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Be Wary for Winter

Published by • Nov 23rd, 2009 • Category: Guest Bloggers, Horse Advice

by DianaLUV♥, age 12

WinterEverybody loves winter, even if they only love one thing! Whether it’s warming your toes by the fire after mucking out stalls, drinking a steaming mug of hot chocolate after a freezing ride on your horse or pony, saddling your horse or pony up for a wondrous winter ride, or the smidgen of hope that Santa Claus will leave a very special present under the tree!

Although winter is full of presents, snow, icicles and very fluffy coats, you should always be cautious with your horse or poney. Here are some tips:

  • If it is an especially cold day, rug your pony up. Do this especially if he is clipped.
  • If you were planning a ride only to see ice on the road, cancel your ride as horses and ponies fall easily on slippery surfaces.
  • If you have just gone on an extremely sludgy or squishy ride, hose down your pony’s legs as they may have stretched their muscles working on that ground and the best way to fix that is to hose down their legs. But on’t use cold water, and don’t use hot water either — warm water is best as your pony’s legs won’t freeze or boil in it.
  • Bran mash is lovely if your pony is ill as it warms them up inside and makes them feel hugely better.
  • Even if your pony lives outside all the time, do your best to get them sheltered for a few nights, whether in a stable or a field shelter.

If you stick to these rules, your pony should be super fit and happy.

Have a great Winter!


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  1. What a nice little ditty for Winter care! I luv it! Champion blog. When it snows out sometimes its hard to find izzy out in the pasture because of her fleebitten coat. =0) And the pasture is HUGE so you can imagine me trying to finder her in that. lol. again good blog Dianaluv

  2. Exellent! I enjoy reading informative blogs, they’re very interesting. This was put together very well.


  3. great blog full of great tips! I’d love winter if I didn’t have a puppy that has to go outside every second to go to the bathroom! And she doesn’t even go! She just likes being outside, so there I am freezing while she is grinning at me thinking how clever she is!

  4. Tnx guys! You’re all the best! :)

  5. very nice. My horses (all 10 of em’) stay outside and refuse tp wear blankets -_-‘ but we make sure they stay in good health and super happy! and they have a barn they can come in and out of as they please…nice informative blog :)

  6. Great advice and I love the picture. :)

  7. Cool blog! It made me remember the whole Christmasy snowy tiome is coming. Yay! And people should definately remeber keeping their horses warm as well as themselves.

  8. Wonderful blog! How long have you been on GHC, Diana? I like your writing :]

  9. Very helpful information! Thanks!

  10. Rochlia, I’ve been on GHC for 1-2 years. Thanks!
    And thanks for the amazing pic LeadMare!

  11. Good winter tips.

  12. Wow- thats how long I’ve been on!

  13. Cool! We’re 1-2 year buddies! Yay! :)

  14. Hi guys! Happy Thanksgiving to all you Americans! (I secretly celebrate it too! ☺)
    Anyways… I was at my yard recently and I went out to get Marley from the field. I brought him in and went to get a drink because Marls is REALLY hard work! (He is very stubborn and gives out a lot)
    When I got back, he had snow all over him, like the horse in the picture. I was very confused because his barn is inside.
    Then my friend popped around the corner and started laughing because she had put some kind of special salt that looks like snow that tastes good to horses and put it on him. She wouldn’t give me any…
    But I gave him a salt block and he loves me now… -ish. He still wants his Christmas present…
    Any ideas???

  15. Yes Food of any kind (horse appropriate) would be appreciated! =0) I reccomend molasses treats. Oh and Izzy likes to play with a horse ball i bought at a supply store.. she likes to kick it around and through it to Henry in the field! ;0)

  16. Oh one last thing! Happy Black Friday to those in the U.S… do they have that day in other countries? mmmm… anywho great day to buy preasents for your horsey friends!

  17. You’re so right HorseFeathers! Great blog, by the way, DinaLUV. I love your advice!!! None of my horsey friends go to my barn except for my trainer….that kinda sucks, because my trainer is, like, eight years older than me……ya. Well, I have a few friends at school who ride/are interested in horses. :P Great blog. My family spent SIX HOURS shopping today! GO BLACK FRIDAY!!!

  18. i luv wintewr cuz im a winter baby,by the way i saw ppl on horses at 11/21/09 and my mom thinking of taking me 2 riding lessons—i think

  19. Great tips DianaLUV! They sound so nice and warm for a cold, winter day that it makes me want to become a horse even more, haha. I’m happy to see that horses in colder areas of the world will be taken care of. I hope you keep writing!

    I don’t officially celebrate Thanksgiving, but horses and GHC are certainly something to be thankful for and are that makes showing gratitude definitely worth it. Happy Thanksgiving guys!

  20. Champion tips DianaLUVay! Oh, how I love winter. This is the time of year I get to bare back & buy lot’s of presents for my horse crazy friends. Winter always seems to make me want to be in the stable more, so I can cozy up with the horse I lease. I loved this blog & I’ll definitley use those tips!

  21. I’ve never even heard of Black Friday… My dad is in Las Vegas though, so he probably has. Shops were closed on Thansgiving Day there, but they opened at 4am! WoW!!!

  22. do you not live in the U.S. DianaLUV♥?

    jadethemagicatgirlA.K.A Cap’n Mccoy dragonshifter:)
    I’m a winter baby too, lol I was born in January, but I wish I was born in October so much! =]

    *Sigh* Snowy days sound heavenly!

  23. I live in Ireland, the dampest country ever! It never stops raining, so it’s like a constant winter!!!

  24. Cool blog DianaLUV! I love winter too, but eventually I tend to get a little sick of the cold weather and everything. what about yall?

  25. Awww that sucks, DinaLUV<3. Hey, Nevada Sunshine and jadethemagicatgirlA.K.S.Cap'nMccoydragonshifter:), I'm a winter baby, too! I was born December……Oh, how I wish to be born in August! :P My grandma (who has passed) always said that August was a sad month and that she would never live past 89…and she passed on an August afternoon right before her 90th birthday! Talk about physic (spelling…?)!