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Blogfest #3: Bubbles and Troubles

Published by • Feb 8th, 2009 • Category: Blogfest, Guest Bloggers

Blogfestby Autumn, age 14

My horse Gypsy is a water maniac. She LOVES to swim and splash in creeks and ponds. Here are some of her crazy experiences:

Gypsy and I had had a hard day working on our reining, and our instructor wanted us to bond with our horses more, so me and my riding group trotted to a cool little creek. Gypsy walked right into it. She nibbled on the grass around the creek, and pawed the water rapidly. I was soaked! She kept pawing, and I walked her around. She really enjoyed herself.

Another time I caught Gypsy kicking her water trough. I ran over to see what the problem was. It was empty, so I filled it up. She dipped her nose into the water, then swung it out and gave me a BIG kiss on the face! Then she dipped her nose back into the water and blew huge bubbles with her nose!

I love Gypsy, but she can do things I don’t like. Whatever she does, I will always love her. And I’m sure it is the same with your horses!

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  1. Gypsy seems like a fun horse! Especially one that makes you laugh. Good job on the blog, Autumn!


  2. Autumn: It’s cool that your horse loves water! My dog loves it too (he’s a Golden Retriever).
    mustangmane: I read on one of your comments that you had been busy recently. I was wondering why you hadn’t commented in a while. I’m glad to see you back.
    Best Wishes For You Both,
    Wild Rose

  3. Thanks, you guys make my day!

  4. You are so welcome, Autumn!