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Break Down Horse Slaughter

Published by • Mar 20th, 2009 • Category: Take a Stand

Take a Stand
by Allison, age 13

I have seen many people talk about horse slaughter on this site, and most of us believe it’s wrong. We have been tackling the entire problem of horse slaughter, and while it is important to know and understand the problem, to solve it, we will need to break it down.

Why did horse slaughter become a problem? There were too many horses. Why were there too many horses? Many reasons.

One reason is excessive breeding. While breeding your horse can produce foals that can be very successful, sometimes the foals just don’t work out for your riding discipline. When that happens, the owners sell the foal and try again. This process causes too many horses to be born. When these horses get old, the owners don’t want them anymore — they are “useless”. Then, they breed more horse to make up for the older ones they can’t use. The system is crazy. Sometimes, instead of having a horse bred, the horse that is perfect for you may be the horse for sale next door.

I learned about another reason for the overpopulation of horses and I have to say it was really shocking. I could not believe what I was reading. You can make a kind of medicine called Premarin from the urine of pregnant horses. Unfortunately in this case, pregnant mares have babies. When mares are kept pregnant all the time for their urine, that is a lot of foals. Where do you think these foals go? You guessed it- the slaughterhouse! These foals don’t even get to weaned their full six months; they only get three. After that, it’s off to unsheltered feed lots until they are killed.

You see, many people say slaughterhouses are necessary because of the overpopulation of horses. But, if you dig deeper, you will realize that the real source is our irresponsibility. When we end our selfish programs and discover better alternatives, horse slaughter will stop or at least they will have no way to defend the murder.

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  1. That is s true!

  2. It is a horrible problem that’s going to take a lot of work to fix.
    I believe that you should only breed a horse if you have a potential buyer or are intending to train it for yourself. You wouldn’t believe how many foals could be saved if they had just been trained to ride! For many people its too much work and they don’t realize when they buy a foal to train for themselves how much time it ends up taking,so they sell to the first bidder who could be anyone.
    As for Premarin, it maybe necessary in SOME cases,but the foals should at least have a chance in the world!
    Very informative! Thank you for stating the facts.

  3. I agree with you alot! I think horse slaughter is wrong but sometimes we have to look at the issue a little deeper and realize we need to be more responsible.

  4. That is so sad. I feel so bad for all those foals.

  5. That is so true! But there is one lady, her name is Debra Naismith, and she rescues Premarin foals. I think it is so great that some people stand up and do their best to help horses in need. You did a great job on this blog, Allison. Go, Horse Girl!

  6. Awesome Job! Very Informative!

  7. Allison,

    Very good job! I admire the way you broke that down and showed us that its our fault, and we need to change that.

  8. Yes horse slaughter is very bad! We need to stop breeding so many horses and that drug thing made from pregnant mares urine also needs to stop those poor mares (and foals) I have looked into horse slaughtering alot and I think that no animal should be slaghtered inhumanly I have also written letters to government people pleading for laws against slaughtering in Canada!

  9. Slaughter is tereble, and what you said is so true.

  10. Good for you Michala! Maybe we All could write letters!