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Blogfest #1: Memories

Published by • Jun 19th, 2008 • Category: Blogfest, Junior Blogger Archives, Riding Advice

by Syd, age 12

I have decided to use this blog to also make an announcement. I am officially switching barns. My trainer is moving and a couple riding friends and I are going to use this summer (what we have left of it after vacations) to find a new barn. So this ‘blogfest’ blog is going to be about all my funny and interesting stories I’ve had at Gold-Creek. My trainer always joked about how my lessons were exciting and terrifying and there will probably be lots of stories to tell about me, so I’m here to tell a few.


Definitely one of the highlight lessons of the year is when I was taken over a 3 foot-something fence! I was riding Joy, one of our best jumpers, but not always the nicest horse to ride. We had already successfully (and surprisingly) made it through flatwork and over the vertical twice without many issues. So as we were trotting towards the fence for a third time, Joy decides to duck away and start cantering towards the other HUGE jumps in the arena. This happened multiple times and I stopped her, but my trainer was getting annoyed so she finally told me to do WHATEVER it takes to get Joy to turn the way she was supposed to. So as we attempted the verticl for about the billionth time, Joy ducked off again and I pathetically tried to turn her. Before I knew it my trainer was shouting “YOU’RE JUMPING!” So I immediately went into two-point — apparently with Joy’s head turned to the side and with HUGE eyes — and landed with an awkward smile on my face (but landed safely). And then Joy stopped! So I guess I should thank Joy for giving me a ride to remember, and scaring the heck out of me!


Another funny experience happened last summer in the sand arena. I was riding Roslyn and she pulled up lame so my friend and I had to share the horse she was riding, Louie. She rode Louie for a bit then it was my turn to jump! I got him into a trot, then a few strides away from the jump he spooks and bolts down the long side of the arena. I lost both my stirrups as he was ‘galloping’ away. I could vaguely hear my instructor shouting “Sydney stop!” I was having the time of my life! Then suddenly I snapped out of my trance and pulled him to a complete stop, surprisingly without falling off despite the fact I had lost both my stirrups and Louie is VERY bouncy!


Also I remember my little ‘vaulting stunt’ on Coco. We were cantering down in the lower covered arena and it was at night during the winter, so it was dark and she spooks easily in the dark. My trainer had her hood up and smooched at Coco to keep her going. Coco decided that my trainer was a scary monster, stopped dead in her tracks, then pivoted to the side. I held onto the reins but the rest of my body went flying up in the air. I guess I was doing like a handstand on the horse! Then I let go of the reins and spun in the air twice like a ballerina, ending up on my feet! Amazing huh?

So these are just a few of the stories I will leave behind at Gold-Creek. And I think I will be the only one who will ever know all of them considering I’ve switched barns, trainers and horses multiple times. But I hope anyone and everyone at Gold-Creek who’s been with me through these experiences enjoyed them and found them inspiring and entertaining at the same time. And hope my GHC family enjoyed them as well!

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  1. LOL, brilliant! I’m 12 too, but you’ve had many more interesting times! The pony I ride once galloped with me too, it was really funny!

  2. I definitely enjoyed your stories! They were all amazing (both the content and your writing), and ones that I would always like to look back on when I’m in the mood for some entertainment. It must be hard having to leave the stable where you’ve had so much fun, but expect the unexpected. That is always the case around horses. Good luck searching for a new barn, and I hope you have more happy and thrilling riding!

  3. This was a wonderful blog! It was a very “memorable” blog. Hopefully you won’t miss the “old barn” too much, and that you will find another great barn. Some of the memories that you listed and talked about were very funny. It was like you were doing something without really knowing it. I’ve done some pretty weird things too…. but that’s a different story. Hope you find another barn soon, and that you will have happy memories there too.

    Have a nice summer!
    P.S. When you mentioned your first name, I just had to say that that’s my name too. I’m sorry! I just can’t help it! [it’s also spelled that way….]

  4. These were fantastic stories! They made me regret that I have not had many chances for unusual things to happen on horse back.

    hope you find a barn that works out for you!

  5. Those are awesome stories! I could not belive the last story, that was crazy! Hope you found a good riding stable and good luck to you!

  6. I remember this one time we were having a sorta ride different styles day, and they dragged out the side saddle. It was the most uncomfortable thing ever! I don’t know how those ladies did it back then, but back to the story. We had gone around the ring once when we stopped. The saddle had been cinched all the way, and they still have no idea how this happened, but the saddle flipped over and I fell on my bottom. One moment I wa ssitting up, and the next the saddle was on her side, and I was bruised. Anyways, love the stories! Have an awesome summer!

  7. Awesome stories! good job, Syd!!!!!!!

  8. The barn where I had my first lessons close about a year or two ago, which leads to some interesting stories…