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Bonding: Always There

Published by • Feb 14th, 2008 • Category: Junior Blogger Archives, Junior Blogger Finals, Non-Fiction

Junior Blogger Finalsby Jeanna Briggs, age 13

Sometimes, something bad has to happen in order for something good to happen. A few years ago, my favorite horse Go-Go Girl died. She had been with my family twenty-four years, and was the oldest horse we owned. She was so old, in fact, that she had been my mom’s horse before mine.

When I was nine, my dad and mom bred her to another horse. I guess she was too old or sick or something, because she died while giving birth. For days and weeks after, I was miserable, but didn’t have much time to mop because there was a foal to care for. I had instantly fallen in love with the little colt. He was a tiny little thing, with giant gold-brown eyes and a solemn look that made me see he was mourning too.

One day about three months later, I was spending time with the foal when he rubbed up against my leg with his nose just slightly. I stared at him, and he nuzzled my face with his soft baby whiskers. I started to cry. That was just what Go-Go used to do! I looked closely at him. I realized that he was almost identical to Go-Go. Of course he was fuzzy and dull colored, but he had her eyes and markings. And right then, those eyes were saying, “You and I both miss her. You knew her better, but I was closer. If you let me, I’ll always be there for you.”

From then on, I spent all my time with him. Today that foal is my Buck, my horse, my bonded best friend. And he kept that promise. He is there whenever I need him.

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  1. Love it Jeanna! Touches the heart!

  2. I smiled, I cried, I thought of all the good and bad times. what can I say? It touched my heart? I felt the shiver run down my spine? I smiled and was close to tears at the same time? I know! It was all of that! Such a wonderful heartfelt blog that was.

  3. It’s wonderful to have the spirit of a loved one live on. I was thrilled to read that you have such a great bond with Buck, he sounds brilliant! I am touched by your story. All the best luck for becoming a JB! You have great potential and I am eager to read more from you. :D

  4. Thanx guys good luck to everyone to. here is a hug from buck… {:D} {:D}

  5. Wow that is a great blog! I just joined but I can see that I will love it here!

  6. Hey Jeanna,I’ve been keeping up with the blogs you write.Each one says something new and different,but each touches my heart in the gentlest ways.With all due respect to Allison,Lauren,SB,nd tash,Jeanna’s got my vote
    Eciting news!I may be published in magazine! :))

  7. Hi guys.
    Leadmare: I just had a great idea for the club, if you would agree to it anyway…

  8. Do tell Jeanna! Or are you going to keep us in suspense… ;)

  9. Yes Jeanna!! PLEASE tell!!

  10. Well, I know a lot about horses, being around them all my life. What if you could open a horse advise panel on here, and I could answer questions girls have about training, feeding, riding, etc. I could make time for it, I on here every day anyway…

  11. Cassie: What will be published in a magazine? :-/

  12. What do you think, Leadmare?

  13. Jeanna, I think an ‘ask me’ advice blog is a great idea, and it’s nice of you to offer. If you’re interested, you can submit something that tells about your experience (so people know why you’re qualified to give advice) and the areas where you’re most qualified (for example, are you an expert in both English and Western riding?). From there we’ll open it up to questions!

    Right now comments stay open for 30 days after a blog is posted. If it turns out to be a popular feature and you enjoy doing it, we can discuss something more permanent. Sound good?

  14. That is a GREAT idea, Jeanna!! I have SO many questions about horses to ask! :D

  15. does it have to only be Jeanna? I want to do it too. I have 2 horses curently and have had LOTS of ups and downs. I’d REALLY love to do the ask me blog advice thing too.

  16. Sounds good to me, Leadmare! Thanx! {:D} {:D} {:D}

  17. tash, since Jeanna first proposed the idea and has already submitted her intro, I’m going to let her run with it right now. We’ll see where it goes in the future. In the meantime, there are some content guidelines on the Casting Call for Bloggers. Perhaps it might trigger some ideas for you!

  18. Ooooo! Thats a great idea Jeanna!!!

  19. Tash: if I ever need any help, you’ll be the first to know, :) {:D}

  20. Thanx, Tori!

  21. Great idea I cant wait!

  22. okay.