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Blogfest #3: Bronc Moment

Published by • Feb 7th, 2009 • Category: Blogfest

Blogfestby Ginger, age 11

I’ve had a lot of crazy moments with horses. Some are due to mistakes I made with the horse. This is one of those…

Before I start the story, let me give you some background information on this horse. I previously owned this horse, but he is not mine anymore due to some other experiences I had with him. Why he didn’t work out for me was a combination of his smarts and natural ability to take advantage of me, my lack of experience, and the fact I did not take charge of him so he didn’t know who was boss.

One day me and my friend were riding in the arena. My beautiful chestnut horse, Vegas, would NOT canter. Me and my friend decided that while I rode she would push him to go with the lunge whip. My friend cracked the whip and Vegas started to canter, then suddenly did a humongous ‘rodeo buck’ — he reared, put his head down, then kicked up his heels. It happened so fast I was terrified! I was caught in the stirrups for a few seconds, then I tumbled to the ground. Luckily I landed on my side, and I was wearing a helmet. I wasn’t trampled so all I got was a few scratches on my side and arms.

Vegas was a good, well-trained horse. It was partly my fault; I shouldn’t have used the lunge whip to get him to go. But I don’t think he ever would have done that if he had a rider on his back that he respected. He knew all about me, and he knew he could get away with murder with me on him. Even though we ended up selling that horse, I learned TONS from him, and when the time comes to get another horse I will know so much more — stuff that Vegas taught me and stuff that my very awesome trainer, friends, and other beloved horses taught me.

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  1. Howdy Ginger! Is this your first blog? I guess a blogfest gives alot of opportunity for us horse lovers to write about crazy stuff that’s happened to us and horses!
    Seeya around the virtual barn,
    Wild Rose

  2. I’m glad that you realized that it may have been your fault and not just blow-up at the horse! That in it self is a huge life lesson!
    Great blog!

  3. I had a horse like that. For a while, life got really tough! Great blog!

  4. Nice blog! It is never fun to be on a crazy horse.
    I look forward to reading another blog of yours!


  5. Thanks! I’m so excited my 2nd blog was published!