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Blogfest #1: Determination

Published by • Jun 26th, 2008 • Category: Blogfest, Junior Blogger Archives, Riding Advice

by Sweetie, age 12

I’ve been riding for two years, which means I have had approximately 60 lessons as I don’t ride every week. I’ve recently started jumping lessons. I can trot over poles and very small jumps. Here’s a little bit from last week’s jumping lesson:

I was on my fave pony, PB (he has a weird name, those are the initials as I don’t think I can type his name on here!) for the first time since late last year. The lesson went really well, then we went into the jumping paddock. We had trotted over a few poles when my instructor raised the last one so it was a real jump. I was very worried, as everyone had done some more jumping the week before when I wasn’t in the lesson.

I trotted up to the jump, but after I got past the second pole, I was so nervous I looked down at the jump and stopped rising so much. As you can guess, PB ducked out. He did this loads of times during the lesson, which is very embarrassing when you have a line of other girls waiting impatiently to do their jump perfectly.

I did finally get over the jump (not without knocking the pole down) after a few tries. My tip to anyone who is learning how to jump is don’t look down and be determined. Don’t give up just before the jump, even if you think you won’t make it.

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  1. Love it as usal, Syd. Very inspiring. I’ve done very small jumps also and messed up when we were cantering (my first time) so that it threw off everybody else in the ring and ended up with a hold up. I’ve had my share of embarresments too! But I still love horses!

  2. I’m Sweetie, not Syd, lol, but thanks anyway! Poor you, I had another jumping lesson recently and I fell off when the pony jumped :(. It was very embaressing as everyone else had managed to do it perfectly, as always.

  3. I was working on ground poles for a while, but have not yet started the small jumping. But since it may come soon, I thank you for writing this blog! 2 thumbs up, Sweetie!


  4. Thanks! Good luck with your jumping :).

  5. Thanks! I haven’t started jumping yet, but I sure do look forward to it!

    Happy riding!,