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Blogfest #3: Five Minutes of Terror

Published by • Feb 4th, 2009 • Category: Blogfest, Guest Bloggers

Blogfestby Whimsically, age 14

My craziest experience was the first time I was in Florida for a winter horse show with my new equitation horse. He had never been to that ring and the change of weather from snow to sun was drastic. Fresh and frisky, he was hyper throughout my entire lesson. My trainer told me to jump one last jump and stop; he was too wild. I jumped the jump and after— he took off! He ran around the ring, which only had a gate on three sides…

I had to duck under trees as he ran out. He ran for about five minutes, having fun at first, then began to get scared with people trying to stop him. The edge where the footing met the grass was slippery. My horse slipped and fell, then rolled on top of me! Luckily neither of us got any injuries.

I trust him with my life now, and he’s never done anything since. That is definitely the craziest experience though!

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  1. OMG my first blog!

  2. Wow! That really is crazy. Especially the rolling part- it’s a good thing you were’nt hurt.

    For all who read this- You MAY START blogging for this blogfest.


  3. Wow! Crazy! You were very lucky to not have gotten hurt! Congrats on your first blog Whimsically! =)

  4. Yeah! I agree with Blaze’ncowgirl you could have really gotten hurt.