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BLOG CONTEST: Every Picture Tells a Story

Published by • Jun 8th, 2007 • Category: Competitions & Giveaways

This contest is closed. Read the winning stories!

The Lone Stallion
Paint in the Snow
More Than a Picture

If you’re a regular reader of this blog, you know we love to modify photos of horses using the magic of computers, and often the stories and blogs submitted by our members will inspire a photo illustration.

We thought it might be fun mix things up and have a contest where *YOU* write a story inspired by a photo. So we went to our favorite photo site, found some images we thought might inspire a story, and purchased the rights to use them. Take a peek:

photo-contest-a.gif photo-contest-b.gif photo-contest-c.gif
(click a photo to enlarge)

Is the muse jumping for joy in your creative brain? OK, let’s get started!

  1. Pick the photo that speaks to you.
  2. Write a short story to accompany the photo and submit it using our online submission form. Include the words CONTEST ENTRY somewhere in the title or comments, and let us know which photo (A, B or C) goes with your story.
  3. If you have ideas about how to modify the photo to go with your story, please include them in the comments. Or just let your story be the inspiration!

The contest details are simple.

  • To be eligible, send your submission by Sunday June 24th, 2007 at midnight Pacific Standard time.
  • There’s no limit to the number of entries per person, but we always prefer quality over quantity.
  • The winning entry will be published here in the blog on Saturday June 30th, 2007. Depending on the number of entries, we may select one winner for each photo and have readers vote for their favorite on the Blog Poll.

Let us know if you have questions, otherwise we look forward to reading your submissions!

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  1. i like this idea! i think i’ll have a go!the pics are lovely!

  2. For picture C, is that a saddle blowing in the wind on the horse’s back? Thanks.

  3. This is something new. I think this idea is fantastic, with a photo as a guideline it may be easier for some other authors who are out of ideas.

  4. I entered,i hope you like my story. this was a really good idea!

  5. LeadMare: Thanks a lot for all the help and this contest will be great, I can’t wait to read the winners!!

  6. What is picture A?

  7. Tori, I think Picture A is of a lonely horse or some kind of virtual world. :)

  8. I was wondering in picture C why is there so many harness and tack on the horse and a ramp in the background?

  9. Thats not a ramp in the backround, its a stables. The horse is a run away. Do you understand?

  10. Tori: Picture A could be anything! Just think and look. I bet you’ll come up with a good idea in no time!!

  11. They are all good if you have good ideas. But Picture B does seem easier than the rest, however Picture C is ok too.

  12. Tori,i think pic A is a horse on wet sand,in the morning or evening.

  13. hay girls, good ideas and suggestions. we’ll keep them in mind for this and future contests.

    if you’re not totally clear about the details of a picture, use your imagination! each of you can interpret each image differently, and that’s a good thing — you all have a unique story to tell.

    please trust that we do our best to showcase a variety of talent at Girls Horse Club. for example, we like to publish a mix of stories from different authors in the loft book club. so if one author sends a lot of stories, we sometimes wait to publish them so others have a chance to be featured. we also expect to publish a diverse range of stories and authors for this contest.

    thanks for your enthusiasm and appreciation.

  14. LeadMare thanks for the nice tips & help!! :) It really did make me clear about this contest, thanks!

  15. I’m deffinently going to enter this contest!

  16. Is their a certain amount of words we have to reach, or do we just write? Thanks!
    HorseGirl~ =D

  17. Hi HorseGirl: No limits on the length — whatever you’re inspired to write! We do edit stories before they’re published, but our policy is to make minimal changes (mainly spelling, grammar and clarification) so the author’s voice and message stay intact. We look forward to reading your entry!

  18. LeadMare:Is it OK that I submit my contest story in chapters and if I can, do I have to submitt all the chapter by Sunday???

  19. cool i’ve sent in an entry :) even if it doesn’t win i hope you (the editors) enjoy it!

  20. wait, even if it doesn’t win i could send it as a regular story so all you others can read it too!

  21. Tori: The contest guidelines say “write a short story” so keep that in mind. The deadline is firm for the 24th so if all your submission isn’t received by then, it will not qualify.

    Monica: Thanks for your entry! We’ll publish all qualified entries in the book club, even if they don’t win the contest.

    Good luck everyone — just stepping up to enter a competition makes you a winner!

  22. Thank you for the helpful hints, LeadMare! Yeah, I made mine short stories. I only entered one for each. I don’t care if I don’t win, I just hope everyone likes my stories!

  23. I can hardly wait the whole day to see the winners! I wonder who won. I hope I did good.

  24. horsejo: you’ll be waiting longer than a day. please read the contest description again for the date that winning stories will be posted. we like to keep you in suspense but also need time to review and create the images for each story.

    thanks for your patience everyone — a great quality to have when you hang out with horses. :)

  25. LeadMare: I submitted my contest story today, does it still count in the contest?

  26. Hi Tori: Yes, as of this moment there are still 12 hours and 37 minutes left to submit your entries. :)

  27. Good. I always tell myself “Do before the last few minuets” but I always end up doing dureing the last few minuets.

  28. LOL Tori, I’m the same way (sort of). I start things and sometimes work on them in my head, then usually wait until the last minute to complete. In part it’s because I like to ponder/work on my creations, then let them sit for a while. When I come back to them I have a new perspective that helps me improve or see something I had not noticed before.

    But everyone is unique, so if you’ve found a creative process that works for you, that’s a good thing!