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Blogfest #1: The Terrifying Fall

Published by • Jun 30th, 2008 • Category: Blogfest, Riding Advice

by Stargazer, age 11

After lessons at the old farm, my best friend and I would always ride bareback, asking first, of course. So we asked the farm hand if we could ride bareback and she said yes. She told us though, “Don’t ride in the back field.” We went to ride in the area before the back field because someone was having a lesson in the arena when my friend said, “Let’s ride in the back field.”

I said, “I thought (the farm hand) said not to.”

“No, she said we could,” my dear friend said.

“Okay,” I said, because my friend is very convincing.

So we rode into the back field, walking our horses slowly over the muddy area near the gate, and then walking a little bit faster toward the back. It wasn’t long before we heard the roar of the Gator approaching. The farm hand was in it, and she said she told us not to go in the field. My friend said she thought we could, and then we started to walk our horses back.

Suddenly, Pilgrim, the horse my friend was riding, bolted. Danny, the one I was on, never bolts unless another horse does, and he took off after Pilgrim. My friend and I were doing fine, hanging on and leaning forward, actually having a little bit of fun at such a fast gallop, when I saw the huge, slippery mud spot in front of the gate.

I knew we couldn’t go galloping over such a dangerous spot at top speed, so I tried to slow Danny down. I leaned back slightly and started to half halt. I leaned back too far, though, lost my balance, and fell off at full speed. Danny skidded to a halt when he realized I was no longer aboard, and Pilgrim stopped when Danny did. It was extremely terrifying. I wasn’t hurt, just sore for the next few days. I was afraid of riding in the big field for much after that, but later broke it with rides on Pilgrim and Sassy. That’s another story…

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  1. Scary! I have fallen off about 6 times but I ride ponies so it’s not so far to go! I know what you mean about being sore, I do dance lessons and I had one the day after I last fell off. You try doing full plies (or however you spell it!) when you have fallen off twice. At least I was taller than the rest whilst they were doing their plies!!!

  2. Wow, Stargazer, that fall must have been terrifying. I can’t believe how scared I got just from hearing your story. Thankfully that being sore is all you got from it, and it was a great story you shared with us. Brilliant writing, and I hope you have fun riding next time!

    Sweetie: What a coincidence! I have ballet the day after my lessons as well, and even without falling off I can’t even do a simple plie not to say the least about grand ones!

  3. Some friends I guess you shouldn’t listen to at times. But, overall, great blog! I have gotten thrown 1 time, but therefore had to get stitches and other medical treatment. You know, things happen for a reason. So, you and others could learn from this experiance.


  4. Ouch!! Falling off a horse hurts ALOT! It is also very scary, as you said. But don’t be scared to ride in a field again!! Riding in a field is great fun, and after you fall off you don’t fall off in ages! (Sometimes you can go a whole year without falling off!)

    Don’t worry! But the blog was great! A teaches you an important lesson…


  5. Oh I’m no longer scared, Caity. I’m fearless now when it comes to riding. I have a blog written about my summer with Sassy that made me not afraid of ANYTHING that I will submit next month.

  6. great story!!!!!!!!!! I have fallen of only 1 time but man was it scary!!

  7. uh sounds really scary, but, no offense, duh you guys shouldnt’ve gone in that field! way to put yourselves at risk! jk try to stay safe, blog almost gave me a heart attack!

  8. dressagerider, we rode in the field all the time, but my friend was usually on magic. of course the day we were riding bareback she’s on pilgrim, the one who bolts! UGH!

  9. Wow! That would be scary! You must of been really sore after that!

    Happy riding!,