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Blogfest #2: Realizing Horse Dreams

Published by • Jul 12th, 2008 • Category: Blogfest

Dream ItIn June 2007 Julia, our first ever Junior Blogger, wrote Realizing Your Horse Dreams: How to Get Started. What I love about Julia’s blog is that it goes beyond dreaming to doing. Anyone can dream, but if you never truly BELIEVE in your dream and DO something toward making it a reality, eventually the dream will fade away.

When you take steps to realize a dream, you may discover the dream changes shape, becoming more clear, more real. You’ll probably encounter obstacles that will challenge your determination and knock you on your bum. But if you keep getting back in the saddle (metaphorically speaking, or not) in the end you’ll be living a dream. And isn’t that better than sleeping your way through life?

So continuing what Madelaina started last month with our first ever Blogfest, when July submissions open on the 23rd you’re invited to share your story about realizing a horse dream. Maybe it’s something you’ve accomplished (or want to accomplish) for yourself, or maybe you have a story to tell about a friend who has realized her horse dream. Either way, we can all learn from and be inspired by one another.

In case you’re wondering, we’ll also accept regular submissions for the blog and LBC, along with stories from the GHC journalists who chose to accept the assignment to write a story about what inspires and informs the work of Terri Farley. Until then, have fun dreaming, doing, reading and writing!

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  1. This is very exciting! I can’t wait!

    Rebecca Shyly

  2. I agree with Horsecrazzz, I can’t wait. I have so much to write about and not enough time. But I’ll do my best to contribute more this month.

  3. Yay! Our 2nd blogfest! When the submissions start, I am going to have a lot of ideas!

    Can’t wait ’till then!


  4. Madelaina, we understand it’s not summer break in Australia. :) If you have time, we’ll look forward to hearing from you!

  5. Brilliant! Oh and the submissions open the day after I leave school (we only get six weeks over here).

  6. Luckily school holidays has already started, so I’ve already written something :D Tomorrow I’m going on a horse camp, and who knows? I might discover another horse dream come true there.

  7. I will have blogs, a poem, and story ready for the July submissions. It has been a long time since I have written and I can’t wait to get started again.

  8. I have a few horse poems up my sleve that I cant wait to post!

  9. I can’t wait to write a new story. I have a fjord gelding named Kjell and He’s my dream horse!!!!

  10. I’ve already saved some blogs and poems for when the submissions start!
    Again, I can’t wait until our 2nd annual blogfest begins!


  11. Oh, a blog fest sounds like fun!
    I can’t wait ’till stories come out!