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Best Birthday Ever

Published by • Apr 11th, 2012 • Category: Showing & Sport

by Avy , age 11

The morning sun was gleaming through the windows of my room. I gave a smile to it and stretched. I opened my door and the aroma of syrup and pancakes just bursted into my nose. It was a special day. My birthday.

Every year the county fair lands on my birthday, so I always show my horse there. My mom and dad were downstairs drinking their coffee and orange juice when my mom said, “Your breakfast is done,” with the reply of “thank you” from me.

After I ate, I ran to my room, slipped on my cowgirl boots and ran outside to see my horse Carmellow. She was pushing at the salt lick. I grabbed the saddle and other equipment, put it on her, and hopped right on. We got on the biggest trail down here in Pennsylvania. It was a twelve mile trail. We rode half of it and went back home.

I had to get her hair combed and her brand new saddle on. We loaded her into the horse trailer. It took about two hours to get to the fair. On the way we stopped at some stores to get water and candy. When we arrived we unloaded Carmellow onto the grounds and got her ready.

There was an amazing amount of people there. My parents and my little brothers said good luck, and then the announcer said, “Number 66, please come to the front.” We galloped there. We hopped over sticks and ran about five laps. Carmellow did a spin, so the judges gave us extra points for that. After we finished, we went and watched the others. Now for the awards.

“In third place… number 14.”

“In second place… number 31.”

“And in first place… number 66!”

The crowd screamed and cheered. My parents had told one of the judges it was my birthday so he also said, “And a happy birthday to you, too!”

Even though I didn’t spend the day with my friends, I spent it with the best horse in the world, Carmellow.

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  1. Sounds insanely fun! That’s how I wanna spend mybday! (in five days :)))

  2. I love this, sounds like a great way to spend a birthday! Congrats on your win, by the way!

  3. Thankss.

  4. that was fantastic really good

  5. Brilliant!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  7. is this a true story?

  8. Amazing job! You have a real talent for writing and keep up the good work Avy! :)

  9. No, it’s not but it will be in 7 dayss :)))))))))))) and thankss

  10. cool

  11. Wow Very Lucky Congrats!!

  12. You did very well! Congrats and Carmellow sounds very sweet!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!