us something meaningful to read and think about today. This holiday is a good reminder to be grateful to those who helped establish a culture that respects and defends our personal freedoms. We are so fortunate!

    I hope you all have a wonderful day with your loved ones, whether or not you celebrate this Thanksgiving holiday.

  5. Happy Thanksgiving, and great blog!

  6. Truthful blog! All so true. Well Thanksgiving here has already gone by, but happy Thanksgiving! Have fun girls,


  7. Very awesome blog! I’m thankful for: my family, my totally awesome friends (that make me laugh so hard i cry), my horse friends (including Emmy, whom i referred to as Sassy previously), and my riding instructor and her family. Without all of them, where would I be today? Obviously, I wouldn’t be here. Happy Thanksgiving, everyone. My grandpa, when asked to say a prayer on Thanksgiving, used to say “Praise the lord, halilujia, Amen, pass the food.” Even though he’s passed, it still makes me laugh to hear his words echoing in my ears….. :D

  8. Wow, there is soo much to be thankful for, and GHC has blessed my life! Great blog Carolina Cowgirl – you did a wonderful job capturing the spirit of a horse lovers’ Thanksgiving! God bless you all!

  9. Thanks for all the great comments! I am so blessed to know people as great as you guys.:)

  10. the own a horse part makes me wonder on the scale of 1 to 10 the rate of girls that have a horse or riding lessons?

  11. I’m thankful for: Fancy, and being able to ride that crazy girl; My wonderful cats who have always been there; My Family; My very, very, very, best friend and sister Savannah that (just like your friends Jumper) makes me laugh so hard I cry…also for no apparent reason; All my other animals that I love so much!!!; God :)

  12. P.S. I love that picture!!!! It’s adorable! I made a banner once and titled it “Pure Innocence”

  13. Tis the Season to be buying preasents for your horse friends.. fa la la la la la la la la. Im breaking out in song and that means two things.. everyone in my household is getting earplugs and its the holiday season! lol So get your camaras out and start snapping the snowy season with your equine pals. Happy early Merry Christmas.. ;0) fa la la la la.. ok ill stop now.


  14. Merry Christmas to you to, HF…can’t wait! I asked for Mickey for Christmas, I seriously doubt that I’ll get him but for some reason my mother told me to put him on my wish list anyway…HINT HINT????


  15. Very cute picture! :) Merry Christmas and Happy Thanksgiving to all of you horse gals (and horses in the world right now)!

    Neighs and nickers,

    husky+horsegirl3 a.k.a. Autumn Thompson

  16. that’s great, Raven! That means you MIGHT, just MIGHT have a chance to keep your precious horse! I’ve asked for a horse every christmas that i can remember, yet it’s never happened……for some reason, though, my older sister K.T. told me “When you see one of your presents, you’re either going to faint, cry, or crap yourself.” That made me laugh sooo hard. But I’m cheerful now…I asked her if the ‘present’ happened to be living, and she made a zipping motion over her mouth and said, “I ain’t tellin no one!” That made me laugh, too. Hope we all get great christmas presents!!!! MERRY EARLY CHRISTMS & HAPPY LATE THANKSGIVING to all my horsie friends (and my HORSE-animal friends :P ) !

  17. Jumper-YOU HAVE TO TELL ME WHAT IT IS!! I am in suspense! Let’s see, what could it be…hmm. I have no idea. =D I hope that you’ll cry from joy instead of fainting…
    Best Xsmas wishes from Mickey and me! Mickey wants to be my horse for Christmas…he told me so. =D