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Blogfest #3: Superman

Published by • Feb 13th, 2009 • Category: Blogfest

Blogfestby Peanut, age 8

One day I was riding Gulliver in the arena. We were trotting in full circuits and doing figure eights when my coach asked me to canter. I felt pretty confident so I squeezed my legs into his sides and urged him to canter. He took off at a steady speed, so I decided to go a bit faster.

We were soon speeding around the arena. Gulliver was heading towards a corner, and then he changed direction. I came flying off! I flew through the air like Superman, then landed on the ground on all fours. I must have looked pretty funny because everyone burst out laughing.

I got back up and walked towards Gully; he let out a playful whinny. I jumped back on and continued my lesson, happy as can be.

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  1. You and Gulliver should be superheroes! Great blog!

  2. Thanks!

  3. Funny blog! I love it.

    Just a question.. are any of you experiancing very small writing on this page? On every website, the typing is like… teeny tiny.

    Can’t wait to hear more from ya!

  4. mustangmane, if you’re seeing a problem on every website it’s most likely a setting on your computer. Not something GHC can help with, and definitely not related Peanut’s blog…

  5. Cute blog, Peanut! Your pony sounds kind of ornery:)

  6. Actually he is really sweet. He is not a bratty pony at all, he is an Arabian. He is the best horse in the entire universe!

  7. Very sorry, LeadMare…


  8. I was there to see it! I could not stop laughing, Hahahahahaha!