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Blogfest #2: Riding the Wild One

Published by • Jul 28th, 2008 • Category: Blogfest, Horse Girls, Junior Blogger Archives

by mustangmane, age 10

Even when I tell this, my heart starts to thud. My excitement gets stirred around, then the dream comes to mind again…

I’ve always dreamed of riding a mustang. Bareback. With no one else around. Having just a rope as a bridle to control him. Riding on a trail with the trees hanging low, the whisper of his breathing, and the leaves swishing. That part may not have come true, but the part I wanted most did happen.

My mom’s friend owns a couple of horses, and she invited my mom and I to come up. One of her horses, Buckwheat, was actually a mustang. Although he was calm and sweet, Buckwheat had arthritis in his right-front leg. I promised I wouldn’t work him too hard, and she let me ride him. Bareback. With no one else around. Only a rope to control him.

I had gotten thrown from a horse a couple of months ago, but wasn’t afraid to ride again. Sometimes I get nervous, but for some odd reason, I didn’t. As my mom said, I rode like I was a cowgirl once again. I strode around the whole stables with Buckwheat, and he didn’t mind. He didn’t reach down and grab grass, nor get scared when a noise came from the riding arena.

I was so proud of myself. So happy. My whole life in riding was turned around. Once again, I was never afraid to ride. Never. It’s as if Buckwheat was a magical mustang. A mustang that took away fears. Because he sure did that to me.

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  1. Well done :). You are so lucky- I would love to ride bareback. There is a girl who keeps her pony at the stable I ride at, and she rode her pony bareback from the paddock when he was just in his headcollar. Her pony wasn’t very pleased, though! Well done again!

  2. Congratulations on an absolutely wonderful blog and having your third blog published! This blog is different from dreaming of owning a horse or having riding lessons, and it gave me great joy reading it. Continue with your excellent writing mustangmane! You’re a very admirable writer :D

  3. Congrats MM! luv your work!!! can’t wait to see you as a JB!!!

  4. Thank you, Madelaina and Sweetie. I’m really happy you like the blog. :)

    To LeadMare- Yes! I would love to become a Junior Blogger! I absolutely can’t wait!!


  5. Loved how you incorporated your own feelings into this blog! It was amazing! I’ve had that same dream too!!! I really want to ride a Mustang! Loved it all around, MM. Keep it up!

  6. Thank you SB and Jeanna Briggs! I am looking forward to being a JB too…


  7. Wow! that sounds lovely. u and the horse as one i, one day would love to do that!