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REVIEW: Canterwood Crest

Published by • May 6th, 2009 • Category: Books & Writing, Guest Bloggers, Previews & Reviews

Author: Jessica Burkhart
Title: Canterwood Crest (series)
Category: Books
Genre: Fiction

Reviewed by I’maCowgirl, age 14

Canterwood CrestAs many of you may know, a few months ago GHC had an Interactive View with author Jessica Burkhart on her series Canterwood Crest. I must admit I was a bit skeptical at first because most of the other horse-related books I’ve read proved to be rather disappointing, but Jessica came through for me! (*big grin*) I was and am quite pleased with it and can’t wait to get my hands on the next one. (In stores now.)

Here is a summery for those of you whose interest is aroused:

13 year-old Sasha Silver and her horse Charm have advanced to Canterwood Crest Academy, and while a bit sad at the prospect of leaving their old stable, Sasha is excited to meet new friends and prove herself and Charm to their new instructor, who is far tougher than the last. But from the moment they arrive things start to slide into an all too real “dream come true”. The classes are harder and punishments more severe. On top of demanding lessons, Heather Fox, proclaimed leader of “The Trio” (rulers of the 7th grade), see Sasha and Charm’s natural talent for jumping as a threat to her own chance at getting one of only five slots in Canterwood’s elite riding team.

With auditions for the team drawing near, tensions mound even higher and Heather’s tricks are growing dirtier. Will Sasha be able to rise above the Trio’s mean games or will she collapse, and with her the hope that she and Charm will make the elite team Canterwood? You’ll only know if you read Canterwood Crest: Take the Reins. ;)

(I hope this did justice to the book — I’ve never really done a review before.)

In addition to an enjoyable read, Take the Reins also gave me a better idea of what English riding and tack is like.

So, overall rating: four out of five stars, or in other words, well worth buying!

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  1. You know i never read this series before.. which is surprising because ive read almost all the horse series here is.. lol. Ill get right to finding them! Thanks and Champion post!

  2. Great review! I am going to have to try this series.


    (lead mare, please e-mail me the thing you were talking about. My dad fixed me up with my own e-mail. It’s below my name instead of the old one. Thanks! VI)

  4. Great review! Can’t wait to read it! I love horse books that teach as well as entertain!

  5. this is my favorite series in the WORLD!! it’s soo awesome! i’m collecting all of the books!
    the next one is coming out May 19!

  6. I have heard of the books because of the magizine young rider.I hope I can read it.-LD

  7. Great review, I want to read the book! Try reading the Phantom Stallion series, they are very good, you would love them!

  8. Cool, and u did a very good job on the review. I am still waiting for it to come to my library. C’mon Dayton, get this book!!!!

  9. Sounds like a cool book…

  10. I love this book series! it’s, like, the best thing i have ever read! You guys should TOTALLY read it!

  11. I’m so excited to visit a book store now. I MUST find Take the Reins now that I’ve read this excellent review. Great job I’maCowgirl! You’ve written a perfect review.

  12. Thanks everyone!
    I’ve heard a lot about the “Phantom Stallion” books but have never read them. Maybe this summer…..:)

  13. I can’t wait to get my hands on that book. :)

  14. I’ve read both the books in the series. Can’t wait till the next book comes out!

  15. The interview was fun. I am more convinced to reading these now!!


  16. Again great review, and I want to congratulate Lucy Digro for winning the autograghed copy of Take The Reins! Yeah!!!!!

  17. Thanks Rochlia.Yes it’s true.I entered the young rider contest to win the book.And I won!But the down side is the main charcter uses God’s name in vain.To siome of you that is not bad ,But in the ten commanments god says that we are not to use his name in vain.Other then that it was a great book.-Ld