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Blogfest #3: Crazy Horse Experiences

Published by • Feb 3rd, 2009 • Category: Blogfest, Junior Blogger Archives

UPDATE FEBRUARY 14th, 2008: Blogfest #3 has ended. Nickers to mustangmane for hosting, and thanks to everyone who participated. Click here to read past Blogfest entries. Enjoy!

by mustangmane, age 10

BlogfestWe’ve all at one point experienced something crazy with a horse. Whether it’s a wild one, scary, or even a jubilant one. Maybe you went riding late at night on a creepy trail and your horse spooked. Or maybe you saw something wild like a mountain lion and immediately galloped off. I have had crazy ones and figured every rider probably has, so that’s why this topic is good for a Blogfest.

For those of you who have never participated in a Blogfest, here is how it works:

Go to SUBMIT A BLOG and write a blog about your crazy experience. In your title, be sure to include the word ‘Blogfest’ so we’ll know it is for the Blogfest. It’s as easy as that!

So, I hope you’ll be thinking of some great experiences, and when it’s time, your fingers will be typing very, very quickly. Have FUN!

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  1. This was a great idea! And I think my first blog will be published!

  2. AAWWW! I tried and tried to enter, but it kept saying ‘bad data submitted’ even though I’d done everything! Then it deleted what I’d written! *sniffsniff*

  3. Angelica, sorry you’re having trouble with the form. We’re getting plenty of submissions so I know it’s not broken. If you’d like help troubleshooting please use the email link below.

  4. Angelica: I sympathize your situation. I have a suggestion. At the bottom of the blog submission page there’s that code thing. Are you SURE that you typed everything in correctly? I’m sorry if I sound like a grown-up. I’m just trying to help.
    Sincerely, Wild Rose

  5. WOW this is coooooooooollllllll!