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Blogfest #3: Just Fresh or Something Wrong?

Published by • Feb 12th, 2009 • Category: Blogfest, Guest Bloggers

Blogfestby Salina, age 14

Just a few days ago we had some nice weather come in (this is very rare!) so I decided I would take a ride. My horse is, for the most part, very calm and predictable so I wasn’t to nervous about the fact that I hadn’t ridden her since last fall.

Well, every thing started ok. She was a bit fresh but I had expected that. We were going along at a brisk trot, when quite suddenly and for absolutely no reason whatsoever, she flipped out! I mean, she really bucked, not those little crow-hops, we’re talking bucking, like in rodeos! She keep it up for a little while, even when I pulled her head up she still hopped around like some overly large rabbit!

The good thing about not ridding her for a long time had points though, she tired very quickly, and we went on. Not even three minutes later she tried again! This time I was ready though, and handled it fairly easily. Then she tried it AGAIN! By this time I was really beginning to wonder if something was bothering her, so I looked for any wild animals that might be around — rabbits, deer, foxes, coyotes, etc. Nothing. I checked her saddle pad for stickers and grass that might be poking her. Nothing there either. It was then that I remembered that her poll was apt to go out of place. Sure enough, when I felt her bridle path behind her ears she jerked away as if I had slapped her. I felt horrible. It must have been really bad when I held her head up to keep her from bucking!

Needless to say, I immediately stopped riding her.

I remember saying over and over “I’m sorry! I’m sorry!” She just gave me a look that said “What?” I gave her an apple and turned her out. But it really gave me something to think about.

So next time you ride your horse, think — is he just being spunky or is something really wrong?

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  1. Perfect blog for the blogfest,Salina. I loved it! Especially your last sentence. It really wrapped things up.

    Can’t wait to hear more from you!

  2. Go Salina! Great blog!

  3. Thanks girls!:)

  4. Oh! I forgot to explain the poll part for those of you who don’t know…
    The poll is the at the very top of the neck;where the skull and spine come together. Occasionally the bone will shift (due to a sudden hard jerk,pull,ect.) and cause a horrible pinch, that, in a severe case can also pinch a nerve causing the horse to pretty much go crazy.(a few years ago this happened to my mare)
    To fix it is relatively easy: Call in the equine chiropractor. They will then massage the horse until it is completely relaxed then, wham-o! They pop the neck back into place. And the horse is as good as new!
    If you have a horse that is extremely halter-shy this could be your problem. Test by rubbing its poll, if he’s skittish or jerks away in pain call your vet for advice on an equine chiropractor. Believe me your horse will thank you for it!