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Published by • Sep 15th, 2015 • Category: Picture This

by Rey, age 12

This is cute little Breaker! Saw him for the first time today!

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  1. OMG!!!! Is this the foal you were talking about in ‘Meet Koboz’?! ADORBS!!!! <3

  2. What breed is he?

  3. Is he yours? He is adorable!!!!

  4. Yes this is that foal! He is my grandpa’s foal. I used to ride his mom for lessons though! She’s pretty spunky! He is a Quarter Horse. He had gotten cut by a barbed wire fence when he was younger in the front of his chest, but he has healed nicely! And he is very curious and very friendly, a good combination for taking cute pics! ;)

  5. Then he and my colt, Koboz must be the same age then! When I ride Tilly, (Koboz’s mom) Koboz never wants to stay with his mom. He always gallops back to our yearlings, Flora and King. (Flora is Tilly’s older filly.)

  6. Awww! Adorbs!

  7. Oh my gosh! He’s so cute! Rey you are so lucky. He is so so so cute!

  8. i love him he’s adorable