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Can’t Live Without Horses

Published by • Nov 3rd, 2009 • Category: Gift Horse, Guest Bloggers

by Carolina Cowgirl, age 12

Can't Live Without HorsesThere are some things you can’t just live without. Of course there is food and water, clothes, and knowledge. But there are other things too. Things that are such a big part of your life and you just don’t think you can live without them. These “things” are horses.

From the first time you see their eyes and touch their soft velvet nose, you instantly fall in love with these marvelous creatures. Unconditional love is formed and you will never quit loving them. Never quit wanting them.

Your room is filled with posters and model horses, while your book shelf is filled with so many horse books you’ve at least read twice. In your school notebook there is hardly a thing but drawings of your dream horse. You ride them in your dream, groom them in your sleep, and want them when you’re awake.

You walk down the crowded hallways at school, head held high as you wear your cowgirl boots and favorite horse shirt. Every one knows you’re horse crazy, and you’re happy to tell anyone that too.

As time goes on we lose interest in a lot of things, like bands and fashion trends, but you’ll always seem to love horses as you did when you were that little girl touching that large animal for the first time.

We need a lot of things to live, but the most important thing for a cowgirl are horses!

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  1. wow.. lol As i was reading this i cannot tell you how perfectly you described me. Of cource my mum doesnt want me wearing my boots to school cause she says “your not going riding or mucking out stalls so your not going to scuff up the floors.” I just sigh but at least i have my t-shirts! =0) Perfect blog.. i say “wear it and declare it!” lol.


  2. Awesome! Horse crazy girls unite ;-) I actually just wrote a blog similar to this! It was about . . . well maybe I shouldn’t say it. It wasn’t totally the same it did have some of the same exact points!!! But it was a different subject. Great minds think a like! :-) lol I love it and its all so true and the pic is awesome! It’s so cool!

  3. totally! My room has so many poasters of horses mom said if I put one more, just one more, up she’ll scream!

  4. Just how I feel! I LOVE horses! It’s been an obsession since I was like eight. And the books…girl you have my number! That is exactly right! And my model horses over my bed, guarding my dreams…yeah. For every horse I wish I had, I have a model horse! lol

  5. Ha ha- sounds just like me! Wonderful blog, what would the world be like without them? :]
    I agree with Horsefeathers- perfect blog!

  6. the notebook part is true for me…i suppose i should try to stop the habbit of zoning. and HF mind if i put “Wear it and Declear it” on a tee shirt? lol love the blog, i dont wear boots to school to the simple fact of thier covered in mud…but other than that is Me! and i just say “My life, my wardrobe, like it or leave it.”

  7. Pal’s Pal- you can do what you want with it lol.. im not copywritin it or anything. I have several slogans i put on t-shirts. That one of um and also “I’d rather be riding, Nickers ‘n’ Neighs, Gallop Girl, God gave us wings, he just called them horses.” You can just about come up with anything if you think about it. If i see something in a store with horses on it i just gotta have it.. lol .


  8. Haha so true! Great blog! Y’all know, once I say a few words to you, you’ll know I’m horse crazy! One of my friends didn’t believe me, so here’s a story that happened in September. So we came back from summer break and we we’re heading to the library for the first time this year. We had a new librarian. So I pick out some horse books, then headed over to get them scanned into the computer. At that moment, the librarian knew how horse crazy I was. She’s so nice. She ordered new horse books, put them all together and ordered horse posters! Yayyyy!


  9. At my school, this week is spirit week. Tomorrow is Cowboys & Indian them.

    Guess who’s wearing her green western boots?


  10. Oh sweet Julia! Love the green boots!!! :-) I don’t go to school I’m homeschooled but my sisters and I were talking about dressing up for spirit week anyway. But it isn’t until March! :-)

  11. Oh by the way. You’re doing nanowrimo right Julia? Hows it going for you? I just finished my 2nd chapter. And have almost 6,000 words. So-o stressful though! AND i’m trying to decide what to do for homeschool speech this year. I’m thinking about doing platform but that would mean I would have to WRITE my speech! AAAAHHH! I need more time in my days!!! :-)

  12. Julia, my high school is dressing up for a “cowboys and Indians” theme, too! Only t my school you would think that every day was “cowboy day!”

  13. Do you have some kind of spy camera in my head? This is exctly me, except for the doodling in notebooks. I can’t really draw that well, so instead of making horses look ugly I just don’t draw them. If you walk into my room though, it’s horsey everywhere!
    Great blog, so true.

  14. Too true!I first rode a horse when I was 9 and since then horses cover my room.Graet job carolina cowgirl!

  15. I just wear jeans and T shirts…All the time. So most people wouldn’t really call that a “wardrobe”, but I agree with you! “My life, my wardrobe, like it or leave it” :) What did yall mean when you said that you put slogans on shirts? What I mean is how would you do it?

    I have been wanting a T shirt from the GHC store since I found this site! They sell T shirts, which are what I always wear, and the shirts have horses on them, which are what I’m crazy about!! Maybe I’ll ask for one for Christmas or something :) I don’t know if anyone would take me seriously though since I’m already not a big shopper at all, at least for clothes because no store sells the T shirts I like!! Grr lol

  16. What is the age group that you would say a “little tyke” would be in? Because the “Kids” lend a hand shirts, they say something about them being exactly what a little tyke needs. So I guess now I’m a little tyke lol

  17. Nevada Sunshine- well you could go to a print shop that does designs for cloths, banners, and such and give them the design printed out of what you want. They will tell you all the details of format and stuff like that. If you want to do it yourself there is always the “iron on” version. A type of paper that you print out your design on and then follow the directions to iron it on. These are usualy in stores.


  18. Ahoy lad!gret blog everyone at school know s im horse,cat,and nicorn crazy!