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Blogfest #1: When You Fall

Published by • Jun 24th, 2008 • Category: Blogfest, Junior Blogger Archives, Riding Advice

by mustangmane, age 10

Have any of you experienced getting thrown? Falling from a horse? I know many girls out there that have. And I’ve come to tell you my experience from it.

You think it’s probably the most unlikely place to get thrown, a trail ride. You can’t look into the future and say, “Oh, Mom! I’m going to get thrown!” I know some of us would like to be able to do that. But for some odd reason, whenever it’s the least expected, you get hurt.

We were heading back to the corral to unsaddle our horses when all of a sudden, my horse charged. I was going at the speed of light, and it was so fast the wind felt like it was cutting my cheeks. On he went, galloping as fast as he could. I could hear the faint shouts, “Pull the reins! Hold onto the mane!” But it was no use. I struggled to get my hands on the mane, but it was too much. My horse abruptly stopped, and I flew over.

I was rushed to the hospital, and had to get 10 stitches in my lip. I had a black eye, lip that was torn apart, my left hip bruised, and my nose almost broken. As my mom always tells me that it was really bloody, and I looked like the bride of Frankenstein. But, I have to say, I learned much from it.

When your horse starts to gallop off like that, keep in mind that if your horse is stubborn, it’s no use pulling on the reins and shouting HO. Keep your bottom in the saddle as tight as you can, and put your boot heels down on the stirrups like they’re glued on. Make sure that you hold the reins extra tight and hard, and if you can, hold onto the mane. Depending on which saddle you are riding in (western or English), a western saddle is more safe. If your horse does go to an abrupt stop, the horn will somewhat keep you down. English saddle? You are more likely to get hurt. That’s what I was riding in.

And if you do fall down, try to roll away from your horse so it doesn’t trample you. I was lucky that it didn’t happen.

But as some people say, “You can’t get mad at a horse, for being a horse.”

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  1. Horses- always spirited, always unpredictable. This blog has given a heads up for less experienced riders about the risks of horse riding, and I think it’s definitely helpful for many. But you can’t deny we are all willing to face a few injuries to borrow wings. I really hope you are better now, because you’ve written a very exciting and overall fantastic blog! Thanks for sharing.

  2. Loved the blog. Thanks for throwing yourself in front of that horse just you could tell us all about it first hand. (Kidding of course!) I loved the twist with humor, and how it really will help lots of the other girls. i know i’ve been thrown four times, but three were on the same horse becuase it had a way too bouncy trot, was a pony, and i was bareback. the ohter was becuase the saddle was too loose. Not my fault, by the way. Keep writing, mustangmane, I love your stuff!

  3. Ha ha! They say once you have fallen off 7 times you are an expert rider. Just one more fall for me! I fell off twice on the weekend. I’m in agony, but this blog has helped me see I’m lucky to just have a bruised hip and slightly hurting shoulder. I could have been much worse off.

  4. OMG! I’m glad your okay from your fall, MM! I’m still suffering minor pain from my fall.. lol . Awesome Blog!

  5. WOW! that was really good. I fell of a horse before it hurt! you are a really good blog writer keep iup the good work

  6. Madelaina- Thank you so much for the compliment. I learned from your advice.

    SB- You are a great blogger, too! The one poem, Tiger Lily is just fantastic.

    Thank you again!

  7. Aha. At our barn, if someone falls off, he or she must buy ice cream for everyone at the barn. Actually, several people have been launched lately. (We’re starting several youngsters this year.) So we are having a big ice cream social! ;-)


  8. Sweetie- Ouch! I hope your pain goes away soon. Glad you like the blog. :)

    Jeanna Briggs- Thanks for your compliment. I really am glad to have a friend like you! Hope you get better too.

    horse_luver- Thanks soooo much. I’m really glad you like it.

    Linda – The Mane Point- That’s pretty funny. I would have only bought ice cream for them once! Glad you like it too.


  9. mustangmane; you write really awesome blogs. do you show your horse? if so what do you ride? write bak 2 me!

  10. Great blog, I have fallen off of a horse many times… I have also suffered many black eyes and broken noses.

    If it takes 7 falls to be an expert, I must be the best rider ever. xD

  11. Good blog, I have almost had a horrible fall while taking lessons in front of many people!

    Happy riding!,