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Blogfest #3: Stop the Hop!

Published by • Feb 11th, 2009 • Category: Blogfest, Junior Blogger Archives

Blogfestby mustangmane, age 10

You may think this is a weird title, but I have to say, it’s exactly what I thought in my head at this crazy moment.

Jazz was a quiet, very unpredictable riding horse. When my regular riding horse moved away, I rode Jazz most often. He was a spunky paint horse who hung his tongue out at every lesson, and was sometimes uncontrollable and wild.

It was a pretty rainy Saturday and I walked to Jazz’s stall, tacked him up, and brought him into the arena. There were jumps set up everywhere, and I thought I was going to start jumping. I found out there was a jumping show coming up, and riders were just practicing. So, thankfully I didn’t have to jump yet.

We started out in a walk, trot, and smoothly went into a canter. Jazz and I had made it around the arena, maybe four times or so, when he came near a jump and started to hop! The parents watching on the benches were completely whacked. What I mean by this is that they didn’t even realize there was a small crack of lightning in the distance. All eyes were on me. It was so embarrassing.

Jazz hopped a few times, then I told him to stop. It was enough. My instructor said, “Now, you ready to jump?” as a joke. I was the only one not laughing.

During the drive back home, my mum said, “You looked pretty funny out there. Your face was bright red and you had the craziest look.” Even my mum noticed the smallest thing!

What an experience…

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  1. Great job! mustangmane you are a great writer!

  2. mustangmane: I heard that you will be going out of town and you will have no computer access. I’m gonna miss you! I hope you have a good time,though!
    Your Friend,
    Wild Rose

  3. Gosh! I know the feeling!!! I was in a junior-junior rodeo queen contest and for the final trot around the arena your supposed to break in to a graceful lope…not MY pony,oh no, she didn’t want to run that day! Talk about a red face!

  4. Thanks Wild Rose, and Salina!

    Wild Rose- Yeah. I will be going to the snow! It’ll be fun, and if I ever get computer access, I’ll be sure to come on. My mum might bring her laptop. So, if she does, I’ll be lucky. I’ll miss you too!