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Published by • Oct 16th, 2012 • Category: Arts & Crafts

Riley My Horse submitted by Riley is My Girl, age 10

Thanks to Riley is My Girl for sharing this photo of her beautiful horse with a lovely braided mane! There are many online resources to learn about how to braid a horse’s mane. Here are a few to get you started. Other tips/links are welcome in the comments!

Diamond Braid (Beginner)

Running Braid (Intermediate)

Button Braid (Advanced)

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  1. wow good job on braiding looks great your very good at it

  2. impressive ………………………….
    [ i cant braid not even my hair haaa :]

  3. can u put a video of when you put tiny buns all the way down to the end of the mane

  4. Holly, did you check out the Button Braid video above?

  5. No waass it there before ? if it was soz :-(

  6. Awesome. Someone should post how to do the running braid up top <3 I really like the DIY horse section. Should post more of it!

  7. I loved this video! You should definetly post more How to’s and DIY horse things. Love that stuff!

  8. Thanks for the great suggestion IllinoisCowgirl. I’m a total DIY girl, so I agree. Hopefully this will inspire more DIY blog submissions!

  9. Woew¡¡ i love¡¡