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Beat the Heat

Published by • Jul 13th, 2009 • Category: Horse Advice

by Peanut, age 9

It’s 30 degrees Celcius outside — too hot to walk, to ride, or to move. Well, get on up off that hay bale because I have created a guide to have some fun in the sun, and beat the heat!

Why not take a day’s break from riding and just give your horse a grooming and a massage? I’m sure your horse would like that! It’s also a great time to bond. Bring your horse in the arena and just let him loose. Have lots of fun!

Haven’t beat the heat yet? Ask permission to use a small part of the barn as a pony club. Me and my friends went in the huge loft and put hay bales as chairs. It’s a great way to beat the heat, and have fun!

If you want to make a difference. Then try these ideas…

Go to the petition site and sign their petitions. It’s mostly to end animal cruelty. Or you could organise a bake sale, sell goodies and donate the money to local animal shelters!

Last, HAVE FUN!!!!

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  1. Champion blog Peanut! These are top notch ways to spend your summer with horses and horse friends

  2. Wanna know what else you can do? SPRINKLER SYSTEMS!

  3. Awesome just awesome blog Peanut! These are all great ideas! I might try a few..

  4. Nice blog! Great ways to hang out with horses during the summer.

  5. There actually is an official pony club, and most counties have one. Try to find out if yours does. I hear it’s really fun- they have loads of competitions and meetings every other week, I believe. You should also try 4h, its like the same thing. I’m going to start both of them this year.

  6. Fantastic ideas Peanut! It’s really hot and humid at my place right now….:P

  7. Hey thats so cool that you can do that on care2 i think i told another girl about it on here. You have awsome ideas :)

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