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Blogfest #3: Plonk and GO!

Published by • Feb 9th, 2009 • Category: Blogfest, Guest Bloggers

Blogfestby DianaLUV♥, age 11

I was at a pony camp and I was told that I would be riding this gorgeous pony called Billy for the first lesson. I was kind of disappointed that I wouldn’t be riding my fave horse, Buzz, but excited to ride one of my riding centre’s top ponies!

It took me ages to tack him up because he was really nervous and kept trotting away from me and everybody else in the stable. When I finally got him tacked up he came out to the arena really relaxed. Then I mounted him really slowly because he didn’t know me. He went crazy when I sat in the saddle. He just bolted and galloped around the arena at a mad speed. I had to turn him towards the wall and all the other horses in the arena where kicking out when he went by. I did two whole laps before he slowed down, and three and a half before he stopped.
And everytime the horse in front of him went into a canter, he would bolt and buck me off. He threw me twice and it really hurt.

Billy got put straight back into the stable after the lesson and my back REALLY hurt. But my riding instructor made up for it by letting me ride my fave horse, Buzz. I was still pretty shaken up from riding Billy though…

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  1. Yay! It got published!!!

  2. Great job, DianaLUV! I have said this many times before, it always hurts to get thrown. Always.

    I am looking forward to another blog of yours!


  3. Thank you! I wrote a blog about clicking with horses and ponies and I hope that it gets published. I think it might help…